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DIY Tin Can Lantern

The first thing my fiance ever gave me was a tiny white tin can lantern from St. Augustine, Florida. Historian that he is, he’d been down in the coastal town to tour the Castillo de san Marcos National Monument with a bunch of other history nerds. At any rate, I thought it would be fun to include this colonial craft as a table decoration at our weddings and as it turns out, they’re relatively simple to make.

Step One: Collect a bunch of cans.

Step Two: Clean cans of any remaining food remnants (we’re going for fun, not funky here), and soak to remove label.

Step Three: Fully detach lid of can. Keep bottom lid intact.

Step Four: Fill cans with water and freeze.

Step Five: Remove cans from freezer and place on towel and using a marker draw out a dotted pattern.

Step Six: Using a hammer and nail punch out the pattern drawn.

Step Seven: Once pattern is complete place frozen cans in sink to thaw.

Step Eight: Add a little sand to the bottom of can, place a votive in it and voila! Vintage tin can lantern.

History of Colonial Tin Lanterns: Sometimes called “poor man’s silver,” due to its inexpensiveness, tin was extremely popular during the Colonial period. Tin punched items were called “pierced wear.” For a bride on a budget, history will attest that this is the perfect bargain, yet beatiful, table topper!

Freebie Fridays: Favor Box Templates

(photo from Martha Stewart)

If you do not have Adobe Reader yet, you can download it for free here.

Petal Favor Box

Cube Favor Box

Trapeze Box

Cake Box

Pyramid Box

Hexagonal Box

Matchbook Box

Takeout Box

Milk Carton Box

and lots more here and here.

You can buy bulk card stock for reasonable prices from places like Anchor Paper or Discount Cardstock. It may not be the most cost effective route, but you can create your own favor packaging to match your colors and style.

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