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DIY Straw Wreath Tutorial

We’re delighted to have DIY tutorials aplenty to follow our lovely ombre inspiration shoot from Stephanie Yonce Photography and instructions by Honeydew Events LLC.

diy tutorial straw wreath

From Honey of Honeydew Events LLC: I saw this on the front of a magazine a few months ago, and tried to find it on Pinterest. We did find it, but the tutorial was not as helpful to me as we wanted, so I was able to figure out how to do this project on my own.

For this project, you will need:
-75 striped paper straws
-hot glue gun and at least 5 glue sticks
-a 4″ floral ring

diy tutorial straw wreath

1. Place a layer of full length straws around the floral ring, and glue with hot glue. Leave some space between the straws. Line the straws so that they hang over the inside of the floral ring just a bit.

diy tutorial straw wreath

2. Take a straw and cut about 1.5 or 2 inches from the end. Use this as a template for the rest of the straws you cut.

diy tutorial straw wreath

3. Place these cut straws in between the full length straws and glue in place. Line the inside of the straws up with the long straws from the previous step. By now, there should barely be any of the floral form showing, but there will be large gaps on the outside of the wreath, between the straws.

diy tutorial straw wreath

4. Take another straw, and cut about 3 inches off of one end (from the original length). Glue these on the second layer. Try to place them on the gaps between the straws on the first layer.

diy tutorial straw wreath

5. Finally, to fill in the last areas of the wreath and to make it look fuller, take a straw and cut it almost in half (use your judgment on how short you would like it to be). Pinch one end of the straw, and glue this in the small gaps that remain on the second layer.

diy tutorial straw wreath

6. Once that step is complete, you should have a full looking wreath!

DIY ombre wedding ideasDIY ombre wedding ideas

We’d love to see what you come up with! A massive installation of straw wreaths in various sizes + colors above your cake table, perhaps? They also would make a GORGEOUS ceremony backdrop!

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