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DIY Fabric Fringe Garland

This morning’s first entry is sent to us by Jenny, who is showing us how to make a fabric fringe garland. Just in time for you to dust off your sewing machine and start making them before the holidays – and your wedding.

 garland wedding ideas

What you’ll need:

- 2 yards of fabric
- Spool of matching thread
- Pinking shears
- Sewing machine
- 2 – 1 yard pieces of coordinating ribbon

 diy fabric garland wedding

Step 1. Fold fabric in half with cut ends together. Fold in half again, bringing cut ends up to folded edge. Fabric will be about 18” wide on the shortest width.
Step 2. Lay fabric flat on a table. Using the pinking shears, trim the selvedge edge of fabric off. Continue to cut 2” strips of fabric, parallel to shortest end (selvedge end). You will end up with strips 2” x 6 ft long. Cut 4 strips.
Step 3. Take the 4 strips and unfold. Layer them on top of each other. Trim ends square.
Step 4. Fold one piece of ribbon in half. Insert folded end about 1” in between end of strips. (2 layers on top and 2 layers on the bottom)

 fluffly fabric garland

Step 5. Set sewing machine to zigzag stitch, adjust length of stitch to .70 ( or about <1) Starting at ¼” from the end of the strips, sew down the center of them, all 6 ft.
Step 6. Stop about 2” from the end of the length, trim even, and insert second folded ribbon end like Step 4. Sew to ¼” from end. Trim excess threads.
Step 7. Using pinking shears, cut perpendicular to the stitch about ½” to ¾” apart, be very careful not to cut into the stitching.
Step 8. Repeat down the length of the garland, on both sides.

 DIY fabric garland

Enjoy! Repeat with remaining fabric. 2 yards will make four 6’ garlands. Customize with coordinating colors and patterns. Save garlands for future celebratory moments (birthdays, anniversaries, babies…)

Airstream Ranch Engagement

This engagement session sent by Jessica Jessica Charles Photography makes me long for summer afternoons. Lauren and Jason picked the Airstream Ranch in Dover, Florida for the location. The bride is a creative illustrator and painter -you can check out her work here!

 dover florida wedding shoot
 dover FL engagement photos
 Airstream Ranch shoot Dover
 Airstream Ranch florida engagement photos
 dover florida engagement session photos

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DIY Sketchbook Wedding Favors

We have one more entry for today! Brittni‘s last submission was this sketchbook wedding favor project that we’re obsessing over. Loving blind embossed paper and the colorful threads used to bind the little books.

 diy wedding favor ideas

 blind embossed wedding

 diy sketchbook wedding favors

What you’ll need:

- Needle and thread (or embroidery floss)
- Scissors
- Blank sheets of paper (consider using a thicker weight than standard printer paper) and blank letterpress cards
- Optional: bookbinding awl and paper cutter. The most important materials though are the letterpress cards that you choose. I chose a blind embossed eyelet lace set from Pistachio Press. Look for letterpress sets with multiple cards to save even more money, and use an A2 size card (4.25 x 5.5 inches).

 diy binding mini book favors

 do-it-yourself binding book

 diy sketchbook

Step 1. Measure the letterpress cards you are using, and then with a paper cutter or a pair of scissors, cut the sheet in half horizontally. Now you have two halves of paper that are of equal size.

Step 2. Trim about 1/4 inch off of your newly cut sheets all the way around the edges. Then fold sheets in half (hamburger style this time) and stick the pages inside your letterpress card.

Step 3. Trim any excess so that it fits neatly into your letterpress card. There shouldn’t be too many problems with that though since we already trimmed the pages before folding them in half.

Step 4. Next, turn to the middle section of your newly formed booklet. Using a stab or bookbinding awl, create three evenly spaced holes down the spine of your booklet.

Step 5. Use your needle and thread or embroidery floss to go through the three holes as if you are binding a book. Then tie the thread or embroidery floss off and cut off any excess. Thats it- all done.

Use the finished product for yourself, as a gift around the holidays, or as a thoughtful favor for weddings and parties.

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