Woodsy Thanksgiving Dinner

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We wanted to leave for Thanksgiving with this surprise dinner party that Elizabeth of Almond Leaf Studios threw for her friends. Reusing what she already had at home and a few simple DIYs in the mix, the whole decor cost $75! If you’re looking for a last minute table idea, check out the shopping list we made for you below. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing these images!

Thanksgiving dinner table idea

Thanksgiving dinner table idea
Thanksgiving dinner table idea

Thanksgiving dinner table idea

Thanksgiving dinner table idea
Thanksgiving dinner table idea

Thanksgiving dinner table idea

Every year before travel happens and family time begins around the holidays, a bunch of friends get together for what we call our “Funcie Family Thanksgiving” (we live in Muncie, Indiana and consider our friends family here.) This year, I (Elizabeth) was put in charge of logistics and decorations. The party plans quickly grew from a small handful of people into hosting nearly 30 people in my two bedroom flat, so we had to get creative. Our goal was to create an amazing experience because Michelle, another friend, was putting her heart and soul into creating all the food from scratch (and Pinterest), without spending a fortune. Everything was DIY and the whole thing came together beautifully, with the help of many different friends. It truly is a family experience when you know the event cannot be pulled off without the involvement of many hands.

We cooked in my flat, and then had everyone walk to the building next door to be surprised by what they found inside the old, run down, vacant garage. They stepped into a total experience with jazz music playing from a Pandora station, lights strung around the room to create some ambient lighting, and candles illuminating the tablescape. The best part is that we did it all for under $75, using what we already had and filling in gaps!

The night was a huge success, filled with laughter, tears, delicious drinks and eats, and a whole lot of gratitude.

Sources: birch logs, moss, dried flowers and candles from Save on Crafts, string lights from Target, jute ribbon from Hobby Lobby

Location: Muncie, IN in a nearby run down gas station that is sitting empty. We called the owners and asked for permission, and they graciously said yes! / Heater: rented / Long Tables: made out of old doors, shellaced, with sawhorses made to fit as the legs (from Solid State, a restoration place) / Tablerunner: Made out of a ground cover roll from Lowes / Tree limbs and stumps: found nearby and cut to size / Moss, Jute “ribbon,” and Dried Baby’s Breath: Hobby Lobby / Strung lights: Large Clear Christmas bulbs from our Christmas decorations: Target / Mismatched chairs: a combination of three households and a few additional ones found on the side of the road the day of the event / Candles and candleholders: A local Glass Factory / Menus: Designed by Almond Leaf Studios , printed on a delicate, sheer sketching paper / Plates: Reused from a wedding, all the mismatched china plates were purchased at various Thrift stores / Napkins: Made out of 2 yards of fabric

  1. Adam

    I would love to have a sunday dinner setup like this for close frinds and family, its so inviting!

  2. Tailored Engagements

    WOW! All this for $75! That is a steal! It looks stunning. I think this is great for brides as well because it shows they don’t have to spend a fortune for their tables to look amazing!

  3. wedding venues india

    I really like your blogs and pictures. I find your posts very interesting to read and very informative. Thank you the nice sharing

  4. Gillian

    Beautifully coordinated.

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