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Sparkling Peach Mint Julep

We are leaving you for the weekend with a drink recipe that Alisa Lewis Event Design created, continuing with this morning’s tablescape. Bits of gold also carry through drinks, as seen here with a gold sugar rim that Urban Rose Photo captured for us!

Sparkling peach mint julep

Ingredients: (for one drink)

  • 1 oz Kentucky Bourbon
  • 2 oz sparkling water
  • 2 oz simple syrup or 2 tsp sugar
  • 5 shredded mint leaves
  • 1 scoop peach sorbet
  • agave or honey for rim
  • gold glitter cake sugar for rim

gold rim wedding drinks

gold rim wedding drinksgold rim wedding drinks


Place a ring of Agave or honey on a plate in a circle shape about the size of your glass. Place sugar crystals on another plate.

Dip glass upside down in agave and then directly into sugar. Tip and turn in the sugar to coat the rim evenly.

gold rim wedding drinksgold rim wedding drinks

Pour simple syrup or sugar into glass being careful not to disturb the sugar on the rim.

gold rim wedding drinksgold rim wedding drinks
gold rim wedding drinks

Pour whiskey over syrup. Add crushed or torn mint leaves. Place the scoop of peach sorbet into the liquid. Top with sparkling water and a few more mint leaves to garnish. We layered this drink but you could blend in a shaker.

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