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The Wedding Pie: Stacey + Joseph

We’re back with another Wedding Pie post! Stacey and Joseph from this wedding we featured yesterday were super kind to show us how they split their wedding budget. Always good to note, these budget pies are ball park estimates based on real wedding examples and it can vary depending on location, season etc. Budgets can be split in endless ways. How will you divide yours?

So how did they do it?

Couple: Stacey and Joseph
Number of Guests: 35
Location: Colorado
How their budget was sliced:
Catering (cocktail hour + dinner): 25%
Wedding Dress and alterations: 13.8%
Wedding Planner: 13.8%
Photography: 15%
Decor and DIY Projects: 18%
Veil: 2.2%
Accessories/Bridal Party Gifts: 1.1%
Ceremony Site: 8%
Transportation, Wedding Guest Expenses, other: 3%
Click HERE to view their wedding!

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    I’m hitting at about $30,000 and with an estimated 125 guests. Hopefully you can do my wedding budget when I’m married in October of 2012!

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    What a great idea! Love it!

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    We have a budget of about 50k for 150 guests.. and this is our breakdown:
    ceremony 12%
    apparel 15%
    decorations 2%
    gifts 2%
    flowers 6%
    music 2%
    photography 17%
    reception 35%
    stationary 2%
    other 7%
    ceremony 12%

    I think its key to keep a spreadsheet with your estimates vs your actuals so you know how you are doing along the way. Also, keep in mind what is important to you, photography is huge for me so it takes up a significant portion of my budget whereas decorations im saving by doing alot of DIY and buying recycled items..
    Mine is complete with charts of the projected vs actuals.. just cuz Im a nerd =P I’d be happy to share the template to anyone who needs it just lmk!

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    Susan Gillman on February 2, 2012 at 1:21 pm

    My fiancé and I are housing about 300 guests and we’ve spent about 6k. I love DIY :)

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    Wow! What a great visual way to break it down!!

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    I would love to see yoru template to get an idea of how to start one up. I’ve started about 3 EXCEL spreadsheets to try and do my budget, but none of them have really worked out. Sounds like yours is just what I need!

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    Exquisite in every way!

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    Hi Anne, hmm I would love to send it to you.. do you want to post your email here? else maybe use an email addy you don’t use often just in case you dont want people to know your regular email or create one and then delete it.. I can send it to you once I have an email to send it to. =) I think you will like it!

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    Youngji – I would love too see your template as well, if you don’t mind. My email is

    Thanks and happy planning!

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    Budget and how it’s allocated is so often an aspect that isn’t out in the open! Fantastic idea and a great way of removing some of the mystery involved! Could be a great too for vendors too to see what couples prioritise most, thanks for sharing!

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    @youngji.. i’d love the template as well please email to if you can

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    Youngji…I’d really appreciate the template too!! if you get a chance!



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