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Entry #20: Key Tags

20 entries, 5 to go as we approach our voting day on your favorite DIY project! The winner will receive a $200 gift certificate to Wedding Paper Divas. Voting poll will start on Friday so you have some time to decide…it won’t be easy to pick just one! Christy also made these cute tags with miniature skeleton keys:

When the free download came across for these tags I hit the ground running. Some of the keys were too small to attach with ribbon so I glued them on and the still had the same effect. Very cute, so I attached sayings “the key to love is understanding” among some others. I got the keys off of eBay (can’t remember the exact seller).

You can download the tags here.

Entry #19: DIY Cameo Mason Jars

Christy embellished mason jars with cameos and ribbons for her reception. Very shabby chic!

Cameo Mason Jars

When the discussion for the wedding came to how to decorate the tables my sister made the sarcastic comment “let’s just put jars on the table and fill them with flowers”. I took her idea and tried to make it work. I took small mouth mason jar and put some ribbon around it (the colors of her wedding were brown and green) then added a pretty Cameo and filled it with green and white beach glass.

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Entry #18: DIY Wristlets and Boutonnieres

Carol is having a Regency inspired wedding and she created the most adorable wristlets and boutonnieres!

DIY Wristlets

From Carol:

For our favors, we want to give our guests something gorgeous to wear during our wedding so that everyone feels like a guest of honor. We’ve decided to make ribbon wristlets for the ladies, and boutonnières for the men, in a Jane Austin theme … ie, with feathers, pearls and lots of ribbon! We’re going to present them atop pink gift boxes filled with foil-covered heart chocolates. Our favors are also doubling for place cards as we’re putting an oval thank you card with each guest’s name on it in front of their gift.

DIY Wristlets


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