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DIY Tuesdays: 2 in 1 Rolodex

Why 2 in 1, you ask?

Using the same material (mini wooden drawers) you can make two different wedding related projects. The first one I am going to show you today is a rolodex, that can be used as escort cards, guest book “advice”, … you name it, you can use it. Since there are 9 drawers, you can use this “rolodex” for all the mentioned above.

What you’ll need (this will cover two different projects):

- Ikea Fira wooden boxes

- spray paint or varnish

- color cardstock

- alphabet stickers

- paper cutter

- x acto knife

- round corner paper punch

- 1 sheet of foam board

- spray adhesive

- scrap fabric

- silk flower

- glue gun

- wire (any type of wire that’s not too stiff to work with)

- needle and thread

Before starting on this project, you’ll need to mount the box. That way you can measure, trace on the foam board and check your progress.

Step 1: Print sheets of cardstock with fun patterns such as lined and graph printable paper (can be downloaded for free here. I printed each sheet of cardstock with a different pattern (music paper, isometric graph paper, octagon paper, etc). I also printed faux antique maps from here (I specially liked the Atlantis and 1600′s Greenland maps). I also used fun dingbats and swirls from Dafont.com and free printables from Martha Stewart website.

Step 2: Each rolodex card is 3.75″ x 2″. So each 8.5″x11″ sheet makes 10 cards. Cut it with a paper cutter, then use round paper punch to cut the corners ( the letter tabbed cards can’t be paper punched though). Each rolodex letter tab is 3.75″ with a tab 2.5″ tall (the actual tab is 1/2″x1/2″). Use a x acto knife to cut out the tabs.

Step 3: Place the letter stickers on the tabs.

Tip:you can take the quick route and order blank business cards (it’s the perfect size for these drawers) or get paint chips from Home Depot (or use both: colorful paint chips for the letter tabs and the blank cards to use as escort cards).

Step 4: Send them to your calligrapher to write your guests’ names. If you’re having a big wedding, divide the rolodex in two or more drawers (there are 9 total). You can also get creative and use the remaining drawers as a guest book wish bowl or as a bridal shower “recipe and advice” file drawer. It’ll make a great memento box!

Next week I will show you another project using the remaining material from the mini drawers – nothing went to waste on this project!

Telegram Wedding Programs

Some of you might remember my telegram ceremony programs. I made them using a telegram template, opened the file in Photoshop and typed in our program using a typewriter font printed onto yellow cardstock. I enclosed the programs in window envelopes and voila!

Western Union Telegram Template Wedding Programs

To download the telegram prop (and other vintage props), click here. You can also download free vintage fonts here.

photos by Jessica Johnston

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Freebie Fridays: Free Lucky Postcards

Erin from the fabulous Lucky Designs and editor of Lucky Me, created these adorable damask Thank You postcards free to download!

This printable is compatible with Vista Print postcards, so all you need to do is download the file to your computer and upload on Vista Print website. Right now you can get a 25% discount on postcards and if you sign up for their offers often times they give postcards for free.

Click to download Thank You Postcards.zip

Thank you Erin for this awesome freebie!

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