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New Year’s Day Wedding

Bohemian Weddings

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This indie-chic New Years Day wedding has all the personality you could ask for in an intimate winter wedding. The handcrafted pieces show such love, care and creativity. The wedding party looks fun, relaxed and straight-up-adorable with their mix-and-match styles and uber-creative boutonnieres and bouquets. You MUST check out the gallery for all the stunning portraits from the couple’s first look shot by the amazing Ulmer Studios. They make me woozy with romance!

handmade new year wedding

From the bride, Bailey: We really just wanted the look to be US. We wanted to have things that represented our style, our likes, our personality. We love the earthy feeling.. we love antiques, vintage-everything! And everyone said when they walked in, the Mill just screamed Taylor and Bailey.

handmade new year wedding

handmade new year wedding

handmade new year wedding

Those amazing bouquets are all made out of PAPER FLOWERS. Isn’t that incredible? And I’m absolutely ga-ga over the boutonnieres the couple handmade for the groom and his groomsmen. Made out of buttons, feathers and twigs, they really set the tone for the aesthetics of the whole wedding.

handmade new year wedding

handmade new year wedding

handmade new year wedding
Because the bride is in pharmacy school, the couple chose to incorporate vintage apothecary jars into their centerpiece decor. What a great idea! They look lovely with all their different shapes and sizes. The couple also constructed the pennants from fabric and clothes from Goodwill and crafted all the paper pom poms.
handmade new year wedding

handmade new year wedding
Any advice for brides to be? See your future spouse BEFORE the ceremony. Get ready, go see them. This helps SO much in getting rid of weird butterflies, anxiety, etc… and this is the ONLY HOUR that you get to spend with that person ALONE. It is SO important!
handmade new year wedding

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Wedding Vendors (Chattanooga and Nashville, TN):

Wedding Venue: The Mill / Wedding planner and Event Designer: Kirsten Hawkins / Florist: DIY / Photographer: Ulmer Studios Photography/ Wedding Dress: Vineyard Drew by Priscilla of Boston / Shoes: Nina Paladin / Bridesmaid Dresses: Urban Outfitters / Groom’s suit: Vintage / Band: Concerning Lions / DJ: Eric Coomer / Caterer: Chef Penelope / Wedding Cake: Hermitage Bakery / Centerpiece pottery: Merideth Walter / Wedding invitations: Daniel Hall / Videographer: Bride and Groom passed around their camera and had everyone film the festivities (the couple are videographers and were able to edit their own wedding video!)

DIY Sundae Ring Bearer Bowl

DIY Projects

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This weekend is going to be jam packed with the last half of our chosen DIY entries! Patricia made a retro ring bearer bowl using vintage sundae cups. The sparkly initials and the pinwheel detail at the end of the ribbon make for a most whimsical ring holder.

 diy ring bearer ideas

What you’ll need:
– Styrofoam ball
– Sundae cup
– Fabric tape
– Ribbons
– Wooden letters
– Toothpicks
– Moss

 unique ring bearer ideas

Step 1. First, make sure your Styrofoam ball fits nicely in your sundae cup. In my case, the ball is slightly too big and I sawed it into half.
Step 2. Fill up the cup with moss, or some glitters or little meaningful trinkets and spread them around the inside of the cup. Check that there is no ugly gap.
Step 3. Apply a layer of white craft glue over the Styrofoam ball and cover it with the moss.
Step 4. Using a long needle, poke through the Styrofoam ball with the ribbon running through it. Beginning at the position where you want the rings to be tied, through the other end of the ball and create another entry point 1cm away from the last point of exit. Make sure the other end of the ribbon ends up near its other end. This is where you will tie your rings to.
Step 5. Next, for your initials, attach a toothpick to the back of the wooden letters with clear tape or superglue. Then decorate your initials with either your choice of colour or coat it with fabric or glitter, making sure the toothpick is hidden.
Step 6. Stuck the initials onto the Styrofoam ball.

 diy vintage ring bearer ideas

Step 7. You may accessorize the sundae cup with some ribbons or fabric tape.
Step 8. Your garden sundae ringbearer is now ready to house your rings to the alter!

Daily Pick


What’s in your heart? Is it filled with dreams? Dreams of memories waiting to be created and moments to be shared? Moments that shine down around you and add that extra sparkle to your life? We are here to make those dreams come true and to add that extra sparkle! Because every girl needs a little extra sparkle in her life….

Hi! My name is Lynne and I am the Owner of Lynnique, a Custom Design Jewelry Boutique. As a little girl my days and nights were filled with hopes and dreams for the future. As I began to follow those dreams I earned my Degree in Psychology and History from Fordham University. Along the way I began to pursue another passion of mine, jewelry. It all began with a simple beaded bracelet. This led to experimentation with newer styles, working with genuine precious stones and other materials. Today, thanks to the love and encouragement of my friends and family, my dream has grown into the business that it is today. In 2012, I married the man of my dreams and in doing so began to design some amazing wedding jewelry.

Here at Lynnique, we are a family business, fully committed to working with you to custom design the perfect pieces for your occasion. We will work with you during a consultation session to design each piece of jewelry, ensuring a pleasant and friendly experience. As you can see by reviewing our website,, we offer not only custom pieces for those special occasions but also everyday bling. Our everyday collection can easily be dressed up or down for any event.

I love working with brides in creating the perfect look for their big day. In addition to my everyday jewelry, I currently specialize in bridal earrings, bridal necklaces, bridal bracelets, bouquet photo charms, boutonniere charms, groomsmen cufflinks, bridesmaid jewelry, flower girl jewelry, mother of the bride jewelry and mother of the groom jewelry. If you would like items made for your bridesmaids or mother of bride please contact me.

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Luxury Wedding Websites by Riley & Grey


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Wedding websites are no longer an addon feature that some couples chose to do have, and are becoming an essential tool for any wedding planning. With more and more guests using smartphones for everything else in their lives, having a wedding site that looks the part is the other way guests are now getting hints at what the wedding will be like. This is why we love ‘s wedding site designs so much.

Your wedding website is an extension of your save-the-dates and invites. A can make everyone feel connected. Friends and grandparents alike will enjoy reading your proposal story and viewing your engagement shoot photos. With guests traveling from all corners, your wedding website becomes so much more than a glossy online photo album. You can house all the essential information: accommodations, registries, bridal party details and the like! Get informative and you’ll curb a slew of potential questions coming your way. A wedding website is the perfect catch all for collecting RSVPs and guest addresses.

Aesthetics and style are so important when choosing a wedding website company. The best wedding websites are the ones that connect people all while looking ridiculously good. That’s why we are personally vetting . You can see that we are long time admirers of their work, here and here! Practical and gorgeous, Riley & Grey delivers. Inspired by luxury fashion and interior design these are limited edition designs. Of course the designs are flawless but you can rest assured knowing you can switch the design at any point. Just as your designs are of five-star quality, customer service is first class. You don’t pay until you are fully ready to publish and a rep is available to walk you through the set-up of your site. Ruffled readers, the first 50 to sign up using code RUFFLEDEC will receive 50% off -start customizing your Riley & Grey design today!

Daily Pick

Casey Brodley, Photographer

I’m not a traditional wedding photographer. My background and training is steeped in photo journalism, so that’s how I approach a wedding. My goal is to document the day, not stage it. I let moments unfold naturally, with minimal prom posing and minimal “say cheese” interference.

As a photo journalist, I come prepared for anything. Every wedding is different. I have witnessed full-grown men weep more times than I can count. I have seen smiles so wide that I’m concerned someone may burst a blood vessel. I have climbed mountains with all my gear. And this one time a sprinkler system was triggered during a ceremony.

As a wedding photographer, I walk into every job with the guarantee that I will witness pure joy. But more importantly, I walk into every job with the probability that my day will end with cake. I like to keep my cake-to-work ratio balanced. For health reasons.

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