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Charity-Inspired Wedding Ideas

I'm deeply excited to share this particular wedding shoot with you all today. Not only is your wedding day a celebration of love and friendship -- it's also a prime opportunity to give back to your community and the world at large. A star team of vendors, including CarolineRo, Charleston Stems, Sara ...

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DIY Lace Necklace

If you love DIY and if you love jewelry, this project created and shot by June Lion is just for you. An easy DIY that you can wear it on your wedding day, honeymoon and will quickly become the darling go-to in your closet. You can make them as gifts for your ladies, and customize each design for the ...

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If you're looking to set yourself apart from other brides, then we're here with a solution! While we believe the diamond engagement ring is here to stay, we just love the idea of injecting some color into your bridal jewelry. Our sponsor, Gemvara, allows you to totally customize your jewelry, whethe ...

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Joielle is one of Ruffled's tried and true sponsors- their dress selection just seems to get better every year and we're always so excited to see the next year's collection. The Spring 2011 collection is already up and ready to go so there's plenty of eye candy over on Joielle for you and your bride ...

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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, friends of the wedding world! It's chilly here in NYC but hopefully you find some warmth, love and coziness in your weekend. Here are some of our favorite links, deals and vendors from this week plus free wedding downloads designed by Carolynn of Two Brunettes : The set contains frames ...

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A Homey Pennsylvania Wedding

You might recognize the gorgeous necklaces in this wedding made by the bride, Lisa. Lisa's awesome jewelry shop, Tree & Kimball, is a sponsor here on Ruffled! Clearly, her impeccable style translated perfectly to her charming farm wedding. There were sweet mismatched details and handmade elements ab ...

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