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DIY Cake Topper

Wedding cakes have long been the sweethearts of wedding receptions, but over the past few years, wedding cake toppers have been the ones stealing the show. And with so many unique ideas, how can you blame them? Today we've got Kathryn Godwin in to show us how she made these inspiring toppers out of ...

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Handcrafted Wisconsin Wedding

We might say it too often, but this wedding really could be the cutest darn thing we've ever seen. Emily and Tim took the on the challenge of a country DIY wedding, and they didn't take it lightly -- they didn't just stop at designing their own invitations, they even went as far as to whittle their ...

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DIY Glitter Monogram Cake Toppers

I seriously don't know how the judges will be able pick just three projects. Filling the seats for the panel of judges are no other than: Olivia of A Field Journal , Ez of Creature Comforts, Chelsea of Frolic, Jordan of Oh Happy Day and Katelin of Project Wedding. Evie made this fabulous glitter mon ...

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DIY Threaded Heart Cake Topper

Victoria of City Cradle created this absurdly adorable cake topper using just starched thread and a toothpick! From Victoria: These threaded heart toppers were used in a recent Fall harvest engagement brunch topping individual plates of pancakes. They would be amazing at a wedding as well topping an ...

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DIY Polaroid Cake Topper

Erin made a Polaroid cake topper for her wedding. You may have seen something similar before, but what we loved about Erin's project is how the Polaroid stays on top of the cake seamlessly. No wires sticking out, so neat! Follow her instructions for the little trick.         What you'll need: - Matt ...

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DIY Birdy Cake Topper

Continuing with our DIY Contest entires, next project up is a DIY lovebird cake topper made by Mel Hince. This is such an easy and quick project, and we can't stand the cuteness.     What you'll need: - Bird’s nest, or nest makings (can be found at Michael's) - Little birdies - Tiny paper flowers - ...

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DIY Mini Cake Toppers

With less than a week left to enter our DIY Contest, we thought we would share one more bit of crafty inspiration. To get your creative juices flowing for our DIY Contest, Olivia of A Field Journal, who is also one of our judges for the contest, stopped by today to share this project created exclusi ...

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DIY Teacup Cake Topper

Another project sent by Julia, who also made this adorable DIY Travel Paper Plane Mobile. This time she made a teacup cake topper, that can be found either at thrift stores or in your grandma's cupboard. It's a great alternative if you would like to honor your grandparents if the traditional figurin ...

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Woodland Whimsy Cake Toppers

Having a forest-inspired wedding? These cake toppers are just a touch of whimsy and woodsy, perfect for that outdoors fête. Handcrafted by Jennifer Murphy using ribbon, cotton, paper, felt and tulle, these adorable birds and bunnies will also look great displayed in your home after the wedding, too! ...

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