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DIY Paper Doily Envelopes

Next up is Hellen’s paper doily envelopes. She created outer envelopes, I might add, to match the whimsy of her wedding invitations. The vellum reinforcing the underside of the doilies makes these darlings looks luxe. Love.

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What you’ll need:
- 9 inch square doilies
- Vellum/tracing paper
- Craft Adhesive Spray
- Art Card
- Cutter
- Double-sided tape
- Cutting mat
- Ruler

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Step 1: Create a template for the tracing paper/vellum. I used my old drawing block as the template. After a few attempts to get the right template, I am satisfied with my crisp looking template!

Step 2: Trace the template into the tracing paper and use cutter to cut it. But for the folded side in the middle, use the blunt edge of the cutter to give a folding mark.

Step 3: Spray the tracing paper with the Adhesive Spray. Don’t forget to put newspaper to cover the surrounding area. Leave it for 15 seconds. Carefully stick it to the doilies, make sure it fits perfectly.

Step 4: Fold the doilies to follow the tracing paper’s structure. Secure the inside of the envelope with double-sided tape. Voila! Beautifully hand-crafted envelope.

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