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One color palette we never seem to tire of is teal, green, and yellow. There’s something so tirelessly fresh about it! Pair these hues with the photography of Brett Heidebrecht, and you’ve got a match made in heaven. Bride Janelle had her bridesmaids carry vintage lanterns in lieu of flowers — both a great nontraditional alternative and a money saver!

outdoor garden wedding ideas
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From the bride, Janelle: So, planning a wedding in Dallas was terrifying to me! I wanted lush grass and romantic forests, and instead, found myself looking at a big urban concrete skyline. Anything that had trees was outside of my budget. A sweet friend sent me the link to Chandler’s Gardens and I fell in love with our first visit. The whole wedding began to take form in my head from that first sight of our venue! The “theme” I went with was “Let Love Grow,” and so everything was woodsy and organic. I wanted to be barefoot and feel like there could be little woodland animals helping me get ready. No, really. That’s what inspired it all! My incredible fiance (now, husband!) was so supportive during the whole thing- as I had many, MANY breakdowns in trying to get everything done. I know without him, and without my friends who were always there to roll programs or tie table settings together, I would have never made it down the aisle.

outdoor garden wedding ideas

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outdoor garden wedding ideas

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outdoor garden wedding ideas

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outdoor garden wedding ideas

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outdoor garden wedding ideas

The biggest thing we wanted out of our wedding day was for the Gospel to be shared in a very real way. It is was what brought us together, and the only thing that will keep us together in the rough times that every couple faces. We had a time of corporate worship in the hour-long ceremony, as well as having our pastor give a short sermon on what loving each other in a Christ-honoring way looks like. We wanted to glorify Him from start to finish, and to keep the Gospel central to the wedding as it will be in our marriage. I mean, my wedding present from Him was a study Bible with my new name on it. Nerd alert.

outdoor garden wedding ideas

barefoot bridal looks

outdoor garden wedding ideas

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outdoor garden wedding ideas

outdoor wedding ceremonies

outdoor garden wedding ideas

The reception was just one big celebration! To continue with keeping Christ at the center, we had a table set up where our friends could learn about getting involved with two non-profits we really love. One is a local ministry called Jesus Said Loved that provides care-baskets and Bibles to strippers and night-club dancers, and the other was an international organization called Vision Nationals who does outreach to orphans and widows in India, as well as running a seminary. It was important to us to really share the love that Christ has given us. To get into party mode, we had a cornhole game set out, along with blankets and board games for those who didn’t feel like dancing. The playlist ranged from Louis Armstrong to the Avett Brothers to Willow Smith! I wanted everyone to have a chance to get up and dance.

outdoor garden wedding ideas

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outdoor garden wedding ideas

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outdoor garden wedding ideas

My piece of advice to brides planning a wedding? Get OFF Pinterest. Yes. I’m serious. Get off. Allow yourself a week to browse it when you first begin to decide on a theme or colors. But keep in mind your limits- engagement time, budget, family members who will hate that dress, set-up time, etc. For me, I knew we’d have less than three hours to get everything set up- with no wedding planner, just a dear friend running around telling people what to do. That meant I had to cross off some of the beautiful but extravagant things I found on Pinterest, and the longer I stared at them, the more it hurt. So seriously, cut yourself a break. No one will know that you really wanted flowers hanging down from the ceiling behind the alter but couldn’t get it done in time. Spending too much time on Pinterest feeds the idea that your wedding has to be “more.” Do whatever YOU want for your wedding – not what is popular on Pinterest.

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outdoor garden wedding ideas

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outdoor garden wedding ideas

Favorite moment: Everything I read advising *against* the “first look” said that you would regret not getting that moment of awe as you walked down the aisle. But knowing how important photos are to me, and knowing I wanted to calm my nerves by seeing Travis before the wedding, we chose to do it. But even after the first look, as I walked down the aisle toward my “I-never-show-emotion” husband, he couldn’t stop crying. And we both cried our way through our vows that we wrote each other. I can still see the look in his eyes as I walked to the front to be his wife, and I will never forget it.

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outdoor garden wedding ideas

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Wedding Music:
Bridal Party Processional: “All The Trees of the Field,” Sufjan Stevens
Processional: “Water of the Word,” Shane & Shane
Recessional: “Inni Mer,” Sigur Ros
First Dance: “You are the Best Thing,” Ray Lamontagne

Wedding Location: Celina, TX / Photographer: Brett Heidebrecht / Wedding Venue: Chandler’s Gardens / Bouquet and Boutonnieres: NHS Woods Creations / Decorative Flowers: Central Market bulk ordering, arranged by bridesmaids and family / Wedding Dress: WTOO “Vannessa” / Reception Dress: Urban Outfitters / Hair: Amy Krauss / Flower Crown: Three Little Birds / Bridal Jewelry: Forever 21 / Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Modcloth and Macy’s / Bridesmaid’s Jewelry: Five Little Cranes / Wedding Caterer: Catering by David / Bride’s Cake: Patricia Price, college roommate – Homemade funfetti! / Groom’s Cake: A S’more bar / Invitation Design: Whitney Baker / Program Design: Meredith Cooper

  1. Sarah Der!

    Oh, swoooooooooon. Love this wedding, love this photographer. So, so pretty!

  2. Miriam

    How fun are the bridesmaids dresses in this wedding? Lovelovelove!

  3. Blythe

    Really loved hearing her advice, particularly –

    “Spending too much time on Pinterest feeds the idea that your wedding has to be “more.” Do whatever YOU want for your wedding – not what is popular on Pinterest.”

    I’m a little more than 2 months away from my wedding and have been feeling the pressure to do more and more. Thank you Janelle for your wise words!

  4. Virginia Wedding Photographer

    This wedding is sooooper dooooper pretty!

  5. Crystal Madsen

    Great lanterns, great lighting, love the fire and the marshmallows. Awesome wedding shoot. Thanks for sharing.

  6. PJ

    This wedding is cute, and bride is cute too ;)

  7. Wedding Dress Designer

    wow. not often am I moved to tears …. I can feel the love coming through their words

  8. Philosophy Flowers

    I love everything about this! :) Jesus really does make all the difference, and having Him not only makes things beautiful, but impactful and lasting. I know that day made Him soooo happy :)

    And yes, well-spoken advice about Pinterest and idea gathering in general! Keep things real!

    xoxox, Kelly

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    This photos are lovely. I like this wedding and hope I will have a wedding like this.

  10. Sam & Gertie Photography

    Lovely wedding – I’m especially drawn to that beautiful bouquet.

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