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This project was sent all the way from Switzerland by Jane. She made “fishing in a jar” table numbers. So adorable, I can barely stand it.

 fishing line table numbers

 fishing line table numbers

 fishing line table numbers

What you’ll need:
– a big jar (like this one)
– a regular jar (like this one)
– a napkin (flea market)
– a branch
– natural string
– water
– clay
– a piece of cardboard
– a pen
– a pair of scissors

fishing line table numbers

fishing line table numbers

Step 1. Take the two jars, put them on the napkin.
Step 2. Fill one of them with water and the other one with clay.
Step 3. Tie a piece of string to an end of the branch.
Step 4. Cut a fish form in the piece of cardboard and pierce a whole in the fish’s head.
Step 5. Write the table number on the fish.
Step 6. Tie the fish with the string.
Step 7. Plant the fishing cane in the clay.

Stay tuned for the matching place cards project!

  1. Stephanie

    This is so sweet, simple, childlike and yet sophisticated. I am in love. And I need to have a little baby boy so I can throw him a birthday party.

  2. Victoria

    I actually thought what a wonderful centerpiece for a wedding. Its obviously perfect for any occasion. Gorgeous idea and thank-you for sharing!

  3. Jane

    thanks a lot for these sweet notes.

  4. Sandra

    This ist so simple and beautiful and a very nice project for me with my little two boys. Thanks for sharing. Greetings from Switzerland.

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