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An Art Nouveau Wedding

Hilary emailed me a few months ago when I was running the guest blogger contest, but since her wedding was so close (just married in December!) I patiently waited for her wedding photos. And boy, they are gorgeous! Faye Sommer did a wonderful job capturing their day.

We chose an Art Nouveau aesthetic because it represents one of the most exciting times in Dayton history- the birth of aviation. Our save the dates were bookmarks that had an aviation theme.

Art Nouveau Wedding

Art Nouveau Wedding

They took this photo in front of their house…how cute is that?


Entry #4: DIY Cardbox

Another great project made by Brandi!

DIY Cardbox


Step 1: Buy hat boxes or plain boxes with lids at any craft stores. I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby. The black and white damask print box already came decorated the rest were just cardboard.

Step 2: Cut a hole in the box that you want the cards to be inserted in. For the green box I placed the slot in the top box, for the red box I placed the slot in the middle box.

Step 3: Once you decide where you are going to place your slot, you must cut holes in the bottom on that box and any boxes below it so that the cards can fall to the bottom. Make sure and leave ½” or ¼” edge on the bottom of the box so that you can glue it to the next box.


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Entry #5: DIY Bubblegum Bouquet

Alison made this bubblegum bouquet that would make great rehearsal bouquet, flower girl or even to decorate the candy buffet table.

DIY Bubblegum Bouquet

What you’ll need (per flower):

  • 1 plastic balloon stick
  • 1 clear elastic band
  • 7 small gumballs
  • 1 large gumball
  • 1 cellophane cut into circle shape


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