Hot Pink Wedding Inspiration

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Alisa Lewis Event Design created this time a bright and airy tablescape with hot pink and sequins. Packed with lots of easy do-it-yourself tips, these photos by Samantha Cabrera are full of ideas for a modern wedding. Read on below for some DIY tips by Alisa!

balloon backdrop
Hot Pink Wedding Inspiration
balloon backdrop

Hot Pink Wedding Inspiration
balloon backdrop
Hot Pink Wedding Inspiration
balloon backdrop
Hot Pink Wedding Inspiration
balloon backdrop
Hot Pink Wedding Inspiration

Hot Pink Wedding Inspiration
balloon backdrop

Balloon Tassels
DIY balloon tassels


2-4 sheets of (gift wrapping) tissue paper, in different shades of pink
Silver streamers
Hot glue gun

Step 1. Cut the tissue paper and streamer into strips, leaving one end of all the strips connected with a 1/2in-1in boarder.
Step 2. Cut the ribbon to the length of the balloon strand, or the length you want the balloon to be hung at. Tie it to the balloon.
Step 3. Wrap and glue on the connected boarders of the strips to the ribbon, layering them slightly, to provide different lengths. The tassels only need to cover about a foot of the ribbon below the balloon.

DIY Rose Ice Cubes

DIY rose ice cubes


Ice cube tray
Fresh Mini roses, color of choice

Step 1. Cut at the very top of the stems, just beneath the rose buds. Rinse in cool water.
Step 2. Place the roses in the ice cube tray, facing down, and fill with distilled water half way. Put in freezer and wait.
Step 3. Once they are mostly frozen, fill the water up the rest of the way. The roses will shift while freezing. So in order to keep the tops of them where you can see them (when finished) filling the water half way, letting them freeze, then filling the rest of the way will help keep them in place.
Step 4. Once completely frozen, pop them out of the tray, and place them in glasses, pitchers, or in a wine bucket.

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Venue: The White Room / Event Stylist: Alisa Lewis Event Design / Photographer: Samantha Cabrera / Dress: The Dress Theory, Blush by Sarah Seven / Model: Alissa Pegram / Hair: Camille Schmidt / Make Up: Julie Farley of the Make Up Studio / Manicure: Pedi and Polish / Florals: Garden of Eden / Desserts: Batch Bakeshop / Food: Feast Catering / Accessories: Emici Bridal / Paper Goods: Katie Linder

  1. Leon Bailey - Lasting Blueprint Productions

    I like the simplicity of this inspiration shoot. Samantha did such a wonderful job capturing these photos.

  2. LinenTablecloth

    Hot pink is a hard color to pull off without treading into “girly” territory, but this inspiration shoot did a great job of making it modern and chic! Using hot pink accents on a subdued, almost monochromatic background really fills all the negative space and attracts the eyes to all the right spots! Great job, love it!

  3. Vietnam Wedding Planner

    The pink looks hot and cute spontaneously

  4. Vietnam Wedding Planner

    The pink look cute and hot spontaneously

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Photos by:

Samantha Cabrera

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