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DIY Silhouette Table Numbers

These table numbers made by Chelsea were intended for weddings, but I’d like to think they would look adorable on anyone’s office desk. Or maybe a one-year anniversary gift (the paper year)? Hm, yes. To refresh your memory, first place will receive $500, second place a $300 gift certificate to Modcloth and third place a Silhouette Machine (which could easily cut the number silhouettes for ya!).


What you’ll need:
- 4 x 6 picture frame from Goodwill ($2-4)
- used book from Goodwill ($2)
- home printer with paper and black ink
- scissors
- double-sided tape


Step 1: Choose your book. I chose a used encyclopedia found at Goodwill for the background of my framed table number. (I was happy to find the LIO-MUN volume, which has both “Love” and “Marriage” in it!)

Step 2: Print out table numbers. I printed out table numbers on my home printer in “Engravers MT” font (400 pt.), the letter N (72 pt.), the letter O (36 pt.), and the tilde symbol (36 pt.).

Step 3: Cut out the black letters and number, and mount them onto a page from the book with double sided tape.

Step 4: The mounted cut-outs then go into a black, pre-matted 4×6 frame, found at a local discount store. Quick, easy, and chic!

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