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Oh Deer! Handmade Headbands

Mother Nature has given us some very beautiful woodland flora and fauna, and Oh my Deer! takes that to the next level. Feather and flower fascinators and headbands are the perfect item to finish off a rustic bride’s rustic look. The beautiful, bold colors are reflections of nature’s colors and beauty. I am just in love with the deep reds and browns as accent colors to any outfit, including a wedding dress!

wedding feather headbands
wedding feather headbands
wedding feather headbands

Photo Prop Ideas



Miss Congeniality I am not, so with upcoming wedding pictures on the brain I’ve been thinking about how I can guarantee at least fun photos. One idea I had was to include a prop, a tiny touch of whimsy that hopefully comes off as cheeky and not tacky. Here are a few ideas.

Above, ModCloth has this fantastic lace umbrella on sale for $49.99!  Below, I found this image that I think is darling. Just the simple addition of one pop of color makes this image totally unique. Ziggos Balloons has a large selection of mylar and latex variety.

Okay, now I know this could get way too over the top, but just as an idea, there’s always the fan options. has a nice selection of Victorian style fans.  Just a few ideas for your Friday. Have a lovely weekend!

Cheers, Kinsey

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Flower Girl Dresses

(sources: 1, 2 and 3)

Girl’s clothes are fun! I had so much fun browsing girl’s clothes for this post, the selection for vintage inspired clothing is way bigger than for boys’ clothes (you might remember this post about vintage outfits for the ring bearer I wrote a few months ago). The Edwardian Era (1900s-1900s) was the most charming time period for girls’ fashion in my opinion. Lots of frills, appliques and ruffles…very dressy and sweet. So here are three refreshed versions of children’s fashion in the 1900s, inspired by the images above.

“Throughout the 19th century girls wore lavish flower and ribbon trimmed hats or bonnets always when outdoors. On informal daytime occasions, such as when going to school or walking at the park, sailor dresses and berets (or pompom finished tam-o’shanters) were commonly worn” (via Fashion Era):

Sailor Dress: Macys Shoes: Zappos Tights: Classic Closeouts Beret: Village Hat Shop

“Ornate frilled dresses for girls of age 5 or more were popular in the early Edwardian years. Often the dresses had a heavily frilled yoke and either a flowing smock skirt, which ended in a frill, or a bloused bodice” (via Fashion Era):

Dress: Juvie Shoes: Zappos Bandeau: Etsy

“Girls’ fashion for this time period imitated older women of the same period. Girls wore dresses of knee length, with trimmings at the hem such as lace and embroidery similar to women’s lingerie dresses. Normally, black shoes and woolen stockings went with the dress.” (from Wikipedia)

Dress: Crew Cuts Shoes: Zappos Tights: Gymboree and fresh flower crown image from Dean’s Flowers.

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