Natural + Romantic Wedding with Macrame Details
Marianmade Farm Wedding
Christmas House Inn Wedding
Lucile’s Old Market Wedding
Dallas Arboretum Wedding
Gold Coast Backyard Wedding
Backyard Texas Wedding

Entry #24: DIY Flower Centerpiece

Brandi made these centerpieces for under $11 a piece:

I created the centerpieces using crystal vases that I purchased from Ross for $6. I then stuck a piece of 1″x 4″ circular styrofoam in the top of the vase so that I could secure the flowers to the top. The styrofoam cost $2. I then purchased a bundle of flowers from Hobby Lobby at half price for $7. Each bundle would make two centerpieces so total cost for flowers for each centerpiece was around $3. They looked so great. For something extra you can also add a led light to place in the vase to light it up.

A Retro Modern Wedding

Vintage details plus the coolest altar I’ve ever seen, made it sure to be one of the most creative weddings I’ve ever seen. The couple seem to be such fun loving people it made me wish I was a guest! I found Heidi Ryder via a link I saw on Elizabeth Anne Designs the other day, and was very happy to see these beautiful images.

The couple had their initials turned into a logo/monogram and used it to decorate the bar.

Amanda and Oliver, Wedding by Heidi Ryder

Loooove the altar!

Amanda and Oliver, Wedding by Heidi Ryder


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Entry #23: DIY Candy Buffet Take Out Boxes

Marta also assembled candy buffet take out boxes that turned out so adorable!

Instructions: white take out containers, damask packing tape from, oval monogram printed on cardstock. Each container is wrapped with the damask packing tape, an x-acto knife was used to cut through the top closures and to trim excess tape. All purpose glue used to glue on monogram.

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