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DIY Lightbulb Terrarium Place Cards

You may remember this idea I posted a a months ago of Crystal’s wedding lightbulb terrarium place cards. Crystal is back to share the instructions on how to make them.

lightbulb terrarium wedding place cards

What you’ll need:
-light bulbs (globe, incandescent, clear)
- tillandsias (the pretty red bromelias): ordered online from here to be delivered 1-2 weeks before wedding
- dry moss
- spray Paint (flat black)
- metal wire
- cardstock for tags
- self adhesive silicone bumpers

lightbulb terrarium placecards

lightbulb terrarium placecard tags

lightbulb terrarium placecards

Step 1. Hollow out light bulbs. The following link is a step-by-step tutorial: (it’s messy and time consuming! get a couple friends to create an ‘assembly line’)

Step 2. Spray paint the cap of the light bulb to flat black for a cleaner look (make sure to tape around the edge of the cap to protect the glass from the spray paint)

Step 3. Print the place cards at home: guest’s name on front and instructions for care of terrarium/tillandsia on the inside. (husband did this with photoshop – i am terrible with photoshop!)

Step 4. Insert the tillandsia and a bit of dry moss into the light bulb. Tillandsia may need to be trimmed to fit through small opening of bulb. (we completed this step 2 days before the wedding with family)

Step 5. Attach silicone bumpers to the bottom of bulb for stability
Step 6. Hole punch place card and secure with metal wire

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