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Entry #2: DIY Aisle Runner

Continuing with our DIY project contest, Brandi made her aisle runner that turned into wall art after the wedding.

DIY Aisle Runner


Step 1: purchased white muslin that measured 36″ wide. I used a bolt, but purchases as many yards to create the length you want.

Step 2: Layout the muslin and iron flat the section you wish to do the logo. I placed mine toward the bottom of the aisle runner.

Step 3: I purchased the stencil from Hobby Lobby. Arrange the stencil so that you will be able to fit two of them angled where the ends almost touch.

Step 4: Complete the circle by rotating the stencil around four times.

Step 5: For the initials, create your layout on the computer and print it. Place the paper under the fabric centered in the circle. You will be able to see the initials through the fabric.Trace the initials with paint. I used acrylic craft paint. Do the same thing for the date.

Step 6: The edges of the muslin are already serged all you have to do is serge or hem the top and bottom of the muslin.

After our wedding, I cut the logo from the aisle runner to create a wall hanging. I left enough room at the top and bottom to create a 2″ hem. Leave the ends open so that you can stick a curtain rod through.

DIY Aisle Runner

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