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Art Deco week: Jewelry

Art Deco jewelry mirrors the essence of the Art Deco movement, full of bold colors and various geometric shapes. Other characteristics that easily recognizable are trapezoidal shapes, clean lines, stepped edges and rounded arches. What not everyone know, however, is that the movement was influenced by indigenous motifs from the Ancient Aztec and Egypt, or tribal African motifs. Contrasting colors such as Onyx and white metals or diamonds were commonly seen. Because the Art Deco movement was based on the “machine age”, white metals such as platinum, rhodium, silver and white gold were used to lend the industrial “look”.

I never had so much fun browsing images for a post! Here are some of my favorite finds:

Art Deco Garnet ring

1. Art Deco Enamel earrings; 2.Mother of Pearl Silver earrings

Silver bracelet with rhinestones

14k Gold and Zircon ring

If you’re searching for “bridal” Art Deco earrings, check out Adriana Orsini’s Pave Earrings and Ben-Amun’s earrings (for anyone who asked where I got my earrings, they’re Ben Amun style SKU# 00134).

Art Deco week: Wedding dresses

In the 1920′s, women’s clothing were going through a revolution and dresses were shorter than never. Flapper dresses, along with a cloche or wreath headpieces completed the bridal look of the 20′s. Cap veils were also very popular, made of silk tulle and geometric trimming lace (Egyptian inspired pattern was a fad in the 20′s).

A decade later, wedding dresses came back to their full length style, as many brides found short dresses unsuitable for Church services. Slinky fabric, bias cut and a slim silhouette were the main characteristics of wedding dresses from the 30′s. Detachable trains were common during the Depression, allowing the bride to wear her wedding dress again as an evening gown.

I found some gorgeous 1920′s and 1930′s vintage dresses (from The Frock):

1. Flapper Dress; 2. Bias cut with lattice work dress

3. Knife pleated dress; 4. Deco lace and satin dress

More about the history of wedding dresses here.

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Vintage Ring Box

Art Deco Plastic Ring box

A vintage ring box would make an adorable alternative to the traditional ring pillow. There are tons of Art Deco ring boxes on Ebay, each with its own unique design.

Do you ever have the “I-wish-I-knew-about-this-before-my-wedding” feeling? That’s how I feel about this cute ring box.

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