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Snowberries Floral Arrangements

Today Honey of a Thousand Flowers is introducing us the cutest little addition to our library of Bridal Blooms: snowberries! They look as whimsical as their name, and versatile like a LBD of florals. We’d love to see them starring in a gorgeous bouquet of muted hues, or in a colorful cheery arrangement! I’ll leave you with the expert, Sarah Winward:

winter floral arrangements snowberries from honey of a thousand flowers

winter floral arrangements snowberries from honey of a thousand flowers

From Sarah Winward: Contradictory to their name, snowberries are not usually available in the winter. Snowberries are available August-November, and are occasionally found in the spring too. They have clusters of berries spaced all along their thin woody stems. The berries are fairly soft and can be crushed if they fall off of the stem. When they do they pop the sound is somewhat like a cranberry. Fortunately the flesh of the berries is white so you don’t have to worry as much about them staining dresses or tablecloths as you do with dark colored berries.

winter floral arrangements snowberries from honey of a thousand flowers

I think snowberries can very easily be mixed into any style flowers. I love their foggy white color with greens alone. They are a fun textural element to add to bigger, focal flowers as accents. They can be rustic, modern, or simple sweet depending on the colors and flowers you mix them with.

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