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DIY Biodegradable Shimmer Confetti

To celebrate Earth Day today, Alisa Lewis Event Design is sharing an eco-friendly alternative to the ceremony toss. Using seed paper and edible gold paint, this biodegradable confetti is also a great alternative for venues with stricter policies. Click right here to view more from this organic tablescape captured by Urban Rose Photo.

earth firendly confetti
From Alisa Lewis Event Design: Many venues do not allow traditional confetti due to the fact that it’s very difficult to clean up and is not biodegradable. We’ve come up with a solution! This confetti is made out of hand-pressed seed paper and edible gold shimmer paint.

hand-pressed seed paper
Wilton (or any brand) edible gold glitter spray paint (available in cake section of craft store or any cake supply store)
hole punch
glassine treat bags or clear goodie bags
washi tape to seal

eco friendly confetti toss
eco friendly wedding table

Spray the seed paper with the gold spray paint until you achieve the desired color.
This dries very fast. Then use hole punch to punch tiny holes out of the paper. This is your confetti.
Collect the punches circles and place in mini treat bags. We sealed these with coordinating washi tape.

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    This is a great idea! Never would have thought to spray paint the pieces. Just pinned to our DIY board! Thanks for sharing!

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    I absolutely love this idea! Any thoughts on cost or quantity/guest? Is this an affordable alternative? How much confetti does one sheet of seed paper make? How much confetti does one guest need? I’m researching now, but just wanted to get your opinion. Thanks!


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