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Vegetable Garden Inspired Wedding with Seriously Lush Details

Romantic Weddings

Newlyweds Isaac and Natalie love the outdoors and nature so much, they wanted their wedding day to be full of it as much as possible. This translated into a wedding inspired by a vegetable garden, a vision flawlessly executed by Couture Events and Adorations that included baskets of vegetables lining the ceremony aisle. Keep on looking through these beautiful images from Erica Schneider Photography to see all the other ways this couple paid homage to their love of the outdoors (and each other, of course)!

Vegetable Garden Inspired Wedding with Seriously Lush Details - photo by Erica Schneider Photography
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Wedding Vendors

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Plan My Wedding Please

Ever since I was in grade school, I was obsessed with my penmanship. I would not turn in my homework until it was perfect; it drove my mom crazy! I practiced writing every chance I had and eventually fell in love with this art form. Little did I know, it would be the reason I would fall in love with the wedding industry.

Plan My Wedding Please exists to make every wedding and event magical. My role as wedding planner and calligraphy artist, as cliche as it sounds, is to make your wildest dreams come true. From the little details in signage and invitations, to the big details in wedding gowns, caterers and florals, every detail is important. Every young girl dreams of her wedding day, and I am here to make those dreams become reality. I look forward to working with you!

Nicole Presley, owner, is available for wedding planning throughout the United States and sends paper goods worldwide.

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10 Times Neutral Colors Won Us Over


Photos by:

There’s no denying we love vibrant, colorful celebrations, but we’d also be kidding ourselves if we couldn’t admit how powerful neutral colors can be in weddings. Best of all, neutrals work well during every season of the year. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite neutral colors you may not have thought of using in your wedding, so take a look at see how jaw-dropping they can be!

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Damien Milan Photography

Typical of photographer Damien Milan’s work, is a magnetic intensity of closeness. There’s something about the way he captures a moment, something intoxicatingly real and raw. From the texture of landscape and dress, to the intimacy of pre-wedding preparatory steps, Damien’s approach is one of telling a story through detail – the quiet drama of technique and of tone.

Australia based, Damien and his partner Anastasia have an international scope and are available for booking in and around Europe to which they are already traveling every summer (June – September). If planning an international or destination wedding, consider the practicality and cost-saving of a trusted photographer already in situ.

By filling out this online form, couples planning a destination wedding in Europe this summer will even have a chance to receive 20% off their photography package.

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Citrus and Copper Orchard Wedding Inspiration

Wedding Design

Well the work week is almost over, and I think there’s no better way to celebrate that than with some cheery citrus wedding inspiration. Are you with me? Just take a look through these lovely images from Melissa Jill Photography and see the tablescape we’ve grown fully obsessed with, put together with love and care by Copper + Cotton, Everybody Loves Flowers, and Sarah’s Garden. Amazing job, everyone!

Citrus and Copper Orchard Wedding Inspiration - photo by Melissa Jill Photography
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Casey Brodley, Photographer

I’m not a traditional wedding photographer. My background and training is steeped in photo journalism, so that’s how I approach a wedding. My goal is to document the day, not stage it. I let moments unfold naturally, with minimal prom posing and minimal “say cheese” interference.

As a photo journalist, I come prepared for anything. Every wedding is different. I have witnessed full-grown men weep more times than I can count. I have seen smiles so wide that I’m concerned someone may burst a blood vessel. I have climbed mountains with all my gear. And this one time a sprinkler system was triggered during a ceremony.

As a wedding photographer, I walk into every job with the guarantee that I will witness pure joy. But more importantly, I walk into every job with the probability that my day will end with cake. I like to keep my cake-to-work ratio balanced. For health reasons.

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