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Freebie Fridays: Carnival Printables

Carnival Bridal Shower Printables

Carnival themed bridal shower templates, from invitations to game cards to drink tickets, all you need to make is the popcorn!

Download Bridal Shower Invitations.pdf

Download Bridal Shower Games.pdf

Download Name Tag.pdf

Download Drink Labels.pdf

Download Striped Paper.pdf

Courtesy of Weddings Style Guide.

Freebie Fridays: Vintage Cordial Labels

Cordial Vintage Labels

Cordial has its origins in the UK, and it’s simply an old fashioned sweet non alcoholic beverage usually served after meals. It is also popular in Australia and New Zealand, and it is similar what Kool-Aid is for Americans. While you can buy at the grocery store, homemade cordial will always have its charm and taste delicious:

Lemon Cordial Recipe

Make a simple sugar syrup by bringing equal quantities of water and white sugar to a gentle simmer until all sugar is dissolved. Allow to cool. Mix 750ml of sugar syrup with 250ml of fresh lemon juice and pour into clean, dry bottles and seal. When ready to serve, fill each chilled glass with 1/3 cordial and 2/3 mineral water, together with plenty of ice and a hint of fresh mint.

Download Cordial bottle labels in orange.pdf

Download Cordial bottle labels in yellow.pdf

Download Cordial bottle labels in pink.pdf

You can find hermetic glass bottles like the ones in the photo above here and print the template onto full size label sheets here. Printables courtesy of Weddings Style Guide.

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To Have and To Hold

Vintage items can be incorporated in wedding decor in so many different ways. I might be a bit biased, but I love when couples incorporate vintage pieces to fit their wedding style. Better yet, almost any vintage item used in weddings can be brought home and be displayed as part of their home decor.

If you were not sure what to do with vintage items after your wedding day is over, here are some ideas on how to incorporate them in your home decor…

Vintage Typewriter

(left, Meg Perotti;right, Apartment Therapy)

Typewriters are such a fun idea for a guestbook and they make a cool piece to place on your vintage credenza. It sure beats any little trinket!


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