Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Ups

Lots of new things happening this week, plus some that I can’t share just yet ;) Have you taken a looksie at our freshened up homepage yet? We also made some big changes in Blue Label as well. Our shout out this week goes to Massachusetts vendors… Click on their images to see their portfolios!

boston new england wedding photographer

boston new england wedding cake

boston new england wedding photographer

Check out all the amazing vendors in Blue Label under Massachusetts. If you’re not from the area, check out our handy dandy vendor guide for vendors in your area!


We started the week with a quintessentially NYC wedding
An earth-friendly wedding with a ceremony backdrop using paper lanterns (lots of them)
A vintage British wedding and a polka dot wedding dress!
Woodsy, rustic chic wedding ideas
Two beautiful weddings with navy blue bridesmaids dresses!
Garden wedding in Michigan
Southern wedding by Our Labor of Love


Congrats to Abbey, Linda D, Rosemariee, Ashley and Sarah! Each of you will receive a $20 gift card to iTunes for your subscription of Brides Mag!

  1. The Perfect Palette

    lovely shade of purple!! xo, chrissy.

  2. Linda d

    Thanks! I’m looking forward to reading brides on my iPad!

  3. Abbey

    Yay!! Thank you so much for the gift certificate! I cant waot to read BRIDES magazine on my iPad!

  4. Katie

    That dessert table is to die for–what a good idea with all those shades of pink!

  5. rosemariee

    yay! thanks so much for the gift certificate :)

  6. Ashley

    Thank you :) So excited for BRIDES Mag!

  7. Budget Wedding Invitation

    Purple is one ravishing colour!!!

  8. Christening Invitations

    That group picture looks amazing!!!

  9. sarah

    yay! i’m so excited that i won!!

  10. Hens Night Invitations

    Yummy looking cakes!!!

  11. Party Invitation Templates

    That couple’s picture is awesome!!!

  12. Wedding Invitations Sydney Online

    The desserts truly look Delicious!!!

  13. Reese @ JAF Gifts

    That dessert table is adorable with those starfish and seashell shaped treats! :)

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