Minted Stationery Giveaway!

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What a way to celebrate a Tuesday! We are so, so lucky to be hosting an awesome giveaway from the one and only stationary gem, Minted. They’re launching 175 new invitations suites (you heard me right, 175!) and to celebrate, they’re giving away three gift certificates to Ruffled readers, one for $250, one for $225, and one for $200!

What’s even cooler is that all of the new designs are in collaboration with indie artists from around the world who were found through Minted’s The Happily Ever After Wedding Challenge that they recently co-hosted. Their suites are affordable, adorable, customizable and absolutely delectable, so be sure to check out all the new designs to find something that suits your fancy.

Another great thing I love about Minted is that everything on their site is completely customizable; i.e., even if you don’t see your wedding colors in the options depicted on screen, we are always happy to match Pantone colors, change fonts, or alter small elements of the design as long as it’s general integrity is kept in tact!

To enter to win a gift certificate from Minted , visit their site and peruse all the new designs. Then just come back to this post and comment below telling us your favorite invitation suite. We’ll randomly choose three winners from our comments below this post next Friday, March 4th! Easy as that.

Have fun cruising Minted’s gorgeous wedding collections and good luck!

  1. jacin {lovely little details}

    i’m not even sure how to pick a favorite!! i love them all!

  2. Haley

    I absolutely love the Love Birds style & the Aquarelle invitation set, so lovely!

  3. Bri

    The Honeybee Suite is PERFECTION!

    Our new initial is “B” (& I have always been “BB”) so we are trying to hide little bees throughout our ceremony. The ivory scheme goes perfectly with our whites, ivories, creams and champagnes… It’s meant to bee!

  4. Emily

    I love banners and branches. It’s happy and romantic!

  5. Rebecca

    I adore the new designs! My favorites are Parisian Grammar School and the Calligraphy Invitation.

  6. Julie

    SOoooo I wasn’t going to enter this contest because I was just going to design my own invitations… i just wasn’t finding what i wanted in pre-designed ones. Then i scrolled to the bottom of this post and saw the last one you have pictured, called “Modern Chalkboard Wedding Invitations”. Oh wow, it’s perfect. It has the grey background i want (but is hard to replicate from a home printer) and the style is something i just wasn’t seeing anywhere else! It also lets me use “grass green” as the accent color, which is PERFECT because our colors are grey and green… which is also hard to find. One last thing makes it amazing, my new last name will also be Wilson, which is the name on the sample! how cute! I absolutely love it. Love. Minted is such a refreshing site, thanks for all the great designs!

  7. jenny king

    The barn party with flags is so cute!

  8. Jane

    Eeek, these are the cutest invitations I’ve ever seen… If I HAD to pick, I’d maybe pick Barn Party.

  9. Jill D

    I absolutely LOVE the Fall Carving ones. It goes with our whimsical, nature-based wedding. Ahh! I wish we had it in our budget to buy these!

  10. Katie

    Although it’s so hard to pick just one, I love the “Vine Divine” suite!

  11. Melissa

    There are too many great invitations to choose from! The more I look the more I love! The banner and branches invite? The Fracas Wedding Invitations?
    But I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw the Our Wedding Day invitations. Just perfect.

  12. Natalie

    Without a doubt, the test tube, but there are so many cute options to choose from! Great contest.

  13. Genevieve

    These are all beautiful! I think I like the Love Birds Wedding Invitations best of all!!

  14. Crystal

    I LOVE the Air Mail Wedding Invites but the Pointilist Invites are a very close second!!

  15. Jacquie

    I really like the “Come Together Wedding Invitations” its simple but a little bit different from other monogram invites.

  16. Jillian

    Absolutely LOVE the AirMail suite! Perfect for our color scheme and theme!

  17. jenn

    ooh…its a toss up between the Fireflies and the Fall Carving invitation. They are all so precious!

  18. Lauren

    Personally, I am absolutely charmed by the ‘Story Book’ invitations. They’re so sweet and slightly off-beat that they make for a unique and almost magical way to connect with your guests. Though the John Cusack-boom-box ‘Say Something’ invites are pretty awesome…

  19. Missy P

    I love the ‘Under the Tree’ suite! They would be perfect for our fall wedding.

  20. kelly mcilhany

    I love the willow tree wedding invitations. I think I “personalized” like 10 of the different suites. So beautiful!

  21. Gaelan @ uschi and kay

    It’s so hard to choose! But I think I love the fireflies suite the best.

  22. K L

    I love the Vintage Ornament Wedding Invitations. A perfect balance classic and modern (much like my fiance and I) and the font is perfectly regal.

  23. Andrea B.

    Oh man, I love all their stuff! The Firefly and Parisian Grammar School designs are really catching my eye.

  24. Jenny

    There were so many lovely and creative invitations, but I was instantly drawn to the Love Birds Wedding Invitations.

  25. Sarah Jayne

    Fireflies, for sure!

  26. Amanda

    I am in love with Minted and everything they create. I am especially in love with the Float + Weave Wedding Invitations. The geometric pattern even matches the fabric we’re using for table runners!

  27. Laura

    The Aquarelle suite is so different! It would be beautiful in green. But really, all of their designs are to-die-for!!!

  28. Jillian W

    I adore The Happy Couple. So simple and whimsical.

  29. Julie Kelly

    I love, love banners and branches–the folk art and banners slay me!

  30. Jill

    Since we are both teachers I think the love grade wedding invitations are adorable and perfect! What a beautiful site with so many wonderful ideas.

  31. Janice M

    It was a tough choice to narrow down to just one, but if I absolutely had to pick one it would be Barn Party. But it was a close second with Bold Brackets. Those are our colours! :)

  32. Maria

    Farm Country!! OMG…obsessed!!

  33. Deb

    It was difficult to pick just one, but the Grey Sugar Stripe suite is so adorable, clean, and simple!

  34. Alanna Love

    I really like the Fall Carving Wedding Invitations!
    The charm of carving your names into the bark of tree has always haunted me. Those names will weather storms, seeing springtimes, and grow old together as they live on that tree. Just like true love should be.

  35. jennie

    Hmm, I really like the designs by alethea and ruth, mostly because they remind me so much of Rifle Paper Co. But the fact that they remind me SO MUCH of Rifle Paper Co. makes me sad for Rifle Paper Co.

  36. Deise B.

    I am in love with the Indian Lace invitation! It is classic and edgy! I love Minted designs!

  37. Jenny

    Love the destination wedding invitation!

  38. Danielle

    Wow. The additions are fantastic! I love the farm tractor invite – so adorable.

  39. Melissa

    I have been lusting after the La Fete invitation for some time now!

  40. Egill

    The Love Birds design is splendid. Storybook invitation comes in second. I would be so pleased to have such touching invitations to my special day. Sigh. One can day dream, right?

  41. Emily

    I absolutely adore the ‘Sweet Linen’ by Carrie Eckert suite. It’s sweet (the title is accurate), fun, romantic, vintage and laid-back. Just like our September wedding will be!

  42. Justine S.

    Ah! I have been drooling over these for weeks. I’m so happy to see them on here. I would have to choose between Two Cranes and Star Map. Both are amazing!

  43. Jessica

    Fall Tranquility…but there are tons that are runners up!

  44. Hilary

    I love the fireflies invite! It reminds me of a perfect summer night!

  45. Kate {domestikatedlife}

    I love the chevron invites — all of these above are super cute too!

  46. Emily M

    I love midnight vinyard!!! so cute!

  47. Anna Naphtali

    They are all beautiful!!! I love banner and branches!

  48. Dyan

    What a tough decision! So many delightful designs. I had to go with ‘Bohemian Sophesticate’ as my favorite. Love it!

  49. Amy F

    So many amazing options! I love the midnight vineyard suite – perfect for my wedding!

  50. MIcki

    I love the parisian grammar school AND spanish lace!

  51. Kate

    So difficult to choose out of all of the beautiful options. But I’m in love with Fireflies and it would fit my rustic theme perfectly.

  52. Katy

    I absolutely love the Willow Tree Invitation suite! So simple and elegant! I hope I win!

  53. Whitney

    Am I going to be disqualified if I just can’t choose?

    I have to admit, the suite that drew me in initially had to be “Under the Tree.” I chose my wedding venue because of the trees – these gorgeous hundred year old oaks – and when I did I told my planner that I hate for even my wedding to distract from their awesomeness. These invitations are just the right amount of old and new. The colors, the banner…these elements make it seem a bit old fashioned. The font, however, brings you back to the modern day, making the invitation clear and easy to read. I love it.

  54. jane

    love love LOVE so many go their designs… favorites include ‘air mail’, ‘library’, ‘one heart’, and ‘his + hers’… too many to choose from!

  55. Jacqueline

    I love all of the yellow and grey! I think Cocktail Hour is my favorite

  56. Natalee

    I’m really loving Vintage Ranch & Banner and Branches.

  57. Holly B

    These are lovely! SO many to choose from, but I love the Banner and Branches and the modern chalkboard wedding invitations. Gorgeous!

  58. Michelle

    I love the “under the stars” invitation!

  59. Juana @ Sweet Visual Aids

    I love their Banner and Branches Wedding Invitations :)

  60. Erica

    Love the simplicity of the Midnight Vineyard design!

  61. Stephanie LeBrun

    I love love LOVE the “fireflies Wedding Invitations”

  62. Amma // Beyond Beyond

    Total and utter design jealously all the designs are phenomenal! Gorgeous work… but I think the first one has totally sucked me in!

  63. Julie

    I am in love with all of their designs!! I can’t pick just one!!

  64. Rachel

    So many favorites!! Fireflies, Destination, Faraway Destination, so many more and all so affordable! Love love love!!

  65. Kay Marie

    I Love FLING! We’ve actually already chosen it as our save-the-dates, and will be ordering the invitations as well!

  66. Callie

    Hard to choose! I like Midnight Vineyard. And also Courtney. And City Scape.

  67. Tiff Schwarz

    Celestial Billows is so beautiful! I am in love with it!

  68. Mary

    So many favourites! So refreshing to see some actual unique wedding invites. My absolute, absolute favourite would probable be the vine divine wedding invitations by stacey day… with the quilted invitations by Laura Hankins as a close close second. Everytime I visit this site I see something new that I fall in love with!

    Thanks for inspiring creativity

  69. Heather

    Here are a few of many favorites: just married, wedding by numbers, under the tree, typestack, and basically all of the ones for display above (especially the stache and kiss)! :) I absolutely LOVE their invitations!

  70. Michelle

    LOVE the Clavel wedding invitation in Cranberry Red. Perfect for my late summer 2011 wedding. :)

  71. Jenna

    These are all precious! I think I am in love with the “one heart” design. I loved having the chance to personalize and play with the different designs.

  72. Caitlin

    I love all of them but my favorite is Just “My Type Wedding Invitations” it is simple, classic, elegant and has a modern edge!

  73. Johanna

    The Preppy Poppy invitations in orange are my favorite! They fit perfectly with our California Poppy theme.

  74. Tiffany T.

    Love the Cross Your Heart invitations!

  75. Katie Yarbrough

    I love, love, love the Barn Party invitations. I’m kind of obsessed with bunting.

  76. Christina Zabala

    Wow! That was the hardest decision! But this is perfect timing since I was gonna buy my invitations this week and I really need to save the money! I absolutely adore the Wildflower Mead ones. It goes perfect with our wedding theme:)

  77. Maria T

    I hope this competition is opened word wile. I live in UK. I am going take a part anyway because it so unlikely that I am going to be the winner. I am one of these people who always say: I never win anything :( but keep trying :)
    We are having our reception at a tea house so I was looking for something simple and fun. I love so many designs but my favourite is:

    Bohemian influenced wedding invitation design by Wiley Valentine!

  78. Maiko

    barn party! love it love it :)

  79. Juli

    I love them all, but I love the Banner and Branches invitation.

  80. Tracy M.

    The fireflies wedding invitation with the mason jar is amazing! I am hooked.

  81. Niki A.

    Super duper hard to pick. But I really love the Celebrate Florals Invites!

  82. Jodie

    These invitations are beautiful! They are inspiration for an entire wedding decor. We would be lucky to have any one of the designs as our wedding invitations, but our favorites are Katie Wedding Invitations and the Fall Carving Wedding Invitations. They are amazing!

  83. Erin

    I love all of these invites but, my favorite is the Banner and Branches invite!
    Beautiful, fun and def has a vintage feel!

  84. Matthew

    It is difficult to choose but my favourite is
    Fling Wedding Invitations design by Andrea Mentzer.

  85. Jennifer

    Love the Under the Tree invitations! They’d be perfect for our theme, too.

  86. Renee

    I LOVE “love birds”, “willow tree” and “under the tree”, they are all so pretty!

  87. Shelley

    This is such a hard decision! I love so many of them! Here are some of my favorites:
    Indian Lace, Tulips are better than one, French Vintage, and Grace. I LOVE THEM!

  88. Erin

    Ooooo I love Minted!!! I was just looking at their site this past weekend. Barn Party and Finally are my two favorites!!! This would be perfect for my wedding this fall!

  89. Isabella

    I love the Classic Inkwell wedding invitations!! Great look!

  90. nicole reese

    These are so adorable. I love the fireflies, the carved tree, the rustic one. There’s no way to narrow it down to one.

  91. Melissa Birkeland

    I love the “just married” invitation. So sweet!

  92. Meaghan

    OB-sessed with the stache and kiss invitations!

  93. Elizabeth

    So many to choose from. I really the Charming Go lightly and The Squares Type.

  94. Elisabeth

    I love the soiree suite! I wish it had Save the Dates too!

  95. lindsey k

    Very tough choice….but I think we’d go with the Fling wedding invites…love the darker color scheme

    Winning would be a crazy awesome birthday pressie for me!

  96. Erin

    Ooooooh how I love so many!

    Since ours will be a destination wedding; I would probably say the Faraway Destination Wedding Invitation set is perfect!

  97. Jenna

    I love these new designs!! “Finally” is definitely my favorite. It would be perfect with our colors and theme!

  98. jamie valentine

    My favorite is the Banner and Branches Wedding invitations. After countless searching for unique and thoughtful invitations, Minted gets it right. I hope I will some of these perfect invitations!

  99. Shila Vaught

    I absolutely LOVE the sweet simplicity of the Bloom Wedding invitation set! There are so many that I love, but if I had to pick one, that would probably be it.

  100. M. Griswold

    I love the type stack wedding invitation design!

  101. Jessica

    I love the Fireflies invitations! My fingers are crossed…

  102. Jennifer

    I loved SO many!! I think my absolute favorite is the the Banners and Branches though.

  103. Emilie

    I love the sweet autumn ones!

  104. Nicole

    LOVEBIRDS!!!!! in teal!
    pleeeeeease pick me! I’ve been eyeing these for a while and I would LOVE to win them!

  105. Crystal

    oh my goodness! My favorites are “fireflies” and “midnight vineyard”!

  106. April Allen

    I LOVE the red peony invites- but also love about 30 others too!

  107. Casey

    LOVE the “rustic type” invitations! SosoSO charming!

  108. Brianne

    I love celestial billows and the Flirt design!

  109. Allison

    My absolute favorite is the Modern Tweed…. AMAZING!

  110. Kelsey Telega

    I love love love the stache + kiss invitations! Perfectly lovely.

  111. Emily

    Love, Love, LOVE the Under the Tree Wedding Invitations!! Our fall, tree-themed wedding would couple with this SO well!! I love Minted and their awesome, modern designs! :)

  112. Melanie

    I really like Rustic Type. It looks so casual and easy — nice for a backyard ceremony.

  113. elizabeth

    My favorite design is the Farm Country Wedding suite. Works perfectly for our upcoming farm wedding!

  114. Jesslyn

    I really love the Cocktail Hour, Modern Tweed, and City Hall

  115. Jordan

    Tough choice between the “rosettes” and “fall tranquility.”

  116. Jenny B

    I have been eyeing the Destination Wedding invitations for a while! I am from NC and my fiancee is from Ireland and we’re getting married in Chicago!

  117. Aurora

    Matzinger would be perfect!

  118. lindsey

    Ohh I love minted! The stasche and kiss suite is sooooooo adorable! Thanks for the giveaway!

  119. Anthony

    Hard choice but I loved 2 of Hearts Wedding Invitations by chica design.

  120. Sean M.

    The Mr. Laurence wedding invitations are fantastic.

  121. Bethany

    I like the cocktail hour invitations

  122. chels

    i’m in love with the wanderlust wedding invitations, not because we’re having a destination wedding, but because we met during a trip around the world!

  123. Marsha@Splenderosa

    What an awesome giveaway, and beautiful fresh new products. I love the Heart Print Invitations, but also the Tweed. And, thank you so much for hosting. Your site is lovely, I visit all the time. xx’s

  124. Jennifer

    I’m in love with Banner and Branches in teal. They would fit in perfectly with my color scheme and style. And, I just adore the skinny wrap address labels!

  125. Gillian

    I loooove bees… so Honey Bee & Sweet Bees are probably my “go0-to” favorites. But how cute is Stache + Kiss with the skinny-wrap address labels?! <3 it.

  126. Greer

    LOVE Fireflies, Tree Carving & Soiree

  127. Amber

    I think that the “Festival Wedding” invitations are super dreamy!

  128. rosemariee

    the cocktail hour invitations really caught my eye, but there are so many cute ones!

  129. Katy

    I LOVE the cocktail hour invites: they are so simple and clean. Perfect!

  130. Elizabeth P.

    I DIE for the bougainvilla invitations…. we met in New Orleans and bougainvilla remind me of that place and time.

  131. Melyssa

    How can I choose just one?! My top five picks are: Folklore, Mnogram, Rustic, The Pointilist, and Antonia. They are all so very, very darling.

  132. Darlene

    I wish I could use them all! But I just adore the Lovebirds Invitation – so classic yet modern & chic at the same time!

  133. Rachel

    I LOVE the “Modern Edge” invitations. The yellow and grey is so perfect and the style is just what we’re looking for!

  134. taylor

    the “Here Comes the Bride” shower invite is too cute! i want to own one of their invitations for every bridal event i have…

  135. Susan K.

    Love the love birds invite!

  136. Laura G

    It is so hard to choose! Right now I would have to pick summer lanterns wedding invitations! So cute!

  137. Heather

    My favorite is the cityscape union invitations. I live in downtown LA and it would be fun to customize the invites to that! Great giveaway, thanks!

  138. Meg

    So hard to choose one! I think the stache + kiss one is so cute though! it would be perfect for the feel of our wedding!

  139. Sacha

    Wow! So many great designs… I tend toward the more simple, mixed typography invites, so the ‘cocktail hour’ and ‘square’ design suites are right up my alley.

  140. madelynne

    My fiancée and I love the cocktail hour. I asked him to pick his favorite and we picked the same one! It reflects our modern sensibility and yellow and grey is our chosen color scheme.

  141. Chelsea

    Ohmygoodness! So many beautiful designs! I think my favorites are the Banner and Branches, Under the Stars, and Rosettes!

  142. Kara

    Wow, they are all so wonderful! I really like the Happy Couple Wedding invites. So simple and classic! :)

  143. Becky

    Under the Stars for me.

  144. Jeni

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Banner and Branches!

  145. Kristie

    If I had to pick right this second, it would be “Cocktail Hour” – so simple yet elegant and versatile!

  146. Kara

    Oh, I just love them all, they’re all so great. My favorite so far is the Happy Couple Wedding invites, so classic and simple :)

  147. Kristina

    I just LOVE the “Under the Tree” invites considering we got engaged under and apple tree!

  148. Leah

    I love the “Our Wedding Day” invitations! Oh who am I kidding .. I love them all!

  149. Mel {The Oceanside Bride}

    I’m loving the Wanderlust Invitation suite since the small heart and airplane give a nod to our destination wedding!

  150. Kellie Denison

    The sweet summer wedding invitations have my heart!

  151. Amanda

    These are just beautiful! Loving the curved edges on the first one! xoxo

  152. Nee

    I absolutely love the Fireflies Wedding Invitation ever since I saw it featured on numerous blogs a while back. It’s so different from many of the invitations I’ve seen and I love the whimsical nature of it.

  153. Katherine S.

    I am in love with Alethea & Ruth’s banner and branches suite. My favorite part is the customizable banner at the top. I’d make it say “we are the luckiest!” after the Ben Folds tune.

    Hooray for Minted!

  154. Yin

    Thanks for the great giveaway!! Since I’m a tad past my wedding prime, I would love “the happy couple thank you card.” It is so simple and sweet.

  155. Jackie

    How can one even pick! These designs are fabulous! My top 5 are “Passing Notes,” “Fall Tranquility,” “Barn Party!,” “And Now…,” and “Happy Couple.” Just stunning.

  156. Amy

    Our favorite design is love struck. How sweet and simple and perfect for our “a” themed wedding! (Our names both begin with the letter a!)

  157. miss d

    I like all of them my my favorite is the one with the bikes! Journey together wedding.
    So sweet! We have the same tandem bike, so we were thinking of using it in our wedding day! It would be so nice to have the invitations with the same bike!
    Big Kiss!!

  158. jennifer

    I would love to have the Destination Wedding Invites for my destination wedding this fall! They are exactly what I was envisioning!

  159. Sam

    It’s so hard to pick just one! Barn Party is really cute and fun!

  160. Jami

    I love the WINTER FLOURISH! & pretty much every other one on the site!

  161. Missy

    I adore the winter flourish invite, I just can’t resist the look of classic calligraphy!

  162. Allison

    I have to say that after browsing through all of the fancy invites…celebrate florals is STILL my fav. It is stylish, simple, and oh so snaaaaazzzy.

  163. Maria

    A faraway wedding destination invitation is our favorite! Luis and I are getting married in Santiago, Chile and have friends and family flying in from various parts of the world to celebrate with us!

  164. Toni Portman

    I really love the Wildflower Mead invitation suite. It’s very charming and brings a lot of color in. We’re getting hitched this July in the San Juan Islands in the Pacific Northwest. Since we’re doing our wedding flower’s ourselves from the local farms on the island I think this invitation suite would work perfectly to tie everything in.

  165. courtney.korinne

    I adore the “Barn Party” suite in Peach…the accompanying liner and wrap-around address labels are perfect!

  166. kate

    oooh please pick me, loving these designs! <3

  167. Tanya

    I like the Fall Carving Wedding Invitations, The Heart Print ones, and the Just Married invites. It’d be a tough choice for me between those. =)

  168. Mary Curren

    Well, I know it isn’t part of the new batch, but I’ve had my heart set on this invite set: before the ring was even on my finger! It fits our aesthetic so perfectly and we have guest coming from all over! Unfortunately, I’m about to be laid off from my job (as a children’s librarian) so we need all the help we can get! Thanks!

  169. Abbi

    La Fete and Spanish Lace are beautiful! Love the great colors that pop off the page!

  170. Jillian H

    My favorite has to be the fireflies wedding suite. The design is so beautiful and perfect for an evening garden wedding full of twinkle lights and mason jars.

  171. stephanie nadi

    Love birds! So pretty!

  172. Rachel

    I love the Oak tree invites. It would be perfect for our wedding!! :)

  173. Melissa H

    Having to pick a favorite is too hard!! But since we have to choose just one for the contest, I’ll choose “Whimsical Tree with Lanterns”, with “Nestled”, “Autumn Wreath”,”Come Together”, and “Bougainvillea” the 4 verrry close runners-up.

  174. Lindsay

    There are so many I like, but I love Banner and Branches!

  175. holly

    planning my august wedding and the Mr. Laurence Wedding Invitations

  176. holly

    …are my fave! :)

  177. Andrea

    Oh this is a tough choice… It’s a close tie between fireflies (probably my favorite!), rustic type, pine branch and the library wedding card. We’re using library cards as escort cards so it ties in perfectly!

  178. Mickelle

    ok i have to say that i think i’m in love with every single one. But i will say that the Barn Party! suite is definitely one of my favorites. It’s absolutely darling.

  179. sam

    Farm Country Wedding! Love it, love it, love it.

  180. Lisa

    oh my, how do i even choose – they’re all so lovely! i’d have to say my top 3 are: the fireflies (!!!), the carved tree, and the journey w/the tandem bicycle couple – wonderful :)

  181. Molly

    I love the fireflies, which is the theme design of our website. But upon further delving, I love many more, especially Mr. Lawrence, Modern Chalkboard, and Bold Brackets:)

  182. Melissa

    Hip Swish is beautiful, I just love the feel script font which we have already used on our save-the-dates. We hope we win!!!

  183. jessica

    Wow, way too many to choose from! The one that struck me right away was the “Fall Carving” invitation. Very different than anything else I’ve seen, but simple and classic as well. My other favorites are Storybook, Fireflies, Classic Inkwell, Celestial, and Havana.
    I love the colors and styles of all of their designs. It would make it extremely hard to choose just one!

  184. Debbie @ Bridalhood

    I love Minted – such an amazing resource for brides and very reasonably priced. I would love to win anything from Minted. I especially love their banner and branches wedding invites!

  185. Jen

    Its so hard to choose…I really love all of them!!!
    I’d be happy with any of the Minted invitations because they are all so beautiful.

    I really like the “fireflies”, “under the stars” and “quote marks.”


  186. Kayleigh

    Oh man, how do I even choose? I have like 7 pages of favourites on their site! If I absolutely had to choose I’d say Bold Brackets or Banner and Branches.

  187. Caitlin

    Love so many of these- what beautiful designs! Heart the Elegant Flourish design : )

  188. Lauren

    My favorite is the “Rustic Type Wedding Invitation.” We plan to get married at a venue called Strawberry Farms, and the sweet strawberry on the kraft paper is the perfect touch!

  189. Katey H.

    Wow! They really out done them selves this time. How does one choose? I’ve been dead set on the “Fall Carving” invites for our winter wedding in Lake Tahoe this December but the “In the Woods” & the “Under the Tree” just might make me change my mind. The “Cherry Blossom Bliss” is making me want to change my date to a Spring wedding ;)

  190. Kendra

    So fun! My favorite is the ‘Banner and Branches’ wedding invites. I love it!

  191. sara

    My favs are: Citrus Crush and Celebrate Florals and Banner and Branches!

  192. Denise

    I love, love, love, the Book of Love suite…
    I am also a librarian…what can I say!

  193. Jill

    I love the Star Map design- perfect for our planetarium wedding!

  194. Amber

    I love the “Fall Tranquility” design. It really fits the mood we are trying to set for our wedding.

  195. Em

    Such a difficult decision when there are sooooo many gorgeous invitations to choose from! Whilst Pear Nouveau holds a place in my heart, as does Favourite Season, I think my ultimate favourite is “Our Wedding Day”. I loved the browsing – thank you!

  196. Amy

    My fiance and I love the Ocean Flourish Invitation set!! It would be perfect for our destination wedding to Turks & Caicos. All the designs are really beautiful!

  197. Megan

    I don’t think I would pick just one favorite. The ones that caught my eye were the bold brackets, festival, lovely ribbon wedding, la fete wedding, the gramery and a few others..I think the vintage ranch or the amy wedding may have to be my favorites.

  198. Christine C.

    Love the autumn leave one!

  199. Hillary Drake

    I love love love the fireflies invitations. I’ve been looking at them for months wishing I could afford them!

  200. Morgan

    I adore the Celebrate florals wedding invitations. Those colors are perfect for our theme and it would be such an incredible blessing to help our modest wedding budget with this giveaway! so much fun!! Now… I just have to make sure my fiance loves them as much as I do!

  201. Jessica

    So many to choose from, I couldn’t pick just one, so here goes: vintage ranch, knobbly blooms, celebrate and the pointilist. Hope we win! :)

  202. Erin B,

    The Vintage Ranch suite is to to die for! It would be so perfect for my summertime desert wedding. <3

  203. Elaine Anderson

    I love this invitation. Very simple and classic.

  204. Whitney C

    I love them all! I couldn’t decide so here are 3 of my favorites: willow tree, lovestruck, and sweet linen

  205. Sara

    Midnight Vineyard Wedding Invitations! Very subtle and elegant!

  206. Louise

    I love the fireflies by Cadence Paige Designs…whimsical but also very elegant

  207. Allison Harms

    I LOVE the Cross Your Heart design. It would be perfect for our family heirloom-filled wedding! Reminds me of the collection of embroidered handkerchiefs I inherited from my great-grandmother.

  208. carley

    I love love love –> “Museum Wedding Invitations” and “And Now… Wedding Invitations” love all the new designs!!!

  209. bethany

    I absolutely adore the Two Cranes invitations!
    both the Boy and I are fairly casual people, so papergoods covered with loopy script and formal verses don’t really do it for us. but this one is simple, to the point and colorful. I love it.
    plus, the Boy makes paper cranes wherever he goes, it’s kinda his trademark. they would work perfectly!

  210. Lauren

    I love minted!! My favorite design is the Bougainvillea Wedding Invitations..!! They would totally set the tone for my garden wedding!

  211. Kendra

    Wow, SO hard to pick a favorite- they’re all so beautiful! I’d have to say, I love the “float + framed” invitations :-)

  212. chelsea

    I love the lovebirds wedding invitations, all the flowers would match perfectly with my wedding! i hope i win!

  213. nikki

    This would be so awesome to win!! I don’t even know how to choose just one favorite, but I really really like the “just married” invite!

  214. Melissa

    I’ve been clicking for over a year now – admiring their fresh and beautiful designs. The Save the Dates are exceptional, and I love the Midnight Vineyard collection!

  215. anne

    wedding by numbers…. so creative

  216. KT

    Literally just shed a tear when I saw this giveaway…happy sigh. Tough choice but my heart is sold on the Knobbly Blooms! Simple & rustic

  217. Taylor

    Awesome, I was planning on ordering our invitations from Minted. I love the Journey Together invitation. It’s so cute!

  218. Megan


  219. Nicole

    I love the celebrate florals. Colorful, festive and not too girly!

  220. Davonne

    oh my! I love the Banner and Branches Invitation and the Vintage Ranch! and the And Now ones and the Wildflowers! I just love them all. So cute

  221. Deborah Clark

    Banners and Branches

  222. Tara

    I had at least 10 that I LOVED. But my favorite would have to be the Grey Sugar Stripe Wedding Invitations because they incorporate stripes and hearts and my fave colors pink and gray!

  223. Kristina Lueck

    I love the colorful, “Banner and Branches” wedding invitations by Alethea and Ruth. A little vintage, a little floral…..right up my alley. Fingers crossed!!!

  224. michele

    WOW! So many great choices, but I think the Fall Carving suite would suit us best. Thanks!

  225. Clara G

    I love the Garden Syndrome Wedding Invitations!!! They perfect for my wedding!! :)

  226. Katie Cooke

    I love the rustic feel of knobby blooms and rustic type. Either of them would go perfectly with my wedding!

  227. Allyson

    I’ve looked at the fireflies invitations and save the date cards before. We are having a fall wedding at a local farm and I think these would set the tone of the wedding perfectly.

  228. alexia

    We’re looking for invitations right now. Hope we win! (I love the vintage ranch invites!!)

  229. Rhian

    I swear I looked through them all but nothing could surpass the first one with fireflies! It is perfect for our rustic chic wedding. We are using mason jars as decorations throughout the venue and have figured out how to combine icicle lights with mason jars to create a firefly effect!

  230. Jane

    Fireflies & Just Married!

  231. thegirltyler

    As a stationery/ wedding invite designer, I’m a total Minted enthusiast (and now so bummed I didn’t get it together to enter that contest). I love the latest additions to their wedding invitations though – especially the Type Stack Wedding Invitation It reminds me of a rock poster and would be perfect for my New Years Eve wedding!

  232. JA

    I love the Journey Together invitations!

  233. Jen

    The Ocean Flourish invitations are gorgeous!!!

  234. scarlet

    Ohmygosh, it was definitely hard to pick a favorite…
    I love our wedding day, bibliotheque, antonia, and banner and branches. I also love all the choices and how each one was so different!

  235. Devon

    Loves the Only Fish for Me!

  236. Lindsay

    Ooooh they are all so whimsical and darling! I’m torn between the tandem bicycle (our wedding is at a place where there are no cars allowed so you can only bike) and the colorful destination wedding one with all the modes of transport. I would take either! Love love!

  237. Kelly

    Love the Happy Couple set! Its simple enough for my fiancée’s taste, but has enough interesting details for me

  238. Sharon

    I love the “Blue Bird of Happiness” in the pink color. So cute and perfect for my spring wedding!

  239. Kathryn

    Well, it’s a toss up for me between Fireflies, Farm Country and Barn Party. (Can you guess I’m having a country wedding?) How delightful!

  240. Shanti

    Banner and Branches is my fav, for sure. Love it!

  241. Andrea

    I love the Gramercy wedding invitations! There are so many fab choices though!

  242. Mandy B

    I am TOTALLY IN LOVE with the Fireflies Wedding Invitations! So pretty! And they totally match my wedding:) It would be just awesome to win a gift certificate from them, I’m really trying to plan a budget wedding and this would be a Huge help :) Thanks so much?

  243. Catherine Thompson

    My betrothed and I are getting married in a restored train depot that is now a Farmers Market. The Fireflies Wedding Invitations would be perfect for our invites.

  244. Courtney

    I am in love with “biblioteque wedding invitations” & “tonality wedding invitations”! what a great company! thanks for having the giveaway!

  245. Natalie

    I love the first “Celebrate” one featured in this post. So pretty!

  246. Tess

    Most absolutely my favorite is the Midnight Vineyard Wedding set! My man and I strung dozens of little vintage lights all over his patio and it is our special place when the weather is warm – it reminds me exactly of these invitations. Just darling!

  247. steph cisneros

    I love the fireflies, that is what we used for our website.. so cute

  248. Shiloe

    I couldn’t pick between Love Birds and Barn Party! They are both perfect!

  249. Katie

    All of the invites are lovely, but I especially like Aquarelle and Midnight Vineyard. Perfect for my dream of a art museum wedding.

  250. Jennifer

    I like the “Breezy Ribbons” theme!

  251. Scarlett

    Love the Wildflower Mead suite! So pretty!

  252. Allie

    I absolutely love the Destination Wedding Invitation by Unless Someone Like You. I think it’s adorable, and it would be perfect since I am having a destination wedding. I really want to win this one!!

  253. Sarabina M

    I love the My Type Wedding Invitations! So elegant!

  254. Christina V

    We would choose the vintage ranch wedding invites, because that’s exactly what we’re having!

  255. Sarah


  256. Brooke

    I LOVE the “winter flourish” invite suite in black. It is so classic but with just enough modern style. Would love to have those!!

  257. Audrey

    I love love love the Hitched invite. It’s simple and modern like me and my fiance, but also classic. Choosing invites that reflect both our personalities has been somewhat of a challenge… but everything I’ve seen on the minted site we both love!

  258. Sarah

    I really love the deco lights wedding invitation. Super fun colors.

  259. Carly Black

    I looked through ALL the designs – wow. My shortlist had 13 designs on it! I think though my favourite is Just My Type.

  260. Erica M

    Bibliotheque in Bright Magenta. Love the home-made look.

  261. Lia

    I really like the simplicity of the Square Type invites!

  262. Eli

    Thanks Minted and Ruffled! Wildflower Mead is so beautiful.

  263. Kayla B

    I absolutely adore the Fireflies Wedding Invitations!!! I think I actually screamed out loud when I opened the website to look at all their options!

    Thank you so much for posting these, even if I don’t win, I think I’m going to order my invitations from here!


  264. Katie

    I love the Banner and branches invitations!

  265. Bree

    Yes, yes, yes! I really love the Grey Sugar Stripe ones, but there are so many lovely designs!

  266. Jackie

    I think Fling is my favorite design!

  267. Brittany

    I love the Production invitations with the old movie theater marquee. I also like the chemisty flask set featured in the post because I’m a biologist!

  268. Shayla

    I love the Calligraphy Chic Wedding Invitations in purple! Gorgeous!

  269. Paola S.

    Love the Winter Flourish design….reminds me of those hand-calligraphed wedding invites I’ve seen!

  270. Jennifer W

    There are so so many gorgeous designs! I would have a truly difficult time choosing just one. I love Barn Party, Celebrate Florals, Sweet Bees, Rustic Pinecones. So beautiful.

  271. Amanda

    I ordered 4 samples already, but my favorite is “Blue Bird Of Happiness”!! So perfect!

  272. Taylor

    The apple blossom invitations are lovely.

  273. liz e.

    Love the air mail suite!

  274. Austyte

    Stache+kiss = adorable…. Though the rustic print+Fireflies = Perfection for my rustic camp wedding!

  275. drew

    ohhh love minted. my fav would probs be “our wedding day.” thanks for the great giveaway!

  276. Jen

    Museum! Love the yellow stripes.

  277. Skye Marie

    I have been swooning over Minted invitation designs for months! My fiance and I perused all of the new selections and came up with a few favorites. We loved ‘Fling’, ‘Nestled’, and ‘The Happy Couple”.
    They are all so adorable! We’re keeping our fingers crossed!!

  278. Sarah

    holy cow. lots of good, fresh ideas here. i’ll be getting married in december, and “february frost” is nice and wintery without hitting you over the head about it. that’d be my pick! thanks much!

  279. Ananda R.

    Wow, what a difficult decision… they’re all so unique and pretty! I really like the Fling invitations, though. Simple and lovely.

  280. Megan

    I love so many of them but I’m kind of obsessed with the Meghan invites. They would be perfect for our wedding!

  281. Jesika

    Ok, So I’ve never won anything before, but I thought I would give this a go! I love, LOVE “Country Flair” as well “Vintage Ranch Wedding”, these would be perfect invitations for my rustic/casual/ forest theme wedding! <3

  282. nuvea

    How am i supposed to pick just one? They’re all beautiful! But if I have to choose…Vintage Ranch would fit our wedding perfectly.

  283. Melinda

    Love Calligraphy Chic! But they are all so much fun it is hard to choose.

  284. Rebecca Peppler

    Midnight Vineyard Wedding Invitations are my favorite!

  285. Sarah

    I really love Festival Wedding Invitations!

  286. Alison J

    Such beautiful designs. Usually that would make it hard to pick, but I have to say, the “Fall Carving” design would fit my wedding perfectly – so perfectly I can scarcely believe it! We based the theme on a carving that my husband did 10 years ago when we met – our initials in a heart on a tree in his backyard – and on the colours of fall! So perfect! So beautiful! Definitely my favourite!

  287. Janis

    I just love the ones with hearts on them!!!

  288. Sara P.

    There are so many that I love that it is hard to pick! The ones I keep going back to are all by Wiley Valentine. I seem to swoon over every single one of their designs! I especially like “Bohemian Sophisticate Wedding”

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  289. Megan

    lovenest set of invitations is my favourite for sure!

  290. Leah

    I LOVE the Love and Growing Old.

  291. Mary T.

    I absolutely love the concept and design of Wedding by Numbers. It’s truly unique and it’s eye grabbing. The invitee will definitely take time to read the invitation.

    nice design!


  292. sam

    cuteeee! would love to win something from minted!

  293. Kim H

    I love all the designs…especially the Library Wedding Invites!

  294. khala

    I love the vintage ranch invitations!

  295. Kayla Whitney

    I absolutely adore the “Blue Bird of Happiness” invitations! I have been looking through minted for invites for quite some time and can NOT wait to order from them!


  296. Poppy

    It was so hard to choose! I really like the “Barn Party” invites, but my heart seems to lean towards the “Destination Wedding” invites because my partner and I have to travel an hour and a half by train to see each other, so those invites seem very apt!

  297. ella

    it’s hard to just pick one…but i love the Sunkissed suite.

  298. Debra

    There’s a lot to love at Minted, but I think I love Smart Conversation the most. So very clever!

  299. Colleen @ Forty Something Bride

    I love the Just My Type Wedding Invitations. At this point, we are looking for Thank You notes, so that is what we would use the certificate for. We made our own invites with a DIY kit – it was such a terrible process that I would never recommend it to anyone! Minted has such beautiful cards. It is the way to go!

  300. Jessica

    I love them all, but I am OBSESSED with the Banner and Branches suite. Just a little tweak and it would fit perfectly with my summer City Hall wedding.

  301. Tanya E.

    It was the first one I saw, but I can’t get over the fireflies one!

  302. Rosaleen

    Wow, they have some great invitations!!
    But I’m loving most of all the Destination suite. We’re getting married in the Caribbean and it would go great with our DIY save the dates we already sent out.

  303. Christine

    I love the Calligraphy Chic – it’s sentimental, historical, and gorgeous (complements the Save-the-Dates we already sent).

  304. Maria Davis

    I’m in love with “Mr Laurence.” It would be a dream come true to win a Minted Giveaway!

  305. Erika Holzinger

    I love the banners and branches! It’s beautiful!

  306. Hannah

    Ahhh they’re all so cute!! My favorite though is probably “The Happy Couple.” I LOVE the part about “Happily ever after to follow.” So wonderful!

  307. Mirna

    I am drooling over the banners & branches wedding invites!!!
    I have got to get them!!!:)

  308. Tj

    I like the Willow Tree ones

  309. Julie S

    I LOVE the tall grass suite! Just lovely…

  310. Kate

    I am LOVING Front Page News!

  311. Anthony

    The Willow Tree invitation is superb! I would love to surprise my fiance with the gift certificate for these awesome invitations. Thanks!

  312. Kirsti Carmichael

    smart conversation, it is well suited to me and by hubby to be! :)

  313. Darcy

    I I like a lot of them, but I think the eternity wedding invitations in sapphire would be awesome for our family-friendly backyard wedding.

  314. Bethany

    fireflies continues to be a favorite for me. But Midnight Vineyard Wedding is so beautiful and simple. It looks (and sounds) exactly like the feel I’m going for!

  315. Marci

    Wow, I’d never seen this site before, and there are so many great designs. I’m really liking Vintage Flourish!

  316. Jess

    I would be so happy with the Passing Notes Wedding Invitations or the Bold Stripes Wedding Invitations….or a dozen of the others. : ) We have yet to find beautiful invites that are affordable for our October wedding, a gift card would be such a treat!


  317. Chelsea

    We LOVE the Fall Tranquility invitations! I always thought we would make our own invitations in order to give them the most personality, but these would be just perfect for our Maine wedding!

  318. Kimber

    There are too many to choose from, but I definitely love love LOVE Stache + Kiss (Maybe because our engagement pictures and wedding will consist of fake mustaches and photobooth props), but Fireflires and Classic Inkwell are a close second and third. Fingers crossed:)

  319. snowygreen

    so many to pick from! Mine is banner and branches!!

  320. Catherine

    Per usual I am completely in love with all of Minted’s invitations. I’m really liking the Blue Bird of Happiness suite. It fits the vintage feel of my wedding nicely.

  321. Sarah

    Amazing! Love the cocktail hour invites!
    Thank you!

  322. Amanda

    I love many of them but I would go with the “Favorite Season” suite!

  323. Sarah

    So many beautiful designs to choose from! I really love “Oak Tree”–it’s so classic and elegant, and reminds me of a letterpress invite I saw once and fell in love with. I would be thrilled to receive one of the gift certificates!

  324. Brieana

    I love the Fireflies Wedding Invitations! The mason jar would be perfect because mason jars are going to be central to our centrepieces.

  325. sara

    Love the “mr. laurence wedding invitations”!

  326. Dana Crossland

    How lovely and amazing! I’ve been dreaming of the Fireflies invitations since before I was engaged! They’re SO beautiful! Minted suites are truly unique!

  327. Cate

    “Vintage Ranch” is my fave! So cute!

  328. danielle elizabeth

    lordy{lordy}…i love minted. too bad it is out of my budget for the wedding….so i do suppose, you could always pick me! *winkwink*

    alrighty. so my favorite is: Banner&Branches Wedding Invitations…& I like Fling Wedding Invitations too….


  329. MeeJin Annan-Brady

    I love the Bougainvillea Wedding Invitations. So beautiful.

  330. rachel n

    oh, i love love love modern tweed – how simple and sweet!

  331. Corrie

    Sweet swirls!
    *crosses fingers*

  332. Jeanee Chung

    [ooh, ooh, me! me!] I LOVE the library invitations! <3

  333. Jen

    I adore the Swanky Hotel Invitation suite… sweet sweet love.

  334. Erin

    I love love love the summer’s eve wedding invitation

  335. Lauren - Southern Aisle

    Minted is bananas good! Love the Barn Party invites!

  336. Molly

    I adore the banner and branches and the celebrate florals suites! So pretty!

  337. Cynthia

    The Passing Notes suite is a dream come true for two reasons. 1: my fiance and I met in high school, and 2: I have a really good friend named Annie Clark, *just like the designer*, who doesn’t spell Clark with an “e”, because you guys hate that. Basically I’m going to hold my breath until you guys pick me.

  338. kirsten

    these are all so beautiful! I think my favorite is the stem striate invitation.

  339. Sophie Foreman

    Love birds is my favourite, but Journey Together is a close 2nd! They’re all so lovely!

  340. Liz Lauren

    Banner and Branches Wedding Invitations

    absolutely in love with minted <3
    and ruffled <3

  341. Marlys

    I love the Modern Hearts Wedding Collection!

  342. Emmy

    oh my word, Come Together…Storybook…Stem Stirate…I’m in love with every single one!!!

  343. JenniferDA

    I love the Charming Go Lightly wedding invitation. I’ve loved them for a long time. They are slightly out of my budget, but man, I lust over them….

  344. Sarah Owens

    I love fireflies! Oh Banners and Branches is wonderful too!
    I also love Willow Tree as well.

  345. Sarah Pickford

    I love sooo many!! But I think the Antonia collection is one of my FAVORITES!!

  346. Heather

    It’s hard to pick just one, but i think my favorite is the rustic type. The strawberry is so cute!

  347. Lauren Lanier

    I love the “Rustic Type” invitation! It’s such a sweet and lovely little design!

  348. Jennifer

    I love the “say something” as someone who majored in music in college and my fiance also DJ’s as a hobby that invitation is super cool.

  349. Kathryne

    I adore the Aquarelle Wedding Invitations! It looks so whimsical and pretty. I also like the Regatta Wedding Invitations. The anchors are sweet!

  350. Nina Villarin

    I absolutely love their Banner and Branches Wedding invitations! So adorable!!

  351. Kate

    I can’t decide between (1) Type Stack, (2) Cityscape Union, or (3) Lovenest. Or maybe Wanderlust, or And Now…, or or maybe I’ll have to have my partner decide if we’re lucky enough to win. :)

  352. Amber

    I really liked “Center Stage”

  353. Chihiro

    “Two cranes” was lovely!

  354. Kristynn Berg

    I love the Modern Chalkboard invites! :)

  355. Lauren Heusel

    I really love the Barn Party (who doesn’t love bunting?) and I fell in love with the Banners and Branches because I am getting married in May!

  356. Lauren Miller

    Ahhh! I need to have 10 weddings for all the invites I love. If I had to narrow it down, I’d pick sweet summer, whirly dot, or bold brackets… perfect for our eclectic backyard wedding!

  357. Patti Miller

    Love the lovebirds!

  358. Ashley J.

    Barn Party! I love them :)

  359. Haylee

    Oh my goodness if I won this, I would cry from excitement no doubt. I am in LOVE with minted. I am loving this card:

    granted, I’m not getting married for a few years.. but it’s never a bad thing to be prepared right? :)

    contact info: happy_haylee_3(at)hotmail(dot)com

  360. Kristi

    The Fall Carving design goes great with our oak tree theme!

  361. Rachael Young

    Sigh…so pretty. I love the banner and branches invitations but the calligraphy chic are also gorgeous and would really go with the feeling of our wedding :) love love love

  362. Cindy E.

    They are all so cute! But I do love the “A Faraway Destination Wedding”

  363. Caroline

    I have to go with Edenridge!

  364. Jessica N

    It’s too early to pick a favorite (we’re getting married in 2012) but so many of these can inspire the entire wedding style. I’m definitely a fan!

  365. Samantha

    I love “Under the Tree” because I’ll be getting married underneath a big cottonwood tree!

  366. ashley

    My favorite – COCKTAIL HOUR Wedding Invitations

  367. Melissa

    love the fling designs! so simple and chic :)

  368. IsO

    I love them all!!! I really can’t pick one!

  369. Land

    The air mail wedding invitations – perfect for our vintage travel theme.

  370. anna

    I love these!! All 200 odd – but some of my favourites are:
    love and growing,love letter, rustic type, square type, better together, diamond pattern, word fomous, wedding by numbers, under the stars, tonality, modern type, love letteerd, modern tweed, come together, willow tree, picture perfect, smart convo, bouganvilla, happy couple, air mail and love birds! It’s too hard to choose from so many wonderful products!

  371. Lindsay

    I’ve had my eye on several Minted invitations for quite a while now but I think Winter Flourish would be perfect for our wedding. Simple and classic, lovely!

  372. Debbie Sue

    Yay! I’ve been waiting for Minted’s new lauch and the designs are fantastic!

    If I must chose just one, however…it would be the “Museum Wedding Invitations”! It would go perfect with my color theme. ^_^

  373. monica chingburanakit

    Under the tree! or Midnight Vineyard! or…
    Do I have to pick one now?


  374. Marlene Lechuga

    The Stache + Kiss Wedding Invitations by Penelope Poppy would be ideal for our vintage themed wedding. We are also planning on having similar props for our photo booth! These invitations are completely what we want our wedding to feel like. Thanks for the opportunity.

  375. YoJess

    There are so many fab invites but I keep coming back to Cocktail Hour in teal!

  376. Jeffrey Brady

    Too hard to choose my favorite, have to call for back up (my fiancee) !

  377. Nichole Silvera

    roger that! back up has arrived. definitely the infinite wedding invitation in white. it’s simple and matches the engagement ring you gave me.

  378. Honeylyn Armstrong

    I had the most difficult time choosing a favorite. These luxe, easy designs are so modern and clean. I will refer these to my clients, being an Event Planner. If I have to choose I pick the Fall Carvings Suite. I created a similar theme for my own wedding rehearsal invitations and it is near and dear to my heart. (I also have a tree tattoo!)

  379. Rachel

    there are so SO many. (honestly.) but i guess if i had to choose…it would be the happy couple suite.

  380. Kimberly V.

    FALL CARVING!! this one is so cute. it reminds me of our first date when he carved our initials on a picnic table, and we are having a fall wedding! perfect!

  381. maureen malingkas

    I love “the book of love” its not too busy and cute. i love the color options.

  382. Dana DiProspero

    “Front Page News” is my favorite.

  383. Kestrel H.

    So hard to pick! And then I’m trying to pick ones my fiance would actually like (don’t think he’d be crazy about some of the floral patterns I like. But I love the Spanish Lace Wedding Invitations, the Quintana Wedding Invitations and the Indian Lace Wedding Invitations. Apparently I like lace? Good to know :)

  384. vanessa

    I love Minted ! Still considering ordering my invitations from them…
    my favorite at the moment are the Tracy Wedding Invitations… so girly ! I love them.

  385. Hannah

    Ooohh, what a tough decision. I love the stache and kiss design because its simple and clean but totally fun. However, I also love the library card design. That’s the theme we’re having for our wedding next year and its been difficult to find book inspired invitations that are actually cute. Well, Minted you did it! I love the designs and look forward to their new suites.

  386. Raechael

    I love “French Grammar School”. Sooo beautiful!

  387. Raechael

    Also…”Quotation marks in love” are amazing.

  388. Anna-Maria

    They’re all too nice but I think the best one especially for an Italian wedding is the Grazie airmail thank you card. You’d need a thousand wedding to have all the invitations you want!

  389. Jenna H

    That was WAY too hard to pick a favourite! So many beautiful choices! I personally love vintage/rustic inspired invites, so I think my faves were “Wildflower Mead” and “Rustic Type” – they’re very different but both SO great! :)

  390. Amanda Nemitz

    I love these hanging lantern invites! Too cute!

  391. Carolina

    I love minted and have been eyeing up their invitations for quite a while now. My favorites are the Cocktail Hour and Picture Perfect wedding suites.

  392. Tasha Cupcake

    Oh. My. Gosh. Overwhelmed by the prettiness of it all, but The Stache + Kiss set is calling to me. Think hubs-to-be would love it, too!

  393. Amanda M.

    Love these Minted invites! Thanks for the new designs to peruse. I love the Banner and Branches the best!! There are some others that are great too. Hard to pick.

  394. Meghan

    I would be a happy bride with the “Olivia” wedding invitations!

  395. Kelly

    I’m smitten with the Air Mail Wedding Invitations!

  396. Julie

    La Fete wedding invitation …. but I don’t think I saw one invitation style I wouldn’t LOOOVVE to have … what gorgeously unique designs! Congrats!

  397. Kristen S

    I love the winter flourish in black!

  398. neely h

    omg! by far the best invites i have seen!!!

  399. jamie

    they are all so wonderful! but i think i like the love birds wedding invitation the best!

  400. Kat

    LOVE the Sweet Linen invitations. Wicked gorgeous!

  401. Molly

    I love the “la fete” suite. Lovely!

  402. Betty314

    There are so many awesome ones to choose form but I think my favorite is La Fete!

  403. Melissa

    are you kidding me with all of these AMAZING invitations? i love so many of them. but i’m going to have to say “bloom” is my favorite. simple, elegant, and absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

  404. Sydney

    The “Rustic Type” wedding invitations are right up my alley! I absolutely love them. Minted is the best!

  405. Theresa Masangkay

    All of these designs are LOVELY, but “Mr. Laurence Wedding Invitations” would fit my fiancé and I’s tastes best. He studied architecture and loves straight lines and angles. I studied drawing and painting and love seeing a hand-drawn quality. This wedding invitation set blends both together so nicely! Flowers and Pattern…Clean Font and a Handwritten Font! Thanks to for posting some great wedding ideas. XOXO

  406. Kate Marie

    I absolutely love the “Our Wedding Day” Suite! I can picture an entire event planned around that theme… natural burlap table runners, milk glass, Queen Anne’s lace and anemone bouquets, soft ivory lace, twine and craft paper details. And that little heart could be strategically placed to complete all of the perfect details (drink stirs, menu cards, table numbers, escort cards, and even the bride’s bouquet)! I think it is the perfect combination of shabby chic, rustic and modern. I love it <3

  407. Kelly Stevenson

    Wow – I can’t pick just one, they are all amazing.

  408. Jade

    I love the mustache & lips set on this very post. They match our cake toppers & they’ll be perfect! Thank you so much <3

  409. Maja

    *sigh* Just when I thought we’d decided on our invites, Minted had to go and release MORE amazing designs. Love love love ‘the square types’; this is the only place that Ive been able to find what my fiancée and I have been looking for- Simple, cool, affordable.

  410. Kate

    I love the Cocktail Hour set… but it’s so hard to choose just one!

  411. leah

    I love the “rustic type” by lehan paper design. so pretty!!

  412. Terri

    Amazing! They are all so wonderful and unique. It truely is hard to just pick one.

  413. Denise P.

    I’m not sure I can pick one so simply, but the LaFete is beautiful! :)

  414. Emily Jean

    So many great new designs! Liking the Soiree Wedding Invitation a lot!!

  415. Katrina Leary

    So many creative rustic/chic desings! The fall suites are what catch my eye and the three that stood out to me were the “Fall Carving”, “Under The Tree” & “Into the Woods” suites! Absoulutley fabulous!

  416. Belinda Neibling

    Minted does such wonderful work. All of these invitations are creative and unique. My favorite is the Regatta Wedding Invitations because I’m planning a nautical wedding.

  417. Jennifer

    The “Grace” wedding invitations would match perfectly with my theme. I love them!

  418. Adrienne Wilson

    I love the fireflies invitations. As a southern girl what could be better than lightning bugs and mason jars.

  419. Kassy

    I think my favorite is “Say Something,” the ones with the boom box on them. My fiance is a DJ, so it’s perfect.

  420. Lacey

    I normally hate to follow trends, but I CANNOT get over how mustaches are in! I am in love with the Stache + Kiss invitations!!

  421. Heather

    The bikes. The lanterns. The fireflies. The willow tree branches. Oh my god, combine them all onto one for me please! 10/15/11 is the date fyi.

  422. Micha

    I know it’s just the first one I saw, but the fireflies in the mason jar is just so freakin’ cute! I want! Also a big fan of the folksy lovebirds, the simple fanfare flags, and the “East Coast Country Charm” with the windmill… Moulin Rouge theme, anyone?

  423. Marie
    Love this one!!!! I love this….Its got that Old School feel!!! I still have tapes!!! Nothing like a tape really…get that gritty sound…so this appeals to me based on my love of tapes….and tapes are soooo…ahhh…vintage now!!! hahaha How tragic when I feel so young still!!!

  424. Stacey

    I love the Love Birds Wedding Invitation in Cornflower blue! Would fit our outdoor theme PERFECTLY!

  425. Marisa Ramirez

    I am in LOVE with the mustache+lips invites. I’m getting married in September and would love this design. My fiance Eric has a mustache and I’m a make-up artist, So US!!!

  426. Mallory of A Strong Aesthetic

    oh i love minted! i’m smitten with the willow tree design (perfect for our outdoor june wedding!)… but i could look forever!

  427. Sally Rhys-Jones

    I love the banner & branches invite! Its modern, but vintage & a bit fun all at the same time! It would perfectly suit the fun country wedding we are in the midst of planning too!

  428. lisa k.

    I love so many! My favorites are Winter Flourish, Soiree ,and the Stach & Kiss invites … of course!

  429. Julie K

    Ah, this is so hard! One of many that I love is “The Happy Couple”.

  430. Denae

    I am in LOVE with so many of these, but most of all the Fall Carving. So much in love!

  431. Katrina Boeckeler

    The Vintage Ranch Wedding Invitation from Minted is absolutely FAB!!!

  432. Leana

    I absolutely adore the Happy Couple and Journey Together. Journey Together is perfect since we both love to ride bikes and it is a bit of a theme at our wedding!

  433. amymarie

    that may have been one of the hardest choices ever, but i think the library wedding invitation suite is my favorite… or at least in the top 3! <3

  434. Nicole

    It’s so hard to choose from all of the delicious invitations, but immediately I was drawn to the “Air Mail” suite. It is so lovely that even my impossible-to-please fiance adores it!

  435. Jessica Mean

    How lovely! I hope I win. :)

  436. Taryn

    I love the banner and branches suite! Perfect for the colors of my wedding!

  437. siobhan

    100% my choice would be Spanish Lace.just gorgeous (and perfect for my theme!)

  438. Katy

    We LOVE the Cocktail Hour invitations- they are simple and elegant, just the way our wedding is going to be! And of course we would choose the eco-friendly paper, as our entire wedding and reception is going to be “green”!

  439. Rachel

    I love love love the Fall Carving wedding suite. It would be amazing for our backyard wedding.

  440. Elise

    Firefiles is my favorite, the gray with the mason jars. Perfect for our outdoor picnic wedding!

  441. Brettan

    I would LOVE to win this contest … we are about to choose wedding invitations to go out in the next two months and fancy, cool ones aren’t in our budget … but I love Minted! I’d say the “Smart Conversation” or “Happy Carving.” Fingers crossed for J and me to win!

  442. Jen N

    I have to say that I LOVE the Lovebirds invite. It’s got the Swedish influence that I adore – and the theme of my brother and future-sister in law’s wedding is “Lovebirds”!

    I would love for them to have the invitations of their dreams. Money has been super tight for them, and I know this would simply change everything for them.

    We read Ruffled every day, and are actually spending this weekend making crafts from the great DIY projects on your website. Thank you for making our dreams come true!

  443. Elizabeth

    For our vintage, shabby chic June 2011 wedding, the Monogram Hankie suite would be absolutely perfect. I love how it’s unusual yet still has a traditional feel to it with the hankie design. So sweet!

  444. Caitlin

    I love, LOVE the Celebrate Floral Invites! They are so great, and would be the perfect scheme for my wedding!

  445. Alicia

    I really like the Cocktail Hour and Winter Flourish invites!

  446. Nicole

    Loving “Fling” wedding invite..gorgeous!!

  447. Morgan

    These invitations are lovely! I love the vintage floral designs! I also love how minted has incorporated classic with fun! Me and my fiance Cully are getting married 6/25/11 :) We’re having an outside kind of rustic, vintage theme wedding and the invites I’ve found on minted are just perfect for what we are looking for.

  448. Emily

    I love, love, love the banner and branches invite! Although, to be honest, I’d probably take most of them!

  449. Katie Mac

    I LOVE the “Come Together” invitations. So sweet!

  450. Marley

    My fiance and I really adore the “Modern Edge” collection! They’re so clear and beautiful!

  451. leah

    i love rustic type… so pretty!

  452. Jennifer S

    I would reeeally love to win! I’m planning a wedding and I think the Branches and Banners design would be perfect!

  453. Carly S

    We love the “Modern Classic” Wedding Invitations designed by Annie Clark. SWOON SWOON SWOON!

  454. Monica

    This was a tough one to choose, all so great!
    White Lace!

  455. Michelle

    We would love to have this just-enough-flare, fresh, hand-drawn-like invitation grace our invitation suite. Just lovely. Banner and Branches? Yes, please! XO

  456. Jackie

    There are so many that I love! How fun, but I have to say the Farm Country ones are the best, they are perfect for our Sept Barn Wedding!! Good luck to all!

  457. Kayla Kast

    I love the white lace invition suite, however I would have the change the color of our names to a eggplant/aubergine color.

  458. Vanessa M

    COCKTAIL HOUR! It’s unique, simple yet classy and the typography is great! It also ties in well with my wedding colors. Yellow is such a happy color. :)

  459. AbberJabber

    Opera by Coco Paperie is just what I’ve been envisioning! So elegant and classy, yet simple!

    Grace is sophisticated, visually interesting, and fun!

  460. Monica

    I absolutely love the mr. laurence wedding invitations! So sweet :)

  461. Heather & Garret

    We love the Royal Navy Invitations in the Rosebud color scheme!

  462. Erin

    honestly, my first pick is the first one i saw (even after looking through the other beautiful designs). my favorite are the fireflies because of how reminiscent it is of childhood, goodness, and joy. thank you for blessing us with artfully crafted design!

  463. Lee

    The Passing Notes suite is my favorite!

  464. Erin

    Maaaan I would LOVE to win this so I could finally return my sad Target print-yourself invites. I showed the fiance Minted site and he said “oohhh fancy! Is that what our invites look like?”

    Please pick me so I can have the pointilist wedding invitations in emerald!

  465. Jacelyn

    My favourite would have to be the Story Book design. My fiance and I love reading fairy tales to each other as well as writing our own!

  466. caitlin

    Love the ‘Under the Branches’ invites! thanks!

  467. Miriam

    We are having a science-themed (but still very pretty) wedding and with that in mind the “Wedding by Numbers” or the “Star Map” invitations. I also really like the flask ones shown above but after searching the website (twice!) I couldn’t find it on there. Is it hidden? It’s just so science-y!!!

  468. Kate

    just can´t decide for one- so many beautiful designs… really love the ones playing with different typings, e.g. “the square types”

  469. Alyssa

    I think my favorite so far is the “Fall Tranquility” invitations, but there are so many to choose from!

  470. Sarah

    I love so many of these designs! But I think my favorite is the “Barn Party! Wedding Invitations.” So super cute!

  471. cleesmile

    soo many to pick as favorites! but i’ve always loved the happy couple wedding design!!

  472. Allegra K

    So many too choose from, and it was hard to decide but I am truly in love with the “Flore Wedding Invitations.” Very Romantic.

  473. Jen

    I LOVE the fireflies invitation! I’ve had it bookmarked on my computer ever since my brother got engaged last year! Now that I’m getting married, am so glad I’ve held onto the link–and now to see it featured–yay!

  474. Alex

    Love the Modern Swag invites! The colors are fantastic (particularly the orange and blue combo) and the little bee on the backer is too cute. =)

  475. Sarah

    The invites with the block print waves are my favorite — I love that it’s like a modern Hokusai design!

  476. Susan

    It’s rather hard to pick a favorite. I adore all of the invitation suites!! Have no fear – if I were to win I would willingly struggle with finding a favorite to send to our guests.

  477. Beata B.

    Stache + Kiss by Penelope Poppy is so simple and sweet! I can’t believe it’s towards the end of the listing, it’s adorable!

  478. Lisamarie

    I love the “Just My Type Wedding Invitations!”

  479. Evan

    Definately the Old World Opulence is the best!

  480. Monica Navarro

    I love the bold brackets wedding invites – the colors are great and I love the use of the brackets (I’m a sucker for typographic elements)!

  481. hallie pearson

    love the post mod wedding invitations that look like mail
    …i am marrying a mail man :)

  482. Mary Kate

    There are so many choices! I know I like Calligraphy and Celebrate Florals. I could spend all day looking through these.

  483. Susana Im

    i love all of their new designs and even their save the dates!!!

  484. Jennifer Sim

    I love the Banners and Branches. I would really, really love to win this. My honey and I are on a tight budget and can use all the help we can get.

  485. Jenny

    There are so many I love! Under the Branches, Celebration, the list goes on an on…

  486. Ruth Macdonald

    I’ve been so looking forward to Minted’s new wedding collection! If I had to narrow it down to one favourite it would have to be the “My Other Half” Wedding Invitations. Simple yet quirky and cute and yet still has a vintage 1920’s sort of feel to it – which I totally love!

  487. Anne Sheridan

    I love SO MANY!! Our wedding is in July and is on the rustic, country side. I love the Modern Branch invites in blue/red. I love the Quilted invites. I’m a quilter!! And lastly, I love the Lovestruck invites. The heart and arrow is soooo cute!!!

  488. Samantha

    I absolutely love the Willow Tree invites. So charming and romantic.

  489. Samantha

    I absolutely love the Willow Tree invites. They are so charming and romantic.

  490. Sara

    I discovered Minted a few days ago and was absolutely thrilled to see you feature them and their new collection on your blog! I have to say my favorite is the “Banner and Branches” design. The whimsical yet romantic motif would work beautifully for our special day. It’d be an honor to win such a lovely prize!

  491. Laragh Dooley

    Love the fireflies invitation! Fingers crossed!

  492. Samantha Vu

    I love the Say Something invitations featuring the boombox- sooooo cool!!

  493. Sharon Bible

    I love Float + Starry Wedding Invitations. Sweet and simple!

  494. Rachel

    Well it is so hard to choose just one…the smart conversation wedding invitations are too cute, the science/lab equipment/love potion one shown in the post is adorable, but I can’t find it on Minted, I could go on and on…
    However, my absolute favorite is the destination wedding invitation — I love it! We are planning to get married in Cabo and we think they would be perfect to get everyone excited about it!

  495. Megan

    I love the garden monogram invites in the purple design… so cute!

  496. Jaci Perryman

    We are in the process of collecting old mason jars for a rustic meets winter theme. The Fireflies Wedding Invitations are so adorable and would be a perfect match for our big day! :)

  497. Amy Yu

    I like the “just married” wedding invites! Love the typography and the cute illustration!

  498. Ana Blagojevic

    love the banner and branches!

  499. Amber Shmamber

    Love Love love the Fall Carving Wedding Invitations but I am torn between that and the Stache + Kiss Wedding Invitations. I am so in love with mustaches :{

  500. Cristina

    I really like the The Gramercy Wedding Invitations! I like how bold they are!

  501. Tiffany A.

    I have been obsessed with Minted since before we were engaged and have been trying to make our budget work.

    It is so hard to choose, but my favorite is Layers.

  502. Holly

    I’ve been crushing on the Mr. Laurence Invitation in rose. It fits my library theme without being too literal.

  503. Megan

    As someone who was planning on designing and printing her own wedding invites, I’d be happy with any of the beautiful invitations from Minted. I love so many of them!

  504. Judith

    I love the vintage ranch wedding invites

  505. Rebecca

    love the winter birch invites. simple and elegant.

  506. Pamela

    I just love the fonts used in the Vintage Ranch invitations. I’m a sucker for interesting typography :)

  507. Liz

    I absolutely ADORE the design with the Erlenmeyer flask + hearts shown here on the page (I can’t find them on Minted! :( )

    My fiance and I are both PhD scientists, and we are incorporating our science into the wedding…these would be PERFECT!

  508. Lori

    Every single one is beautiful! I love the Cherry Blossom Bliss suite. We are getting married in a garden under a huge oak tree and this reminds me of the natural feeling of the outdoors that I hope we will have.

  509. Ashleigh

    I am in love with the Story Book Wedding invitations. We’re getting married in a Metropark under a bog leafy oak and these fit my vintage fairytale theme perfectly. Gorgeous invites!

  510. Sharon

    The Parisian Grammar School invites would fit our wedding perfectly!

  511. CamiK

    I LOVE the minted invitations! One of my favorites is “Banner and Branches”! It’s gorgeous and the colors in the flowers look so springy!

  512. Katriina

    Tall Grass Wedding Invitation.

    There is no better feeling than walking barefoot in soft, tall, green grass.

  513. nathan

    the cocktail hour wedding invites in yellow look awesome and would work great for our wedding.

    yellow and the grey border work the best!

  514. Anna

    wow – tough one! but I think I’d choose “Banner & Branches” as well, with “Spanish Lace” as a close second…so many lovely options

  515. melanie

    OBSESSED with the fall carving wedding invitations – so unexpected and unique!

  516. Ashlee

    There are so many great, modern designs to choose from. My favorite is Puppy Love, perfect for the wedding to my high school sweetheart :) Also love Parisian Grammar School, Love Lettered and K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

  517. Molly

    I love Apple Harvest–simple and elegant!

  518. Angie

    I .LOVE. them all. My favorite is nestled, with close seconds: two cranes and fireflies. beautiful.

  519. Nicole

    Summer garden wedding is a fav of mine.

  520. Erin

    I can’t narrow it down to just one. So glad Minted came out with new designs I’m just about to start picking my stationary for my Fall wedding!

    Here’s my top three:
    1. Barn Party (the flags are so cute)
    2. Bold Strips (simple but fantastic)
    3. Modern Hearts (it’s all about love)

  521. Lindsie

    I LOVE fall carving!

  522. Christine

    My fiance and I perused all the invitations and we fell in love with the Fireflies on the very first page!

  523. Kadye

    I love so many of them! But if I had to choose just one right this second, I would choose the mr. laurence wedding invitations. :)

  524. jessie faller

    We absolutely love banner and branches as well as fireflies!

  525. gabrielle

    So hard to choose! I love the fireflies, destination wedding (drawn maps), and Parisian grammar school. Oo la la!

  526. Murin

    The Picture Perfect invite suite is fantastic!

  527. Alyssa Moody

    the happy couple wedding invitations, journey together wedding invitations, bloom wedding invitations, heart print wedding invitations, under the tree wedding invitations, my type wedding invitations, and just married wedding invitations

    They are ALL wonderful!!

  528. Grace

    My top three

    1)Winter Flourish
    2)Written with Love
    3)Hip Swish

    I love love love them!

  529. ditas gamallo

    i love their cute designs! especially the save the date cards! :)

  530. Malarie

    I adore the ampersand wedding invites. Classic simplicity. Exactly what we want!

  531. Kristine

    I love the Oak Tree invitations! Gorgeous!

  532. Suzanne Corbett

    Well I now have a new site to add to my wedding planning list. These designs are gorgeous. I’m bummed I’ve already sorted my wedding invitations out though my bro has yet to do his for his upcoming wedding so I will def send him that way.

    Mr laurence would have to be my fav. Simple yet impactive. Love it

  533. Sarah Haden

    I have a hard time picking a favorite, but I think the Fall Carving suite is probably the most in-line with our country chic theme…though I L-O-V-E the Farm Country and Banner & Branches as well!!

  534. Lisa

    So many great ones to pick! LOVE the Mr. Laurence – perfect for our farmhouse casual wedding.

  535. Heather McFarland

    I LOVE “Love & Growing Old”

  536. Carlyn

    Fall carving is definitely our favorite!!! Ties in perfectly with all the trees we’re incorporating into our designs!!

  537. Ashley Vance

    Favorite for my winter wedding:

    LOVE IT!

  538. Christina Whitlock

    My favorite invitation suite is “Stache + Kiss”. They are just too cute!!

  539. Anna Brewer

    I love the Into the Woods invitations. The orange is perfect and who doesn’t love birch trees?

  540. chelsea a

    my favorite is the sweet linen design. Especially in the sage colorway!

  541. Mara

    I love the Rose Chic invitations–they are such a great mix of classic and modern design. They’re gorgeous!

  542. Emily Jones

    My FAVORITE has always been, the simple, but super fun HITCHED wedding invitations by The Social Type. I always think a good invite is one that would be great to stare at everyday if it were hanging on the fridge. The color just pops on these and I would LOVE to have this invite for my destination/beach wedding!!!!

  543. Heather Forrest

    So many of the new invitations suites made me smile, because of the uniqueness and color designs. My favorite would have to be the fire flies in a mason jar (great for a rustic wedding), it reminds me of my Fiancée telling me the story of his travels to Kentucky and having the opportunity to see fire flies in person. I have always had a fascination with insects and would love the chance to see fire flies; being a California girl it has not come yet; but one day. :) My second favorite was the Fall Tree carving…it brings you back to your childhood especially if you have ever carved your initials in a tree trunk or park bench and as we get older we need things like invitations to take us back in time to recall our youth.

  544. Joanna

    What a great website I found it hard to choose my favourite as there are so many lovely designs but my vote goes for Love Letter Wedding Invitations

  545. Amanda

    I went directly to the orange color invitations! So many wonderful designs but my favorite is Saint Tropez Wedding Invitations.

  546. Jenna

    My absolute favorite would have to be the Barn Party! invitations. The birds are so adorable and who doesn’t love bunting flags? I would love to be able to use these invites for my wedding!

  547. Hillary S

    The new ones are awesome. I particularly like the Mr. Laurence Wedding Invitations or the Banner and Branches design.

  548. Leah

    I *LOVE* the rustic simplicity of these invitations! They’re uniqueness makes them very personal. I love the old fashion flavor of the firefly’s in the mason jar, sweet and simple- perfect!

  549. Stephanie

    I LOVE the board on our journey of love wedding invitations! So adorable.

  550. Stefanie

    I love the square types invite! It’s so clean and modern and would be perfect for our wedding, which is being held at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

  551. MelissaN the Stache + Kiss invitations. They are so classic yet fresh and chic. I would love to have these as my wedding invitations and also as a theme for my wedding.

  552. Cristina

    the firefly invitations are amazing and would fit perfect with my outdoor,summer, evening wedding!!! I love all the invites!

  553. Brandi Ledesma-Burney

    well it was damn near impossible to choose a favorite, but i’ll have to go with the barn party! invitation suite. love that bunting!

  554. Dianna Trujillo

    My favorite invitation suite is “Stache + Kiss”. Best invite out there.. love them!

  555. Kristen

    Wow, my search is over. When I saw the Fall Carving Wedding invitations I knew they were perfect for us! My fiancé Matt and I are having an outdoor wedding surrounded by beautiful oak trees. Our unique date of 11/11/11 will look awesome nestled in that little heart!

  556. Kristen

    Wow, my search is over. When I saw the Fall Carving Wedding invitations I knew they were perfect for us! My fiancé Matt and I are having an outdoor wedding surrounded by beautiful oak trees.

  557. Lydia

    Oh goodness! The Vintage Ranch invitations are awesome :) That font, those colors, perfect!

  558. Allison

    My favorite is the Mr. Laurence. I love how it looks like an old telegram!

  559. Cherie

    I LOVE Ruffled and Minted!! Yay!! I love the A Faraway Destination invites!!!
    We already sent our invites, but we still need some thank you cards, so I’d love to win~! ^_^

  560. Jessica

    I am so in love with Banners and Branches! It’s so lovely!! After discussing with the future hubs however, we’ve decided our favorite together is Barn Party! Thanks for the great giveaway Minted and Ruffled!

  561. Misha

    I lovelovelove all their designs!

  562. michelle

    We are getting married under a big tree, so fall carvings is awesome!! So many great ones!

  563. Jessica1214

    What a tough decision! If I have to choose just one, I will go with White Lace Wedding Invitations. Gorgeous!

  564. Bryn Nau

    It was so hard to choose just one favorite design! They were all beautiful, but I think if I had to choose one it would be “Journey Together Wedding…” in Blue. My fiance and I want to have a vintage, environmentally friendly, DIY wedding. He is a farmer and I am studying to become an Interior Designer and so we want our wedding invitations to reflect our love for the land and the arts. I love that all the cards are made by artists around the world. You guys are doing a great thing!

  565. Alyssa

    I hope I didn’t miss this! I love so many of them! They’re all so inspiring – I want to throw parties to match the invitations! I really like Mr. Laurence, Finally, Country Flair, Celebrate Florals, Calligraphy, Barn Party, And Now…, Just Married, Winter Flourish, Cocktail Hour, Sweet Linen.

  566. Katrina Leary

    Just curious… were winners picked?

  567. Amanda

    Yes! They were announced last Friday, but keep your eyes peeled for future giveaways :)

  568. Claire

    I love all of the designs!!!!! My favorite is the Stache + Kiss! We are having a Mustache and Kiss wedding theme and these invitations would be so perfect!!!

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