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Entry #8: DIY Save the Date Video

Courtney and her fiance created this awesome Save the Date video:

We knew we didn’t want to do a typical save the date. We saw some video STD’s and liked idea, although neither of us are very techie inclined. Tom really liked the idea of stop motion. And then, it seemed perfect, as we have a large collection of photos where we take multiple shots trying to achieve a nice picture. It rarely happens – we’re both not photogenic enough and far too goofy to have a simple normal photo. So the thought of combining all these pictures for a little stop motion fun was perfect.

Click on the image above or HERE to watch.

Instructions: Have lots of time! We went to the craft store together to buy the felt, the cardboard and the stickers. Tom took all the photos (about 400!), I did all the computer’ing with editing and music (it took fo’evah!), and the end result is a cheesy, funny, and hopefully sweet little invitation to our wedding.

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13 Bees Vintage Clothing

These beautiful vintage dresses from 13bees come in all shapes, colors and sizes — which makes them feel so one of a kind for a vintage bride! They’re mostly 50s and 60s simple gowns and frocks, perfect for outdoors, summertime and lots of dancing. The best part? It’s almost a guarantee that no one will have the exact same dress!

1950s vintage wedding dresses
1950s vintage wedding dresses
1950s vintage wedding dresses

Vintage Wedding Dresses: 13bees

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