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Earlier today we shared the getting ready and ceremony part of Alison and Ryan’s indie chic wedding, now we’re back with their wedding reception. Both Alison and Ryan took on different DIY projects, as well as worked together on other projects such as the reception seating chart boards, seed bombs, ceremony programs, photos and sketches on fence and along clothesline, and cd favors. The boutonnieres were made by Alison. Thanks Jamie Delaine and Alison for sharing!

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Words of wisdom from the bride: Collect images, colours and ideas that inspire you and lump them all together on a board. this helps to see if your ideas work well together or not! mixing styles, patterns and colours that seem disparate might actually work well together and help transform your wedding style from one-dimensional to something fun and unexpected! (we mixed plaid, feathers and anatomical hearts, and it seemed to work really well!

Wedding Vendors (British Columbia, Canada):

Reception venue: Bonniebrook Lodge / Florist: flowers purchased at Petals Flower Farm, Dahlias Galore / Photographer: Jamie Delaine / Wedding dress: Sarah Seven / Veil and hairpiece: Twigs & Honey / Wedding Shoes: Christian Louboutin / Jewelry: Violette Veldor Boutique, Alexis Bittar / Hair: The Rainbow Room / Makeup artist: Pam Mah / Bridesmaid Dresses: Sarah Seven, BCBG / Bridesmaid Fascinators: Twigs & Honey / Groom’s suit: Hugo Boss / Tie: Paul Stuart / Groomsmen’s suits: Coppley, Club Monaco /Caterer: Bonniebrook Lodge / Dessert: Bonniebrook Lodge / Wedding invitations: Blackstone Press / Umbrellas: Bella Umbrella / Chair Rental: Gibson’s Party Rentals

  1. Ryan (groom)

    When everything comes together, after you’ve had such a microscopic perspective on all the details, and you see it in full light… it really was spectacular! Alison is extremely talented and I’m SO happy that her work is featured on this blog!

  2. Alison (bride)

    thank you SO much everyone at Ruffled for featuring us!
    and many thanks to our amazing wedding photographer Jamie Delaine for submitting us and for the incredible images that she captured for us! we are over the moon right now (and have been since the wedding!)

  3. lydia {ever ours}

    love the color of her shoes! such a romantical color!

  4. Jen

    The bride’s bouquet is so lovely!

  5. Chelsea @ Lovely Indeed

    Just love all of the florals! The shapes and textures of the flowers are so perfect — and I love how they look with the poms strung from the trees. Good call, guys!

  6. Naomi

    This wedding rocks HARD! Love all the details and all the indie -ness of it all. When you put your own spin on things and make it your wedding…it shows. Great one!

  7. nichole

    lovely! i love the veil! might you share which style you purchased from twigs & honey? many thanks!

  8. Natalie

    I love this color scheme! I absolutely love purple and this is something I would really love to use at my future wedding.

  9. Kate/MagnoliaRouge

    What a gorgeous wedding. Love all the purples!! And the flowers are just so pretty!

  10. Christie O. {Hindsight Bride}

    How lovely is it that these two planned and DIY-ed everything together! I agreed with Naomi, it’s a beautiful wedding that totally reflects the couple’s “own spin on things.”

  11. Christina Brosnan

    Soooo pretty! Beautiful.

  12. Alison (bride)

    hello nichole! my veil was twigs & honey’s “Bridal full birdcage veil 11 inch in white” and the pheasant feather/flower fascinator was sold separately! i’ll post the link to the exact listing for the veil that i purchased from myra:

    thanks so much everyone for your kind comments! :)

  13. Sus

    What a beautiful wedding, congratulations. I love the gumboot shot, awesome :)

    Also, all the flowers are so stunning. I’m crushing on this wedding!

  14. nichole

    allison, thanks so much for the link! my wedding hairstyle is going to be very similar to yours and i wasn’t sure a cage veil was going to work. any chance you might share closer shots of your veil and your hairstyle? i would be forever grateful! i can be reached at

    thank you!

  15. aniela

    your wedding looks AMAZING!!! i love how personal it all is. i was wondering as i’m getting married in Egmont next september who your Justice of the Peace was and if you’d recommend them??? thanks very much!!! congratulations again!

  16. Alison (bride)

    hi aniela!
    thanks so much for your kind message! our marriage commissioner was greig soohen, based in gibsons, bc, and he was FANtastic! we loved him! very flexible, very jolly, very easy-going, he was open to whatever we wanted to do!
    we found him on the vital statistics agency of bc website. if you search for a commissioner on that page, i found it easiest to type in “gibsons” as my city on the sunshine coast, and then it lists commissioners from garden bay, all the way down to gibsons :)
    if you have a year, there’s a great chance greig would still be available on your date! we were VERY happy with him! hope this helps!
    congratulations to you and good luck with your wedding planning! feel free to email me if you have any more questions about our Sunshine Coast wedding! (my email can be found on my blog linked from this comment.)

  17. Amanda Thorson

    this is such a lovely wedding, amazing dresses…amazing style.

  18. Miss Pete

    This bride is the prettiest of all I’ve seen on the wedding blogs, ever. Apart from being beautiful she looks so ridiculously happy. I hope I look as radiant :D

  19. Alison (bride)

    ooooh you are too kind Miss Pete! thank you for your comment! we tried to laugh, be silly and have fun as much as possible on our day with our friends and family, we were so happy that jamie, our photographer, was able to capture so many of these candid moments! :)

  20. Bao + Tam Huynh

    Wonderful attention to detail! Love the dresses, hairpieces, and colors!

  21. Naomi

    I love everything about this wedding! The milk glass, the colors, the teacup on the cake, the beautiful setting, the bouts…just perfect. I am in love with indie weddings!

  22. rachel thomas

    i love how the men’s suits coordinate but are not the same, especially with the gorgeous color palette used.

  23. Heather

    What a beautiful wedding! I live somewhat close to this area and would love to purchase some of your decorations and possibly even your dress if any of it is up for sale! Please email me at Thanks!

  24. Laura

    The photos are beautiful. I loved the purple heels.

  25. Alison Page (bride)

    ack Heather! i apologize i didn’t see this comment until now! i’ll send you an email! unfortunately i am not going to be selling my wedding dress!

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