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Entry #13: DIY Lacy Escort Cards

Marta created these delicate lace escort cards for her wedding:

DIY Lace Escort Cards

What you’ll need:

  • Tent cards (made by cutting 5.5×4 strips and scoring in half)
  • 6 inch strips of ribbon
  • 4in strips of lace
  • all purpose glue
  • 2.5×1.25 black strips
  • 2×1 white strips
  • rhinestones, optional (will depend on type of lace)


All purpose glue applied with a small paint brush to the lace in the thicker parts, lace glued to tent card, guest names written on each white strip which is then glued to the black strip, the combined strip is then hole punched on each end, string ribbon through the hole (use lighter to seal the ends of the ribbon) and use all purpose glue to glue to the inside of the tent card. Write table number inside the tent card with white glitter pen or use labels to affix table name/number.

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