Freebie Fridays: Boarding Pass Template

Free Downloads

Download Boarding Pass Template.doc

What you will need:

– paper cutter

– ruler

– scissors

– perforator

– scoring blade

– printer

– round-corner puncher (optional)

Click here to read the instructions for this fun template.

  1. Lauren

    perfect! we met on a plane!

  2. Teresa

    Hello, I am helping a friend plan her invites for her wedding in august next year…..i came across your design for the boarding pass–which is wonderful!! but i can not download a useable template. I am not sure what the problem is, but I have a MAC… this template MAC compatible??
    Help!! all the wonderful boarding pass invites used your template!!
    I look forward to hearing from you!

  3. Karla

    I just want to thank you. I been looking for this template as you have not idea. Thank u so much for share it.


  4. Melissa

    So excited for the template! Going my husband a trip to NYC for Christmas and this will be perfect!

  5. Nejla

    Hi, I was just wondering how you changed the color of the barcode and the colors of the boxes? I can’t figure out how to do it on Word. Please let me know as soon as you can. Thanks :)

  6. Ja, må han leva |

    […] För att göra boarding card:en (vad heter boarding card på svenska förresten??) så använde jag mig av den här guiden. […]

  7. marilu

    I love the template, but i love yours even more! would you considering sharing your word doc? i can’t get it that way!! with all the colors and amazing stuff you added

  8. lannie

    thank you so much for this template! you have no idea how much time you have saved me! Cheers mate!

  9. Karisa

    Hello, wonderful template however the link to download the file does not work :( would it be possible to email these to me


  10. Letesha

    Hi there, I love the template especially as I am getting married on a cruise next year, however, the download is not working :-( can you please send me the attachment by email

    thanks so much!

  11. Tj Navarro


    Very nice work, appreciate if you can drop me an email to where I can download the template.

    Thank you

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