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Today, we are so lucky to introduce you to one of our fabulous sponsors: Growing Tree Photography. Sara, the driving force behind Growing Tree, is very talented at making images that are fresh, fun and hip, with a twist of nostalgia. Her favorite kind of weddings are the ones with that extra personal, sentimental touch – especially handmade weddings and those with a touch of whimsy, and her joy about her work truly shows in these beautiful images.



Growing Tree Photography is based out of Connecticut, but Sara is willing to travel! Visit her blog for more of her latest and greatest work!

  1. Ana Karina

    Congratulations! So beautiful :)

  2. Paula@DWItaly

    Cute! Kind of a mix between reportage and traditional wedding photography – best of both worlds

  3. Katie Slater

    Sara is amazing – as a person and a photographer. xoxo

  4. Rebecca from Hales Studio

    Amazing Sara, its so exciting to see your work transform into amazing photographs!

  5. Jenny @ Weddingistas

    Sara is talented for sure!

  6. Shannon

    Sara is so amazing. Wow.

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