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There’s something about the magnolia flower that simply oozes southern charm. Event stylist Heather of Amorology Weddings took this beautiful flower and ran with it, contrasting its femininity with masculine aspects to create an inspiration shoot we’ve fallen head over heels for! A big thank you also goes out to Schnack Studios for snapping these gorgeous photos.

Blush and Bashful

From the designers, Amorology Weddings: Just like the title of the movie, Steel Magnolias, this inspiration shoot is the epitome of contrasts. The beautiful duet of masculinity and femininity that is essential in marriage was reflected in the soft and strong elements of the table as well as throughout the photos. As a nod to the beauty of contrasts in a relationship and the saying “love is give and take” our bridal party engaged in a game of tug-o-war. The mixing of steel and cotton, driftwood and fresh flowers, rough burlap and soft white linen, symbolized the different components that define love. The graphics also merged masculine traits and their feminine counterparts by displaying phrases such as “soft as cotton and strong as steel or thick as rope.”

Blush and BashfulBlush and Bashful

Blush and Bashful

Blush and BashfulBlush and Bashful

Blush and Bashful

Blush and Bashful

To play against the rugged feel of the wooden table and all the steel elements, dinner plate dahlias, magnolias, and roses in varying shades of pink and blush made up beautiful arrangements. The girly colors of the flowers hinted at the famous line from the movie, “My colors are blush and bashful, I have chosen two shades of pink.” Little favors of delectable pink candies also displayed the quote atop the boxes. Other details, such as the bull horns, white cotton that made it’s way to the boys boutonnieres, vintage glassware, and giant magnolias, brought in a touch of Southern charm by blending a whisper of tradition and elegance of the past.

Blush and Bashful

Blush and BashfulBlush and Bashful

Blush and Bashful

Blush and BashfulBlush and Bashful

Blush and Bashful

Blush and Bashful

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Wedding Vendors (San Diego, CA):

Venue: Private residence / Wedding Photographer: Schnack Studios / Event Design and Planning: Amorology Weddings / Wedding Dress: Priscilla Boston / Hair and Makeup: Char Hair and Makeup / Wedding Flowers: Twigg Botanicals / Wedding Cake: Erica O’Brien / Paper Goods: Brightly Designed / Rentals: Classic Party Rentals

  1. Ashlee Raubach Photography

    So pretty in Pink! Love how simple and organic yet classic these are :)

  2. Adorevintage

    This is truly a beautiful inspiration for weddings! I love the bouquets most especially and the color treatment on the photos, kind of late summer early Autumn feeling.

    The table setting is a bit much though, it’s lovely, but for a real wedding I think it would be nice to actually see who you are dining with.

  3. lydia {ever ours}

    those bouquets are stunning!

  4. shewanders

    so in love with this! I love the whole package. Such cute styling, gorgeous bouquets, amazing paper. Thanks for creating such beauty. xoxo suzanne

  5. Emily Heizer Photography

    This is really pretty, but it doesn’t so much make me think of Steel Magnolias because, you know, pivotal point of SM is the “Blush and Bashful” colors! There’s ‘pink and pink’ of course in the shoot, but lots of white and in conceptualizing this I would have dove deeper into the Blush n’ Bashful craziness. Also, it really makes me think of those deep green magnolia trees, strong and tall, providing support, just like the concept behind the movie.

    The shoot is lovely. I love her dress, the signage is beautiful. The dog is a cute touch! lol But it doesn’t so much make me think of this theme. If there wasn’t that tie in listed, I would not have thought it was supposed to have a southern Georgia theme. I can see the Texas flair a little bit with the long horns, and the dry grass is very southern california-y… Sorry, I’m so distracted by the title it’s hard to focus on the inspiration.

    It’s totally lovely though, and you guys put lots of hard work on to it! Good job on that front!

  6. chandra ~ oh lovely day

    You had me at Steel Magnolias (“My colors are blush and bashful. Her colors are pink and pink.”) But OH.MY.GAH what you did is so much better! LOVE it so much. Huge fan of Amorology Weddings already, but now you may have a stalker :) Obssed with those chairs…

  7. Punctuation Mark

    love everything but have to say my favorite is the last image… girl power!!!

  8. Bride to be

    I am in love with her dress! The whole idea was amazing; and just like that watch timeless.

  9. Evette

    I am in love with ALL of the arrangements, bouquets, and hair accessories!! Ultra fabulous!

  10. Andrea

    I love the bridesmaid dresses! Where are they from?

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