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No need for further introductions here, because we’ve all heard about this lustful little vacuum. The latest Dyson, the DC41 Animal officially hit and I couldn’t be happier to test it myself. Not that I especially love house chores, but having a machine like this makes little things in life so much easier. The DC41 Animal is vastly more powerful while being energy efficient, and the fact that you break free from buying paper bags is not only eco-friendly but also it will save you money in the long run.

Dyson DC41 Animal wedding registry review

Definitely worth the splurge over any other big ticket item in a wedding registry — it is used much more frequently than any other appliance we all covet!

  • Cat

    I wish this was a giveaway . . . I need a new vacuum!

  • I wish this was a giveaway too! If Dyson wants to give more out to test, let me know lol! I need a new vacuum so bad!

  • Mad Hemingway

    Be sure to shop around for prices. Last year I bought the Animal using Google Shopper and ended up getting it from ABC Vacuum Warehouse (TX) delivered for $430 total.

    • Amanda

      True! I also heard you can find coupons for Costco for $150 off. Just keep an eye for it!

  • No argument here. My mom has a Dyson Animal model, which she LOVES (we have 4 dogs who shed). I’m currently trying to find a small-scale, lighter model for my tiny city apartment. Dyson are the best in vacuum cleaner manufacturers, their vacuums just last.

    • Amanda

      I live in a tiny apartment too, and it’s so handy being able to easily get around nooks and corners. I think they have a retractable model, which I’m sure it’s just as great for a small space.

  • My fiance bought the Dyson because he is of the techy gadget-nerd persuasion. As far as I’m concerned, it was worth every penny because I don’t vacuum anymore…he won’t let me! I’m going to get one for my mom soon as well. I use it to vacuum dust out of the mattress when I wash the sheets and I think it’s helped me not get sick through cold season.