Ebony + Andrew’s 1920’s Art Deco Inspired Wedding

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The talented Marzena Wasilewska sent me this gorgeous 1920s inspired wedding and boy, do I love it!

From the bride, Ebony (who also happens to have a very cool Etsy shop!):

Pure magic, that’s what we wanted. To suspend reality. From the moment guests received their invites till the very end of the reception we wanted them to feel like magic exists. True love and happiness exist. We believe it does. There is so much beauty in this world. Dreams can come true. You can create a beautiful wedding with a limited budget. You just have to use your imagination..

Ebony and Andrew's 1920's Wedding

I designed my dream stationery suite. As an illustrator the stationery was a very important stylistic element for me. It had to be whimsical, to draw upon the many vintage sources of ephemera I collected, studied and loved. I wanted to create symbols and a color palette that would be used throughout the entire wedding. That would unify all elements. I chose a classic ivory, grey and silver palette. Symbols such as our monogram, stars, moon, teapots, hearts and roses were present in the invites, in the hand drawn illustrations and later in the decorations. Invites should be a preview to your wedding. Don’t give away all your secrets but get people interested excited about what is to come.

Our invites were printed on pearlescent card. Guests were sent vintage style rsvp cards and invites were sent in silver envelopes. These were seled with wax and their names were embossed in pewter ink.
Ebony and Andrew's 1920's Wedding
I wore an elaborately beaded figure hugging MR K gown. Miss Mae (www.missmae.com.au) did an exceptional job with my hair and makeup. I was quite a challenge, not a conventional bride at all. How she managed to transform my sharp bob into flowing fingerwaves I’ll never know. I love dressing up and so having Marzena take some movie style glamour shots before the wedding was so much fun.
Ebony and Andrew's 1920's Wedding
Ebony and Andrew's 1920's Wedding
Ebony and Andrew's 1920's Wedding
Ebony and Andrew's 1920's Wedding
Ebony and Andrew's 1920's Wedding
Ebony and Andrew's 1920's Wedding
Ebony and Andrew's 1920's Wedding
Ebony and Andrew's 1920's Wedding
Ebony and Andrew's 1920's Wedding
Ebony and Andrew's 1920's Wedding
Ebony and Andrew's 1920's Wedding
Ebony and Andrew's 1920's Wedding
Ebony and Andrew's 1920's Wedding
We had a very special surprise for our guests. Hidden in the garden was a large cut out moon for them to sit on and have their picture taken with. I love the concept of the paper moon popular at carnivals and shows from the 20’s to 50s. I have a picture of my great grandmother dressed up with her little flapper hairdo sitting on the moon and I’d always wanted to be able to take my picture like that. Andrew ever the handyman made my little dream come true.
Ebony and Andrew's 1920's Wedding
Ebony and Andrew's 1920's Wedding
Ebony and Andrew's 1920's Wedding
Ebony and Andrew's 1920's Wedding
Ebony and Andrew's 1920's Wedding
Ebony and Andrew's 1920's Wedding
50 guests drank from hand painted porcelain tea cups. These were painted by myself and given as gifts. I wanted to give family and friends something special they could use. I don’t see the point in expensive meaningless gifts. Painting the 50 teacups, a teapot and two milk jugs took a little longer than I’d anticipated but it was definitely worth it.
Ebony and Andrew's 1920's Wedding
Ebony and Andrew's 1920's Wedding
And when you think all craftiness is over, here is the 3 tier wedding cake she baked!

Despite only ever having baked a cake from packet mix I managed to learn how and to ultimately bake and decorate my own three tiered fondant covered wedding cake. I made the art deco kewpie style cake topper too. I love the little hat. So cute.

Our theme was Nostalgic Whimsy. Andrew and I are very sentimental people, collectors,creative crafty types. We wanted everything to be vintage or made to look that way. To have history and meaning. We focused on details and quality. What we couldn’t afford or find we made ourselves. That was important to us. We spent a year preparing for our wedding. It was quite a journey. We learnt new skills, we grew as people, grew closer to each other. We are proud of what we accomplished together and look forward to many new adventures..

We couldn’t decide on a specific era in terms of style because we love so many and so we referenced the best of what the past had to offer.

Our attire was traditional 1920s and I mean traditional. I’m obsessed with this period. I’ve always loved the fashion styles of the 20’s. I’m sure I was quite the vamp in a past life. Andrew was dashing in top hat and tails. I made him a Victorian tussie mussie boutonniere. A handmade satin rose with Swarovski crystal center.

I purchased my vintage 1920s cap veil from ebay. It was lovely but very plain. I had my heart set on a glamorous traditional veil worn by flappers of the art deco era and so I appliqued french lace all over the front of the cap and added three roses either side. The lace, roses and entire outer edge of the veil were handbeaded. It took me around a month to complete. By the end I had discovered a new passion for creating couture. As an illustrator I have always loved drawing magnificently dressed women with amazing hats, headdresses and accessories. My wedding was the perfect opportunity to learn the skills I needed to make my drawings come to life.

Our photographer Marzena was amazing. Employ people who are passionate about what they do. Hiring Marzena was the best decision we made. I trusted in Marzenas talent, I was relaxed on my wedding day knowing that Marzena would take photos from the heart, from an artist’s perspective. I can’t thank her enough for the gift she has given us.

Big thanks to Ebony for sharing her wedding day with us!

  1. Emily D

    this wedding looks amazing! like A-MAZ-ING! :)

  2. Victor

    Thanks for sharing your special day. I love the nostalgic way you did the wedding. So much better than any wedding I’ve seen lately.

  3. DaisyJames

    I love your pictures, you look beautiful. I have just started planning a 1920’s style wedding myself and I am running into alot of problems. You give me hope that I can pull off something beautiful as well. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Lynsey

    This is truly stunning…

  5. Jenny J

    Can’t believe I missed this the first time around. Everything is so beautiful and delicate. The bride is immensely talented and the photographer’s style matched them perfectly.

  6. britt Jacks

    ebony where did you start to look for your dress? I am dying for a dress similar!

  7. Jay Studio Photography

    oh WOW! photos are amazing!! and may i add the bride is gorgeous~

  8. a

    this is the most amazing themed wedding i have EVER seen. usually themes come out looking very forced and a bit cheesy. this one is so amazing and elegant. just gorgeous.

  9. Raquel

    Breathtaking!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  10. Monika

    Awesome ! I love ideas and pictures. Relay good job!

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    I absolutely love the cut out moon idea! How did you do it? Is it wood? How did you sit on it?

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    If you can do it, I can! Thank you for sharing your wedding with the world – yes, my eyes did water.

  15. Elena

    :’) this is the most beautiful wedding pictures I’ve ever seen. Greetings from Malaysia! may God bless you x

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    Wow, what a dream! I can just hear the old time jazz playing as I look at these photos. Stunning to see a couple evoke vintage so well and all the way!

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    Absolutely gorgeous, lovely wedding. But the bride, she looks just stunning, really beautiful.x

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    I adore this wedding!!! Oh how I would love to do a vintage wedding with this amount of detail. It is truly spectacular and well thought out.

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