Minted’s 2014 Wedding Invitations + Giveaway!


There’s nothing like receiving a gorgeous invitation to a wedding in the mail. It’s a peek into a what the party will be like, which makes me giddy and automatically thinking about what to wear to it. So when we start browsing Minted’s 2014 Wedding Invitation collection with fresh designs from indie artists, a session of ooh’s and aah’s ensues in unison.

It’s no secret we’re huge fans of Minted. All of the eye candy you see at Minted is designed by an independent designers, who receive a portion of every sale from his or her paper goods. Their wedding stationery is created exclusively for Minted, so each of the unique designs you see can’t be found anywhere else. Their community model supports independent designers from around the country and beyond, making Minted a haven for local trend-setting graphic designers.

This is what you should especially take note! Minted is now offering free recipient addressing on save-the-date and wedding invitations. This is a huge, huge time saver! They also have team members who can help you with design advice and answer any etiquette questions you may have about the wording of the invites.

Minted offers 100% satisfaction guarantee, and they give free samples if you want to touch and feel their signature luxe paper in person.

They are offering one Ruffled reader $250 to use at Minted. To enter, just leave a comment below with a link to your favorite wedding invitation design. We will pick a winner at random next Wednesday, March 19! Good luck and have fun picking your faves!

Congrats Jane!

  1. Emily Cannon

    SO in love with the Slated Forever Wedding Invites! They are perfect for my upcoming wedding.

  2. Amy Allen

    A Chalkboard Marriage! So simplistic & aligned with 2014.

  3. Laura Davis

    Love the ombré & stripes of this invite! Perfect feel for my big day!

  4. Maggie

    This one is definitely my favorite, with the watercolor details (in my wedding colors!!)

  5. Sasha

    The modern, yet classic feel of this invitation would be perfect for my wedding. I just love black and white with a hint of green :)!

  6. Lauren

    I really loved so many of the options on minted’s site, but this one was my favorite:

  7. Shannon

    I’ve always been drawn to garden lights for my outdoor wedding!

  8. Alyssa

    Love love love these!

  9. Kate

    this is my favorite!!

  10. Meghan V

    The Charming Go Lightly collection is my favorite!

  11. Sarah

    I feel like I could spend all day paging through but I love this one:

  12. sheri

    My dream wedding invitation would be the Splendorous Foil-Pressed Wedding Invitations. Its simple yet has such elegance and class. I would love to win some!

  13. genna

    really love the elegance & simplicity of the “delicate dots” invitations! would absolutely love to use them for my wedding!

  14. Lisa Choi

    I absolutely love Dapper Amper. I think this is the one –

  15. Elise C

    I love this one!

  16. Val E

    I absolutely LOVE the Chalkboard wedding design! Letterpress is my jam.

  17. Jo

    Absolutely love the Cascade Foil-Pressed Wedding Invitations. Perfect for my upcoming wedding!!

  18. Katie Short It would be a dream to be able to have these for our short notice wedding May.

  19. Colleen R.

    I love the gold foil on this card and the leafy circle motif makes this design feel both old-fashioned and modern to me!

  20. Sasha

    I love the Destination Wedding invitations! Most of our friends and family will be traveling from the Midwest to the west coast for our ceremony and these would be perfect!

  21. Jane

    I like this one for my wedding in a forest:

  22. Noelle

    I love the Paint Swatch wedding invitations. They are simple yet unique and would be perfect.

  23. Christina C

    Love this one!

  24. Misha

    I love the city collection because Baltimore is our theme! City Wide Declaration has just the right amount of wimsy for us!

  25. Stephanie Freas

    I have absolutely fallen in love with the Floral Canopy Foil-Pressed Invitations. They are simultaneously elegant and fun!

  26. Alyssa M

    I am loving the new foil pressed invites- adds something really fancy and fun to the invitations.

  27. lindsay

    I love the Paris Lights invitations. So fun and elegant!

    • lindsay

      And I forgot to add the link —

  28. Eileen L
    Garden Lights is my favorite. It would fit our outdoor courtyard wedding perfectly!

  29. Vivian Mai Tran I love everything about this invitation!

  30. Jennifer Short

    I love these:

  31. Talia Tieman

    The Pop of Color design is fabulous

  32. miriam l.

    I love these invitations:

  33. Katy Baker

    I love the white lace invite book. So cute!!

  34. rachel

    I’m in love with this one:

  35. Jessica Bell

    I am LOVING the foiled pressed designs!!

  36. Megan

    what a GREAT giveaway! i love all of minted’s stationary!

    here’s the link to my fave save-the-date:

    here’s the link to my fave wedding invites:

  37. Stephanie

    I cant pick a favorite but I especially love the Woodland Wedding, Ornamental Wedding, and Woodstock designs. So great

  38. Caitlin H.

    Love these invites!

  39. Kristen

    It’s so hard to pick just one, but right now, I love their Twine Wedding Invites.

  40. Stephanie G

    LOVE splendorous wedding invitation. Classic!

  41. Talina

    I love the simplicity of this invite!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  42. Rebecca Bomfim

    Love the last invite! So simple but still classy.

  43. Molly

    The Garden Lights invitation is PERFECT for our outdoor rustic wedding this fall.

  44. Shelby

    This one is definitely my favorite:
    When my fiance and I were just 17 years old, he carved our initials in a tree! Now, 12 years later, we are getting married in the woods. Perfect!

  45. Amanda Gowen

    GAAAH love minted!! Would so love $250 for my invitations :) Here’s my favorite!!

  46. Lyndsay

    I love the fling design:

  47. Katie Lucas

    This is so cute and classy :)

  48. Mary P.

    my fiancé and I are getting married at a lodge resort in the Pocono Mountains. this invitation would help our guests really understand our “in the mountains” wedding from the start!

  49. Elyse G.

    Love this invite:

    *fingers crossed*

  50. Georgia

    Love this one, thanks for the giveaway :)

  51. Amy Steinberg

    I love the cheery simplicity of these invites:

  52. Kathleen P.

    I love Minted’s invitations, they’re so beautiful! I would love to have the Chocolate Matrimony Wedding invitations, they’d be perfect for my outdoor wedding.

  53. Holly B

    The Destination Letterpress Invitations are amazing!

  54. Sarah P

    I really love the Horizon Wedding design. I’m having a beach, destination wedding and these invites remind me of the ocean without being over the top!

  55. Katie

    I love the shimmering, changing color of these beautiful invitations! My favorite!

  56. Dana

    This is beautiful!

    But it’s so hard to choose just one.

  57. Elizabeth

    I love so many of them! I would have to pick Ombre wedding invitation:

  58. Megan

    These would be perfect for our backyard South Carolina tidal creek wedding. Love it!

  59. morgan

    dream catchers all the way! they would be perfect for our moonrise kingdom meets troop beverly hills meets wet hot american summer wedding!

  60. Meghan

    My favorite invitation design is the happy couple

  61. Julia

    I get good vibes from the fiesta folk art letterpress invitations. They look great and would suit my wedding perfectly!

  62. Kelly Hughes

    Love the cocktail hour invitation design!

  63. Jen Clark

    We ordered our save the dates from Minted and they were great. Haven’t picked wedding invitations yet. My favorite is definitely sweet bees:


  64. Post

    Lush bling

  65. amy a

    I love the look for the watercolor invitations

  66. amy a

    I love the look of the watercolor invitations they are so different!

  67. karyn koehler

    What a hard choice I love so many!

  68. Cla

    This simple, chic design would be perfect for our wedding!!

  69. Maureen Hagan

    Love the mint and gold in these invitations! They’re gorgeous!

    • Maureen Hagan

      I don’t think my link showed up:

  70. Katie Jane

    Love the Botanical Blooms invitation!

  71. Amie

    One of my MANY favourites!

  72. Jessica

    I love the delicate dots invitations–they’re simple but a little over the top all at once.

  73. Pernille

    It is no secret that Minted have the most amazing invitations. This one would be perfect for my destination wedding:

  74. Miranda Mauk(soon to be Cork)

    I adore this story book invitation. It’s how I feel my romance is with my fiance.

  75. kim nguyen

    love that foil stamping!

  76. Cassie Dexter

    Love love love Kraft Woodland Tree!

  77. C.H.

  78. nicki

    I love

  79. Cathleen

    Ooh I love this one:

  80. Heather Lee

    Simple and Awesome. Exactly what we are looking for.

  81. Cynthia Li

    Love this design and I love that it comes in a soft peach color (will match my wedding colors perfectly!)

    • Cynthia Li

  82. Kataryna

    The rustic charm is my favorite :)

  83. Stefanie

    So many good ones! But I like this one best so far:

  84. Didi yafuso

    Love the gold rush foiled press. It’s simple but fun. Just like my fiancé and I and our vision for our wedding

  85. Didi yafuso

    Love the gold rush foiled press. It’s simple but fun. Just like my fiancé and I and our vision for our wedding

  86. Marnay

    Love the colors and style of the Floral Chalkboard Wedding Invitation!

  87. Tasha D.

    I adore Minted’s selection of wedding invitations! Especially this one:

    If I win I will definitely put the prize to use for my upcoming June wedding. Thank you for the opportunity!

  88. Nicola Phillips

    I absolutely adore the chalkboard floral style! It’s just vintage-looking enough, and I can add both of my wedding colors (Coral and Mint) to give it an extra touch of personality!

  89. Amanda The squirrel design is hilarious, I love it!

  90. Emily K

    Love the classic but whimsical look of the foil pressed monogram!

  91. Justyne M

    I love the lace and kraft wedding invitations!

  92. angie

    These are my favorites! Simple but elegant :)

  93. Natalie

    This invitation theme has a happy, frenetic energy that calls to me. And the gold foil adds an ethereal element to it. Perfect for such a happy celebration!

  94. Jake Wilkerson

    Waves and seagulls just like our first date. So very pretty

  95. Jake Wilkerson

    Waves and Seagulls just like our first date. So pretty.

  96. Kaitlyn

    I love the style and boldness of Plentiful Blossoms!

    I met my fiance while working on a cruise ship. The love boat! Even though he lives in Canada and I live in California we fall more in love everyday! Today is our two year anniversary! I would love to win since most of my wedding budget is going to an immigration lawyer to get my man here. Thanks and LOVE this site! :)

  97. Sabrina Mix

    Love the “We Still Do Anniversary Party Invitations”:

    Hope I can win this wonderful giveaway.


  98. Sabrina Johnson

    Love so many but my favorite is the Cascading Foil Invite:

    I also called Customer Service yesterday and it was such great service… Not a long wait time. Super friendly and helpful!

  99. Lindsay A.

    Classic and elegant with a pop of pink is perfect for my upcoming Summer wedding :)

  100. Amber Tas

    I love the Arabesque foiled invitations!

  101. Amber Tas

    Oops my lasp post did not show my link!
    I love the Arabesque Foil invites:

  102. Bibi J

    I love the Elegance Invites.. perfect for my daughter’s garden wedding!

  103. Danielle Castilla

    Love the gold foil and elegance of this on black. So hard to choose just one favorite, but this one would match my wedding style and colors.

  104. Ashley Lillyman

    LOVE. definitely an inspiration.

  105. emily

    adore the nishikigoi invitations – a perfect combination of our culture and our love for design and simplicity

  106. Jessica

    I absolutely love the fireflies design (
    Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  107. Hash T

    my fiance and I like the dipped feathers foil-pressed wedding invitations.

  108. Alan J

    My daughter likes the Foil Dipped feathers invite also:

  109. Katie Minnick

    Love love love the notable wedding invitations. Elegant calligraphy paired with a simple, traditional design, with a touch of color, is my taste exactly. Would love to win!

  110. Sheri

    The suspense is killing me! Thank you for holding such an amazing giveaway!

  111. Jennifer Mark

    This is similar to what my fiance and i already wanted to do

  112. Jessica Coyle

    I love Minted products and use them frequently for parties. I would be honored to have their name and perfect product be what my guests receive to honor our special wedding day.

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