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DIY Seating Chart Garland

Oh Kraft + neon, I just can’t quit you two. Michaela and Lotta of Hey Look made an easy DIY seating chart garland using one of my favorite color combos. This project brings this color combo to a whole new level of adorableness when you tie the garland on a branch, similarly to this DIY lily branch curtain we shared last year. View all photos from this DIY project up and close in the gallery.

neon kraft paper branch wedding garland curtain
neon kraft paper branch wedding garland curtain

You’ll need:

- paper in the colors of your choice (we chose different recycled papers in neutral colors and some neon pink post-its)
- A circle hole punch or a few in different sizes
- String (package string works well with this technique)
- Paper glue

DIY circle garland seating

1. Punch out the amount of paper circles you want.
2. Dap little spots of paper glue straight onto the string
3. Stick on a paper circle
4. Repeat

neon kraft paper branch wedding garland curtain

This technique is super-quick, even quicker if you work with your fiance(e) or friend – one holds the string tight, the other attaches the paper circles. Once you get rolling, you can whip up a serious amount of garlands within an hour. To make all the garlands in the pictures, it took us about 1.5 hours.

You can hang the garlands from large branches or pieces of wood and hang them over buffet and dessert tables or over dinner tables. You could also hang them from manzanita branches in vases.

Hang garlands down from the ceiling, write your guest names and table numbers onto extra circles and attach each of these to a circle of the garland with a mini cloth pin – you’ve got a super-quick and pretty escort card display!

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