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All of you dress-less brides out there, fear not! This morning’s sponsor not only offers stunning gowns for a fraction of the price of other retailers, and they are giving away wedding gowns to 10 lucky Ruffled readers! Simply Bridal started with a basic idea of helping the bride, not the middleman, by doing most of its operations online. All of their dresses are priced under $600, with some costing as little as $100. Using high quality fabrics and materials, they offer custom tailoring without the inconvenience and costs of traditional bridal boutiques and retailers.

Their designer has over twelve years of experience in the fashion industry, and has designed for BCBGMAXAZRIA in Los Angeles, and Suzi Chin for Maggy Boutique in New York. She holds a BFA degree in apparel design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. All of their dresses include the price of custom tailoring and delivery. If want to see the dresses in person, and you live in California, they have showroom in downtown, LA, for those readers who live close enough to stop by! You can also subscribe to their newsletter or like them on Facebook to learn about the latest showroom events.

For your chance to win one of the 10 Simply Bridal gowns, leave a comment below indicating which dress you would choose. Winners will be announced in the weekly wrap-up and contacted via email for order fulfillment & details. Dresses will be shipped free of charge.

  1. Justine

    Love the Monique!

  2. Amy Beth

    I love the “Claire gown!” What a great giveaway!

  3. Kelsey

    Oh my gosh, what an amazing giveaway–and an amazing site! I can’t believe how low-price the gowns are! I think I would choose the Lilly Gown, although it’s so hard to choose–I also love the Eloise and the Faye. Thanks so much for introducing me to this vendor!

  4. Emily

    Alexa gown!

  5. Sarah

    The Alexa gown! I love the sleeves and think it would be nice for my casual outdoor wedding.

  6. Jessica

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Nadia Gown. It would be perfect for my sunset beach wedding!

  7. Ashleigh Cox

    I absolutely love the concept of Simply Bridal! The dresses look very modern and chic. I would choose the Mariah gown if I was one of the ten winners!

  8. Alicia H.

    I love the Aurora, Mia, and Stacy gowns!

  9. Kelly

    I really like the Evelyn gown. The ruffles make it romantic, and the shape makes it perfect for my winter historic manor wedding!

  10. Brooke

    The Destiny gown is lovely!

  11. Meg

    I Love their Elise Dress!!!

  12. Kacey

    Hard to choose just one, but I think I would have to go with either the Roxanne or the Linda.

  13. Ashley A

    I’m in love with the Noelle Dress. <3

  14. Melinda

    I would probably pick the gorgeous Chelsea gown! Hope I win!!!!!!

  15. Elin

    The Camilla dress is so stunning, i’ve tried countless dresses on and have yet to find one so simply elegant–and with straps!

  16. vi nguyen

    Alexa gown!

  17. Jennifer Williamson

    This site looks awesome! I saw a few I would love, but I think I would pick the Destiny Dress. I have seen so many others like it for way more moola!

  18. Mandi - Lostphotographs

    The destiny gown is what I’ve been looking for! and omg even if i don’t win that’s an amazing sale price!

  19. Tash

    OH MY GOSH!!
    All of these dresses are beautiful!!
    However the Agnes gown would be perfect!!

  20. Evie

    Love love love the julianna!

  21. Kate

    Ava gown. Gimme.


  22. Sónia Madaleno

    Patricia Gown… it’s such a Greek goddess style… amazing!

  23. Sara

    I would absolutely give up the experience of shopping for my dress in store and trying them on for the Destiny Gown!! 100% PERFECT for me!!!! I am just absolutely in love with this dress! Gorgeous!!

  24. Karina

    Oh my, I would love to win! I love th Cynthia gown!

  25. Kara

    The Claire gown is beautiful!

  26. Katrina

    I love the Gemina dress!

  27. youngji

    the celeste gown! so much fun~

  28. Heather

    Love the Sirena Gown!!

  29. Larissa

    Oooh I just love the Juliana Gown!

  30. Lauren Phillips

    I’m absolutely in LOVE with the Claire gown!

  31. Katherine S.

    I am about to lose my mind over the Rachel gown! It is exactly what I’ve been looking for and to imagine I could win it for free?! Talk about making wedding budget dreams come true.

  32. JenniferM

    Ugh, I was so concerned about being too fancy that I went and picked a dress I didn’t love and I’m stuck with it. If I could do it over I would def. go with the Emma…so gorgeous!

  33. kpz

    Love the juliana dress. the boat neck + low back.

  34. Shauna

    I just love the Ella Gown!! even if I don’t win, I am so happy you showed us this website!

  35. Christina C

    They are all lovely and those prices! I think I would pick the Camilla!

  36. LindseyP

    Eee! Either the Destiny or the Alexa gown for me. I really can’t pick (but would if I was forced to!)

  37. Love.Inspire.Create

    The Faye is absolutely stunning! So gorgeous and I can’t believe the price! What a deal!

  38. Kitty

    Oh my goodness….I love this store! My favorite would probably be the noelle gown, but I love diana and penelope too! Its too hard to pick!

  39. Alexis Nyiro

    Noelle Dress!

  40. Laura

    I love, love, love the Gemina dress. It is cute and flirty without compromising bridal elegance. Add an Audrey Hepburn updo and a string of pearls for a perfect wedding day look.

  41. Ashley Lynea

    I LOVE the Elise gown! What great prices for such beautiful dresses!

  42. lauren m.

    the Claire dress it great. love the styling of the suki dress too!

  43. Kaiti M.

    Such a tough choice…all of these dresses are so beautiful! and EXACTLY what I’ve been searching for!

    I have to go with the Claire gown…SO beautiful and simple..I love it!

  44. Bethany

    The Alexa gown is tres chic!

  45. Amy Russell

    I LOVE both the Claire and Patricia dresses! What an awesome what to make a wedding day unforgettable! <3

  46. Elizabeth

    I am absolutely in love with the Elise gown! It is beautiful! I can totally see myself in this dress on my wedding day!

  47. Kelly

    Gemina is my fave

  48. Lara

    I think I’d have to go with the Destiny gown–it is SO gorgeous!

  49. Maca B.

    The Sirena Gown is just amazing!

  50. Vaira

    Monique it is :)

  51. Dana

    The Gemina dress! It’d be perfect to change into for the after party!

  52. Kristin D.

    Such beautiful gowns at AMAZING prices!!!! I absolutely adore the Madelyn gown! Nice to know you don’t have to settle for a lower-quality dress just because you don’t have a large budget! :)

  53. Mia

    I fell in love with the Patricia gown. I would add fresh white flowers in my hair…just perfect.

  54. Gayle

    Claire! It’s stunning!

  55. sabrina johnston

    I love the monique gown! beautiful

  56. Melissa P.

    Love the Elise gown, the Mischa gown or the Rachel gown!!!!! crossing my fingers, thanks!!!!!

  57. Bri B.

    The Rachel!! Such beautiful dresses!

  58. Kristen C.

    Ruth, no doubt about it!

  59. Claire L.

    Great site!! I wish I had known of this site before I purchased my wedding gown. The prices are amazing! I just started looking for something to change into for after dinner so that I can dance comfortable and with no restrictions during the reception. The Gemina gown is perfect–so timeless and classic!! I would love to win one, but at $99 it would not break the bank if I had to buy it too. Fun!!

  60. Jennifer

    Love the Claire gown!

  61. Candace Hill

    I am taken by Simply Bridal’s business model as it is truly needed in such a vast market. Your website is superior also w/ video of live model and gown. A personal favorite is the Elise gown.

    Best Wishes to the success and future of your organization!

  62. Tracy C

    The Kaitlyn is super cute and timeless :)

  63. Elizabeth Dahlhausen

    I love the Marianne Gown! I am getting married this summer! Cannot believe I did not know about this site before!!! Love it!

  64. rachael

    I’m getting married this year and wasn’t planning on having a wedding ceremoney. If I get the beautiful Deanna Gown, I think I’ll have to change my plans. I love the dress!

  65. Hannah V.

    I would definitely pick the Caroline Gown! Gorgeous!

  66. Antje

    I would choose the Jocelyn Gown. What a great giveaway by the way

  67. Jade

    Stuck between Destiny or Caroline… ahhhh, so adorable!

  68. Amie

    I would get the Skye gown, and maybe have it shorten to tea length.

  69. Ashley

    I like the Evelyn – great price too!

  70. Jennifer Davis

    I love the Caroline and the Victoria Gowns! What a treasure of a find!

  71. Ellen

    Absolutely the Destiny Gown. So beautiful and light!

  72. Stella V.

    I absolutely love the cynthia gown! It’s gorgeous and just what I’m looking for!

  73. Lynzy

    What an amazing giveaway! I would choose the asymmetrical sweetheart dress! It’s gorgeous!!


  74. Hannah

    What a wonderful website – there is such a nice selection of styles! But I would have to say my favorite is the “Evelyn Gown.”

  75. Katelyn

    Oh my goodness! I love this site! Can’t wait to show a friend of mine. I absolutely love the Claire, Camilla and Destiny gowns. Guess I know what style to look for…

  76. Cait

    I love the Roxanne dress!

  77. Ashley Flores

    Love the Claire dress!

  78. Charity Yodis

    I like the clair gown.

  79. Christan Y

    Love the Alexa dress!!

  80. Kelly

    I love the Evelyn gown!

  81. Eva

    Love Patricia gown!

  82. Erika

    Love the Kaitlyn! And the Penelope is super adorbs as well!!!

  83. Kimberly

    The Alexa dress is gorgeous!

  84. Marisa


  85. Allison

    The Suki gown! Amazing!

  86. Jacqueline

    I LOVE the Lucy. I have been looking for a short dress that is fun and unique, yet still elegant. It would be perfect for my vintage wedding in August!

  87. LK

    patricia gown!

  88. Angeline McMullin

    Love Claire dress!

  89. Lisa

    I just wanted to chime in and say that I ordered my dress from Simply Bridal a few months ago, and they do really outstanding work. It looks like at least a thousand dollar dress. What an excellent company!

  90. Jessica

    I love the Destiny Gown! It is so sweet and precious! :)

  91. Cynthia

    The Eliana dress is perfect. x

  92. Amelia

    I love the Destiny gown – it’s simple and elegant.

  93. Nicole

    I love this giveaway and the Destiny gown. :)

  94. Kristy Winter

    Ella is absolutely enchanting, followed closely by Ruth and Chloe for me. But Ella is the star.

    Thank you so much for sponsoring this contest. Times are so tough, and I imagine a lot of brides like myself are grateful for these wonderful opportunities.

  95. meredith

    soooo pretty!!! i would choose the Suki Gown. Definitely fits the weddings style

  96. Rae

    The Destiny gown would be perfect for my future sister-in-law (how appropriate…destiny)! I’d like to leave this comment on her behalf (shhh). She is marrying my younger brother this July. They both work and she is simultaneously going to college, so she hasn’t had the time (or budget) to shop for a dress! This big giveaway would be a HUGE and much appreciated surprise :)

  97. Brynne

    I love the Faye Gown, the Celeste Gown, the Charlotte and the Kaitlyn. Hope I win!

  98. Kiersten

    What an amazing giveaway! I had fallen in love with a gown very similar to “Claire”, but it was WAY out of my budget. It is such a spectacular gown and I would love to wear it on the big day! Thank you for the chance to win it, Ruffled! Great post, as always :)

  99. Kay

    I feel like Claire was made just for me! I can’t believe you’re doing a gown giveaway!! This is such an awesome opportunity! THANK YOU!!!

  100. Brittany

    I love the Linda gown! It would be great for my vintage summer wedding!

  101. Kelly

    Love the Rachel gown!

  102. Taylor

    Destiny Gown!! Love it!!

  103. Mariam

    The Ruth! The Ruth is so beautiful… really they all are. What a great site!

  104. kfloveinme

    OH.MY.GOD! Are you kidding me??!!! This is the most amazing givewaway ever! It would be a BLESSING to be one of the lucky winners. So many beautiful styles! It would be either the Destiny or Gemina Gown!!!

    Good Luck everyone! :-)

  105. alysha

    I love the meridith gown, its beautiful,

  106. Alyse

    The Claire gown is beautiful beyond words. Winning a gown would mean more money goes into my flower or bridesmaid’s gifts budget! What a dream come true :) Thank you for the chance to win such an extraordinary prize. I love Ruffled Blog!

  107. rosemariee

    i love love love the Linda gown!

  108. Arianne

    I would definitely rock the Jasmine. It’s everything I want–drapey satin, accentuated waist, just the right amount of detail up top. Gorgeous!

  109. julia vivian

    i love the caitlyn gown:

    thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  110. Ashley Balz

    I love the Lucy Gown!!!! :)

  111. Brittany

    Oh My Goodness!! This is an incredible giveaway!! The dresses are all gorgeous, but I love the Claire gown! It’s so hard to choose! I also loved the Sarah gown!

  112. Lori Corson

    love the alexa gown It is so cute and I love the how short it is

  113. Becca campbell

    I Love The lucy short one This would be great

  114. Lori K

    I am looking for one for the per wedding party the day before. my favorite would be Roxanne Gown. Thanks for a great contest.

  115. Kelley

    I love the Marianne gown!!!

  116. Dana King

    Rosalif gown, The gown looks beautiful.

  117. Erica

    The Destiny gown is perfect. I love this. :)

  118. Mike Gannon

    My bride to be would be so happy if I won this for her I know she would like any but I love Sirena

  119. Mandy Smith

    OMG This would help me so much Michelle gown.

  120. Ricci

    How cute is the Suki Gown. LOVE

  121. kristind

    LOVE the Alexa…beautiful!

  122. Mandy F.

    I love the Alexa Grown! Very cute!!

  123. Alex

    My fiance likes the Aubrey grown. I would love to win this for her!

  124. Amanda

    My favorite gown is the roxanne.

  125. Marcus E Z

    my fiance wants two dresses, one for the reception and one for the service If we could win one that would help us so much The first one I think she would pick would be Monique for the long and for the short I think she would the roxanne gown. this is a very nice giveaway.

  126. Joe

    My sister would lik towin the alexa gown.

  127. Shannon

    I can’t believe you are giving away gowns!! That is so generous! I absolutely LOVE the gemina gown!!

  128. Heidi H

    Alexa gown.

  129. Marie-Eve

    J’adore Claire gown.
    Thanks for sharing this website today via this post… it’s a wonderfull treasure !

    Best regards,

  130. Carol

    My favorite dress is the roxanne. It would great for my wedding!

  131. Deborah Evans

    I love the Roxanne!

  132. Emily

    Alexa is really pretty.

  133. Amanda

    ooo love Chloe!!

  134. Angel Som

    I love the Anabel Gown!! Absolutely beautiful!!

  135. Alysha

    I want the Alexa gown!!! <3

  136. Kelley Barr

    I LOVE the Roxanne dress! It’s so cute and flirty–perfect for an outdoor wedding, worn with some fun heels! Thank you so much for this great offer.

  137. Natalie

    Wow, what an awesome website for brides on a budget! If I had to choose a bridal gown, Id say the Alexa gown, but if I could pick a bridesmaid gown, I’d say #85006.


  138. Dalia

    The Felicia gown is absolutely stunning! I love how the skirt/train drape together, and who could resist the wonderful lace top with the button detail on the back? This dress would be divine for my fall wedding!

  139. Brittany Michelle

    I am IN LOVE with the Claire gown!! These dresses are gorgeous! This giveaway is definitely amazing!!

  140. Cynthia

    I love the Elise Gown!!

  141. nikki


  142. Tanya

    I LOVE the Alexa, so sassy!

  143. Scotty

    My fiance would love Ruth.

  144. Jen

    I adore the eloise.

    The Lauren gown is not far behind.


  145. Chelsey

    Hard to choose between the Elizabeth and Hope…I would be perfectly happy with either!

  146. Lissa

    Patricia gown is breathtaking. So many too choose from!

  147. Patty

    Patricia dress.

  148. Jo

    I love the Melissa gown.

  149. Chris


  150. Dana

    I like the Bethany Gown very, very much!!!

  151. Amanda

    The Destiny Gown looks fabulous!

  152. Sandryte

    I adore one shoulder strap dresses!

  153. Rachel

    So many beautiful dresses makes it hard to choose! :) But I really like the Olivia…and Eloise…and Ella. See what I mean? :)

  154. Tia

    Lilly gown

  155. Brid

    Love Penelope Gown ;)

  156. carlissa

    Skye gown is my favourite. It’s absolutely stunning.

  157. Janie

    Wow-beautiful dresses! Some of my top favorites are Suki, Fayf, Eliana and Emma…..hard to pick just one!

  158. Nicole

    I love, love, love the Claire gown. What a great giveaway, from such a great site!

  159. crystal

    Simply Bridal has a great selection! The Gemina dress would be perfect for my simple garden wedding. It’s so elegant!

  160. Alyse

    I love CLAIRE! She’s so simple & elegant. A free dress means I could put more money towards my reception budget, which would make my wedding planning SO much easier! Thanks for the chance to win it!!

  161. Lori C

    The alexa gown

  162. Kimberly

    I am in love with the Camilla gown! Thank you for the chance to win it. It is absolutely stunning

  163. Ashley

    Claire is stunning, simply gorgeous!

  164. Katherine S.

    The Gemina gown is so elegant–perfect for my courthouse elopement!

  165. Jennifer

    sirena gown is so nice If I won a dress I would be so excited.

  166. Kim

    I am in love with the Camilla gown! It is stunning!

  167. Mandy

    I love the alexa gown!

  168. Tiffany Jen

    my fave is the angelina gown! just stunning!

  169. Becca campbell

    Mine wont show up But i am trying again because I want to win I love the alexa gown

  170. Jennifer

    I love clair gown. This would be fab if I won

  171. Jade T

    Any of the aline dress I would love to win. I need this so bad

  172. Arianne

    I would definitely rock the Jasmine. It’s everything I’m looking for–drapey satin, accentuated waist, just the right amount of detail in the bodice. Gorgeous!

  173. ann

    Wow! I love the Claire!

  174. Whitney

    I love the HOPE gown! Beautiful and simple!

  175. MarieEve

    J’adore the Claire gown !
    Thanks for sharing this fantastic online retailer via this post !

    best regards,

  176. Megan Bush

    How amazing is this giveaway?! I would LOVE to own the Alexa dress. I have been searching for a short dress for my reception and this one is perfect! The illusion neckline is adorable and the A-line shape would be super flattering!

  177. Ashleigh H-J

    The Faye dress is gorgeous!

  178. Mike Gannon

    I would let my fiance pick it But I like them all. I love the ball gowns.

  179. Dana King

    First a for most I would like to say thank you for this great contest I would love to win a-line dress. I love the monique gown. I have been looking and looking for a dress.

  180. Laetitia

    I love the Skye Gown, it’s perfect ! Simply stunning !

  181. dana king

    First a for most I would like to say thank you for this great contest I would love to win a-line dress. I love the monique gown. I have been looking and looking for a dress

  182. Anneke

    I love the Claire gown! Absolutely beautiful!

  183. kayce

    The Charlotte dress is my favorite!

  184. Tamara

    The Claire Gown! SOOOOO beautiful and clean and simple! Everything I am hoping my wedding will be. It’s lovely and it makes my heart flutter. I would love with all of my heart, that dress!

  185. Sophia

    I love the Bethany gown! It would go perfect with my vintage themed wedding!

  186. Sophia

    The Bethany dress is simply beautiful! It would be the perfect fit for my vintage inspired wedding!

  187. Micha

    I would choose the Lauren gown for my friend Lauren. If I don’t win it for her, I’m still going to direct her to the website to look around. What amazing prices!!

  188. Rachel

    The Charlotte.

  189. Antoinette McCaw

    The Ruth Dress is lovely

  190. Denise

    The Sirena gown is stunning! Great giveaway! :)

  191. Claudia

    They are all SO beautiful!
    But I’d choose the ELISE!

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