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Entry #19: DIY Cameo Mason Jars

Christy embellished mason jars with cameos and ribbons for her reception. Very shabby chic!

Cameo Mason Jars

When the discussion for the wedding came to how to decorate the tables my sister made the sarcastic comment “let’s just put jars on the table and fill them with flowers”. I took her idea and tried to make it work. I took small mouth mason jar and put some ribbon around it (the colors of her wedding were brown and green) then added a pretty Cameo and filled it with green and white beach glass.

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    I really like this! I think it can be great to have the mason jars, but consider trying to find old glass mason jars. These will have slightly blue glass. Also, filling the jars with water and floating a votive on the top can look very nice.

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    Hey there! Love this idea! I’ve been searching for cameos for a while, and was just wondering where you got your cameo? Thanks!

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    Where did you find the cameos? Do you have a web site or did you make them? If you made them, how did you do it? I am helping a little girl plan her wedding for October and love the idea since her budget is small.


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