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Being a wedding blogger, I can’t help but mentally collect oodles of dream wedding scenarios. In these picture perfect settings, florals of all shapes and sizes are present in every.single.one of them. Large floral arrangements are infamous for blowing budgets, but our floral expert Sarah of Honey of a Thousand Flowers is here to show you an utterly gorgeous floral arrangement that is as pretty as it is wallet-friendly. Thank you Jessica Peterson for the images.

Wild grasses, Crab apple branches, cherry branches, coleus foliage large centerpieces Honey of a Thousand Flowers

From Sarah: it seems that we are putting flowers in just about anything that will hold them these days. I have flowers at my house in everything from clay pots to coffee dispensers to doll heads at my house. In this movement of being inventive with our containers, it seems that we are using a lot of smaller containers for arrangements. I love small arrangements, they are delicate, and they look great in clusters. But! I am a sucker for big arrangements too. Big statements pieces are important to wedding décor. Even if all of your other arrangements are small, it is important to have at least one large scale arrangement on display to set the mood. Once you have created an environment for your wedding with the big pieces, any small pieces on tables will be icing on the cake. The problem for most brides is that these big arrangements are budget drains. But they don’t have to be!

Wild grasses, Crab apple branches, cherry branches, coleus foliage large centerpieces Honey of a Thousand Flowers

Branches or woody greens of some sort are usually used as the base for larger arrangements to begin with. But aren’t they pretty by themselves? Just about any branch will make a gorgeous large scale arrangement. Here I have used crab apples and cherries in one, and wild grass plumes in another. I think any arrangement looks best on a pedestal. Throw these pieces on a wooden pedestal and stick them on either side of you for your ceremony, or at the entrance to your venue and you are good to go!

I kept these arrangements very simple. A lot of times earthy brides get scared when they hear the words “big arrangements” because they don’t want anything too complex or flowery. Sticking to things with natural textures like the branches or grasses will allow you to use scale to wow your guests while still keeping things natural and simple.

Wild grasses, Crab apple branches, cherry branches, coleus foliage large centerpieces Honey of a Thousand Flowers

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In these arrangements: Wild grasses, Crab apple branches, cherry branches, coleus foliage.

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  1. sylmarsh

    These floral arrangements are so unique, so beautiful, and accessible from any garden or wooded area. Who would’ve ever thunk it?? Great ideas, and so lovely. You are, too.

  2. Cheri {Woodsy Weddings}

    I always thought of large arrangements as fancy and over the top, but these are soft and lovely! I especially like the grasses.

  3. maria

    gorgeous arrangements! in maine (and maybe other states) picking wild beach grass is illegal so just be careful. :)

  4. Ashley

    What are those red berry type things in the second to last shot? So adorable!

  5. Elizabeth of La Fleur Vintage Austin, Tx.

    I love texture and I especially love unique. If everyone else uses it, I want something new. These were some great ideas. Thank you so much.

  6. Judy

    It’s special!Love the tone of the photo!I can feel simple but warm!!

  7. María | Detalles de boda

    Little apples are a very good idea in floral arrangements. Original and simple.

  8. Sarah Jane Bates

    This is such a brilliant idea, the grasses are so elegant.

  9. Sarah Winward

    Ashley- those two little red flowers in the last shot are gomphrena. They come in a white and a fuchsia color too!

  10. Ashley of The Simplifiers: Event Planning

    What a great way to make a big statement without blowing your budget – thanks for the inspiration!

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