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DIY Rick Rack Boutonnieres

We're approaching the end of the DIY Content showcase, and it's been ridiculously fun. Tomorrow we will be back with our last installment, then it's all in the judges' hands to decide! Jessica made bouts using rickrack trim, aren't they cute? List of Materials: 1.Rick Rack, medium size, assorted col ...

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DIY Fall Inspired Boutonnières

Continuing with our DIY Contest weekend extravaganza, next project up was created by Alana Olsen. She created the perfect boutonnières for fall and winter weddings, but the woodsy feel is adorable year round. What you'll need: - 3 sprigs of a hearty stemmed herb, such as rosemary, as used here, lave ...

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DIY Pinwheel Pins

Dormain's pinwheel pins can be made so all guests can feel they're part of the bridal party. What you'll need: - Origami paper (4.5”x4.5”) - Buttons - Large round pin backing - Cutting mat, - X-acto or snap blade - ruler - PVA glue, E6000 glue - Needle, thread. - Optional: heavy duty paper awl, book ...

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DIY Yarn Ball Boutonnieres

This project sent by Stephanie is a kid-friendly alternative to the traditional boutonnieres. It's simple, easy to make and so adorable - specially when the flower girl has a matching yarn basket. Too cute for words.     What you'll need: - Yarn - Floral Wire - Floral Tape - Jewelry Pin - Glue Gun - ...

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DIY Feather Boutonnières

We're on a lace kick today! Next up is Aimee's DIY non-floral boutonniere, made with crochet doilies, gold paper leaves and feathers. Our favorite part? The versatility. You can bookmark this project whether you're having a winter or summer wedding. More to come!   What You'll Need: - Floral Tape - ...

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DIY Boutonnieres

When I first saw these adorable boutonnieres, I had to ask Stephanie. exactly how she made them. She was very kind to share step by step instructions and photos but you can also find them on her blog. What you'll need: scissors glue gun tape paper & clay flowers (can be found at Michael's Craft Stor ...

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