DIY Just Married Sign

Our next DIY project was sent by Erin, who created this Just Married sign to decorate their getaway car. So many fun projects to share today, check back later for more!

DIY Just Married Sign Car

What you’ll need:

- The Just Married Template. Erin graciously shares the template which can be downloaded here.
- 11×17 printer paper in the color of your choice
- A printer
- A thin piece of cardboard or illustration board
- Spray mount
- Cutting tool (scissors, a box cuter or a paper cutter)
- Ribbon
- Suction Cups
- Glue Gun
- Super Glue
- A hole-punch
- Decorations (Fake flowers, shells, buttons, feathers, lace etc.)
- Black and white ribbon (
- Vintage millinery anemones (
- Vintage pom-pom millinery (can be found on eBay or Etsy)

DIY Just Married Sign Car


Step 1: Print out your template onto a piece of paper. You can print on any color paper to customize it a bit.

Step 2: Glue your paper to a piece of scrap cardboard with spray mount.

Step 3: Trim out your sign. I used a t-square & box cutter, but you can use scissors or a paper cutter if that works better for you.

Step 4: Using a hole-punch cut two holes in the top of your sign where you can add ribbon. I pulled my ribbon thru, tied it in knots and glued it. Then I just added a suction cup to the top of the ribbon and glued a flower on top of it. Most suction cups come with a hook so you can hook your ribbon on. This will give your sign the appearance of hanging from a ribbon when you attach it to your back window.

Step 5: Add ribbon & vintage millinery flowers using a hot glue gun. This is where you can get creative and throw in colors you are using for your wedding. Instead of flowers you could use shells, lace, feathers, buttons or just about anything else that will stick and won’t be too heavy.

Step 6: Glue your suction cups to the back of your sign. I like to use super glue gel to put them on. Once the super glue has dried I reinforce them by going around the base of the suction cup with the glue gun.

Step 7: Attach your sign to the back of your car window or the back of your car. The suctions cups will hold to either surface.


There’s still time to send over your DIY project! Simply email me 4-5 photos of your how to’s and finished project (600pixels wide), instructions and a list of materials to amanda no later than Thursday, March 25. The contest is not just open for brides – everyone is welcome to participate. Oh, and did I mention that the first place winner will receive $500 and second place a $100 gift certificate to Wendy Mink? This is huge!

DIY Planter Centerpieces

Next up is Christine, who gave these retro planters a refreshed look using succulents and river rocks that will be used as centerpieces on her wedding. Remember you have two more days to submit your project. Deadline is Thursday, March 25! We’ll be posting a few more entries from our DIY Contest today. The winner will receive $500 and the second place a $100 gift certificate to spend in goodies from Wendy Mink Jewelry.

From Christine:
This is an eco-friendly and inexpensive way to make your own beautiful and unique centerpieces. As an added bonus, people with a serious addiction to thrift shopping, like myself, can put their addiction to good use finding cheap vintage planters at thrift stores.


- A variety of shapes and sizes of vintage planters from the 50s-70s found at thrift stores, estate sales and yard sales for a couple of bucks a piece. Look for pieces in your wedding colors. Mine are varying shades of blue and green which were pretty common pottery colors in the 50s and 60s, but it is also easy to find vintage planters in a variety of colors and materials.
- Gravel from any nursery or hardware store.
- Potting soil. I used cactus mix because it drains better and succulents like well drained soil.
- One to five succulent plants or cuttings per planter, depending on the sizes of the planters and the plants. Mine were from a friend who was digging them out of her yard to make way for new plantings, but you can buy a wide variety of succulent plants at nurseries, hardware stores, even at Target for just a few dollars a piece. Succulents root very easily so you can use cuttings pinched off of established plants.
- Flat river rocks or rocks collected from the beach.

DIY Vintage Planter Centerpieces for Weddings


Step 1: Fill the bottom of the planter with a thin layer (about 1/2 inch) of gravel. Succulent roots don’t like to sit in water. Since none of the planters I found had drainage holes I used gravel too raise the roots above where water would collect after watering. If you have planters with drainage holes you can skip this step.

Step 2: Fill the planter with potting soil up to an inch or two below the top of the planter.

Step 3: Plant succulents in planters. You can mix multiple types of succulents in each planter or use all the same.

Step 4: If there are spaces where the soil shows you can cover the exposed soil with flat rocks or even some of the gravel from step one.

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Karen + Geraldo’s Orchard Wedding

This wedding is extra special…it is not only an international one, but it is also from my hometown back in Brazil! Karen and Geraldo’s sweet wedding was abundant with sweets, fruits and flowers. Orange leaves covered the ground of the groom’s parents’ backyard, where their wedding took place. I can only imagine what a wonderful scent that must have been! The designer transformed the space to resemble a garden – even the pool turned into a pond, with aquatic plants and river rocks. I am smitten by the fruit crates and flower planters everywhere! Their menus and ceremony programs were printed on green and white striped fabric with stitched border that framed the design. The white and sage green color palette carried throughout the decor.

Now, onto the photos:

An Orchard Inspired Wedding in Brazil
At night, the potted candles on the ground (above) were lit to lead guests to the reception. Love this idea. Very DIYable, too.
Green and white striped wedding orchard apples oranges wedding in Brazil

Instead of a candy buffet, they had a greenhouse inspired room to display the sweets in drawers from a vintage apothecary furniture and in trays that were placed on shelves, amongst potted plants and flower crates. I am swooning over this candy buffet design!

Candy Gazebo Buffet Brazil wedding orchard greenhouse wedding

Karen, the bride, gives us the 411:

We got married at my in-laws’ house, facing the river in the backyard in a late afternoon ceremony. The entrance was lined with orange trees and orange leaves covered the ground. We had small fruit crates printed “all we need is love” that decorated the entire space. Our favors were mini honey jars that said on the label: “A sweet life forever, for everyone”. We didn’t have the traditional (Brazilian) sweets table, but instead we had a gazebo with shelves and drawers filled with candy.

Thanks Karen for sharing your beautiful wedding with us today! Check out her blog.

Wedding Vendors (Porto Alegre, Brazil):

Venue: Groom’s parents’ backyard / Photography: Rudi Bodanese / Design: Lica Paludo
Buffet: Toninho Mariutti / Sweets and Wedding Cake: Lis Fonseca / Bem-casados (traditional candy served at weddings): Conceição Bem Casados / Dress and Mantilla Veil: Wanda Borges / Hair Fascinator: Bibiana Paranhos

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