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DIY Aztec Sand Centerpieces

We're always up for a good DIY, especially when it comes from the talented mind of Candice from Your Cloud Parade. Not only did she team up with Art with Nature Design to create some beautiful floral arrangements, but we've also got an awesome DIY floral sand design to share! How perfect would these ...

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DIY Aztec Plates

There are tons of reasons why we love this next DIY from Candice of Your Cloud Parade, but the main reason has to be how versatile they are. We just adore the Aztec printed pattern used here, it's the perfect nod to Mexican inspired patterns for Cinco de Mayo this weekend! We're equally fond of Cand ...

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DIY Flower Ring Pillow

It's amazing how much of an impact a wedding day detail can have - like, say, the ring pillow. Creating a custom "pillow" filled with fresh flowers and moss is a surprisingly simple task with such an incredible wow-factor, that it was impossible for us not to fall for this DIY from Anthomanic and Ra ...

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