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DIY Branch Lanterns

There are rustic centerpieces then there are these. Sanja created these branch and clay lanterns and sent us all the way from Bosnia and Herzegovina!

diy perforated lanterns

diy rustic branch centerpiece

What you’ll need:
- vine branch
- modeling clay
- tealight candles
- rolling pin
- knife
- toothpicks
- skewers
- emery or nail file
- glue gun

diy branch centerpieces

diy perforated candle lanterns

Step 1. Clean the branch. Make any necessary adjustments for the branch to stand flush on the surface.
Step 2. To make one tealight holder, roll a piece of modeling clay (2x2x1 inch piece) into approximately 2×5 inch rectangle, 0,1 inch thick.
Step 3. Cut into desired size and shape and punch the desired pattern with the toothpick. Turn the clay and repeat on the other side. Once the holes are defined, take the clay into your palm and widen the holes by using the skewer.
Step 4. Take the votive and roll the long side of the rectangle around it. When the circle around the tealight is closed, cut off the excess clay. Fasten the seam by tapping it between two fingers. Leave to dry.
Step 5. Once the clay is dry, you can treat any wrinkles or cavities with emery paper or even nail file.
Step 6. Glue the tealight bottoms to the branch.

diy lantern centerpiece

perforated lantern diy

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