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DIY Triangle Table Number Holders

Hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend! This project is perfect for a crafty afternoon on a gloomy day like today. These triangle place card holders have so many uses! I made these to hold signage cards for our table at The Cream Event NYC using scrap wood from our backdrop. These can be made for place cards, menus and table number holders for your wedding. I’m now using them as photo holders and letter organizers in my office!

DIY geometric  wood photo holders
DIY geometric place card holders

What you’ll need:
wood scraps
miter box (like this one)
small hacksaw
sand paper
paint and brush

DIY triangle place card holders

Cut wood pieces in different angles with the help of a miter box (or miter saw) to create different triangle shapes. If you don’t have a miter box to cut triangles, you can just cut rectangular pieces – they will look just as pretty. Check out the lumber section of your favorite hardware store as they typically have scrap wood pieces that can be taken for free. Here I made the triangles from leftover pieces of 1×3. Once you have your shapes cut, start working on the place card opening. I used the help of a Dremel tool to get me started to create a clean edge. Slowly start sawing the opening for cards. Sand your triangles entirely, then stain/paint them. I couldn’t help myself so I added gold leaf to some of them.

DIY triangle place card holders

DIY triangle place card holders

DIY triangle place card holders

These triangle menu + table number holders can also be used to hold holiday cards. These in hunter green + gold metallic “pine trees” are in the plans for my mantle this Christmas :)

To print on vintage postcards like above, just adjust your printer drawer to feed postcards properly + adjust your software (Word, Illustrator, etc) to print on custom size paper.

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