BHLDN + Giveaway!

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The boutique that you’ve come to love as the go-to bridal boutique and the one you’ve pinned your little heart out over this past year, never ceases to amaze us with their covetable selection of apparel and decor. Lucky for us, BHLDN goes beyond bridal. Anthropologie’s sister store caters to all of the big events and parties you will ever go to. From your graduation frock to your own engagement party number, from your wedding gown to the many parties that follow that you will need decorating, BHLDN is that trusted style assistant at hand.

BHLDN party dresses

With a bit over a year since launch (you can view my preview here), BHLDN has opened two free-standing stores – one in Chicago and one in Houston. If you don’t live in those cities, fret not, they have a team of stylists that are always available to answer any questions you may have about purchasing your wedding gown online. They offer a unique selection of handpicked and vintage-inspired pieces that are bound to be prized possessions filled with sweet memories from your wedding day.

bhldn party dresses

BHLDN‘s line of party dresses and shoes are every bridesmaid’s and wedding guest’s dream. No secrets here. Partly because that’s what BHLDN does it best, all dream wedding gowns aside. Their collection of party dresses and shoes carry every excuse to throw a party. The shoes alone are such a treat to ANY girl!

bhldn party shoes

Speaking of which… BHLDN is giving away one pair of shoes to one lucky Ruffled reader. To enter this giveaway, choose from their selection of party shoes and bridal shoes to find your favorite pair. Then come back here and leave us a comment with a link to your choice and a brief note about why you love them.

We will announce the super lucky winner tomorrow Friday July 13th in our Weekly Wrap Up!

  1. Amy

    LOVE LOVE the Cendrillon d’Orsays! The shoe is beautifully classic but the glitter gives it a modern fun twist!

  2. Allison

    I love the Gibson Girl Shoes! Simple and classy!

  3. bryn

    I love the half and half heels!

  4. Martha

    I am so torn! I love the Cirrus T-straps and the Elizabethan Heels They are both so frilly and romantic!!!!

  5. Kathryn

    Love the Half-and-Half Heels! Gorgeous!

  6. Gizem Akkan

    I loved that one so much! :
    because it suits my weeding gown a lot, and I would love to wear them in my wedding! :)

  7. Annette

    Love the elopement pumps! They are fun, retro chic. They would be the perfect look on the dance floor under my 50s tea length dress.

  8. Claudia

    My favorite pair is the Gibson Girl ( because they are the perfect height and the style is just enough retro to suit my taste as someone who loves vintage but doesn’t love it when one piece dominates a look. They are just enough of a statement. Perfect!

  9. Audrey

    I love the Ivory Criss-Corss T-straps!! I’m having my mother’s wedding dress shortened and have been looking for some classic, but playful shoes to wear with it. I think these would be perfect!

  10. Audrey

    I’m really loving the Brocade Kitten Heels as well! Would be super appreciative of that kitten heel (since I’m not a HIGH heel kind of lady) and think the peep toe is just adorable. I’m having a fall wedding with splashes of orange throughout and love the idea of having the orange ribbon on my shoe!

  11. sarah der

    I have always loved the elopement pumps from afar. :) They are such a feminine shade of greenishblue and are JUST SO PRETTY.

  12. robyn

    i’m totally in love with the elopement pumps!! the vintage style and bright color would be awesomely perfect for my wedding! i just wish i could afford them … fingers crossed til tomorrow!

  13. Katelyn

    Absolutely love the moonlit peep toes! The gold glitter is so fun and definitely wearable again!

  14. Polly

    My favorite are the Spirit-of-the-Moment shoes! They just scream ‘celebration!’

  15. Charlene

    I am absolutely enamored of the Polka-dot Mary Janes. They exude playfulness and whimsy, perfect for my carnival-themed wedding.

  16. Lauren L

    Brocade Kitten Heels are so sweet and cute with the perfect heel height for a non-heel-wearer. I love them!

  17. Ashley

    I love the Spirit-of-the-Moment Heels! What a great fun heel to make you feel beautiful and special on such an important day of your life!

  18. Jessica Knox

    What a lovley giveaway. I really like the Elopement Pumps:

    Robin’s-egg-blue is such an unusual colour, but so pretty.


  19. Stephanie

    Heartstrings heels! <3<3<3 I'm not even a shoe person, but I have to get these… I don't even care if it's for my wedding next year, I just might wear them every single day before then. Even while sleeping. They're adorable.

  20. Annie

    I have been OBSESSED with the elopement pumps for months. They are even on my pinterest page. They would be the perfect “something blue” for my wedding in October!

  21. Annie

    whoops! here is the link:

  22. Ashley

    I love the half and half heels

  23. Suzanne Bastien

    Okay… I am getting married in September and am having a horrible time trying to find shoes I love.

    So… that being said. I found the two I love. Why two? Because I’m indecisive… hence why I haven’t picked out shoes.

    1) Criss-Cross T-straps – In Sunshine, my wedding colors are yellow and brown

    2) Auroral Vapor Heels- because I love the idea of the wrap around tulle!


  24. Leana What’s not to love about a pair of gold, sparkling shoes? They’re perfectly gorgeous and an absolute must have.

  25. Kara

    I absolutely love the Elopement Pumps! The beautiful robins-egg blue and vintage style would work perfectly with my summer wedding! The shoes would be great to wear with so many other dresses for events after!

  26. Gaby

    i LOVE the dimensionality peep to in green. no blue! no… green. in a wedding in hawaii in september and could use some pretty shoes to go with my dress. she’s the best friend a girl could ask for and i want to look perfect on her big day.


  27. Abigail

    I love the Starstruck Heels in Citron/Safari! They are so elegant and also fun! Perfect for a rehearsal dinner!

  28. Cynthia

    I adore the Cendrillon d’Orsays heels! The d’Orsay shape is so flattering and elegant, and I love the sparkles that make the shoe look fun, carefree and beautiful at the same time. I would kill to have these heels!!!

  29. Brittany Ellis

    I am head over heels for the spotted sea heels! They are gorgeous. I love the contrast between the coral and blue. The color as well as the knot adds such a fun detail to a classic peep toe.

  30. Laura S

    I adore the Starstruck Heels!

  31. Samira A

    For me it would have to be the Cendrillon d’Orsays. They are perfectly crafted to be oh so elegant and classy, and then showered with glitter without any apology or half heartedness. They could light up any outfit while still looking tasteful, and be the star of any event they’re worn in.

  32. heather c

    I have been dreaming about these shoes for my wedding day for months now!

  33. Krista

    So hard to choose my favorites because there are a ton of cute shoes! I absolutely love the elopement pumps, though. They’re such a beautiful color, love the practical height of the heel and the vintage styling to them. Adorable!

  34. Sarah

    I adore these elegant bowtie flats. They are simple, and the deep blue and satin are a dreamy combination! In my mind’s eye, I imagine floating down the isle in my white dress and these sapphire shoes feeling like a princess-and the best part is that I wouldn’t have to change my shoes when I twist and twirl at my reception afterwords! How lovely!

  35. Elena

    Feather Trimmed d’Orsays. Simply G O R G E O U S.
    Feather shoes makes me feel like a princess. ?

  36. Christine

    The Elopement Pumps – the closest your feet can get to being wrapped in their own little Tiffany’s box!

  37. Sara Zorn

    polka dot mary janes are absolutely my first choice! Such a versatile, girly classic!

  38. Kristina

    My favorite pair of shoes from BHLDN are the starstruck heels. The colors for both the Citron/Safari and the Baby Rose/Rose Gold are just perfect. I like how they could be dressed up or dressed down.

  39. terry

    i love the spotted sea heels (! i can think of several party dresses to pair them with :)

  40. Gabi

    OH MAN. It is so hard to pick–I think it’s a dead heat between the pretty blue Forties Forever Slingbacks and the quirky Polka Dot Mary Janes. The mary janes might pull ahead because they’d be perfect for my wedding.

  41. Michelle Amarillo

    They say a diamond is a woman’s best friend but I’d have to disagree. Shoes are my sole-mates! Especially a unique beaut like the Spirit-Of-The-Moment Heels (!!! I feel that every shoe you own should make a statement, give you confidence and bring out your fabulous personality. These amazing peep toe pumps are truly unique and elegant and every time I would wear them I’d truly have a Spirit-Of-The-Moment moment!

  42. Mariella C

    I love the “Parisian Ballet Flats”, they are the perfect shoe to compliment my dress and wedding colors and best of all – they look super comfortable so I can celebrate all night long!

  43. Liz

    The Spotted Sea Heels are simply adorable! The combo of the blue and coral is to die for- Very fun!! They could be dressed down with jeans or spiced up with a cute frilly dress- that is so important when adding pieces to your wardrobe! :)


  44. Jessica

    I absolutely love these flats! I am getting married on the beach next spring so heels will be impossible. These are feminine, cute and definitely beach friendly! I also love that I could wear them with my work clothes after the wedding as a sweet little reminder of my wedding day.

  45. Nancy Parwnt Smith

    I LOVE the Starstruck Heels to accessorize my MOB attire for my daughter’s Sept. 1st wedding. I’m wearing a taupe lacey cocktail dress with a fascinator.

  46. Grace

    I adore the blue bowtie flats. I am always looking for stylish flats and these are stunningly sweet & simple.

    And the elopement pumps are a huge win in my favorite color – they would look perfect with a short getaway dress. :)

  47. Emily Harte

    I LOVE the Gardenia Barefoot Sandals! They are perfect for our beach wedding in September. They are like jewelry for my feet, and would put such a special twist on my wedding look. What an improvement over bare feet! I would love to be able to wear such a beautiful piece of art on the most special day of my life. :-D

  48. Cameron

    I love the moonlit peeptoes! My wedding colors are gold and bronze, so they’re perfect.

  49. rachel murrow

    man, was it hard to pick a pair!
    i finally chose the polka dot mary jane, i mean who doesnt love polka dots?!? and they are casual to wear everyday, or can dress up for a night out! love them!

  50. Susie Solorio

    I love the Spirit of the moment heels! They are so sophisticated, completely sexy and their unique details are to die for! Oh! Did I mention that they match the wedding dress I just bought on Sunday? Dream come true! Love the blog and love this giveaway.

  51. erin cunningham

    The elopement pumps are my favorite! They are the perfect blend of mint+cream, and have a vintage look. LOVE them!

  52. Haley

    The Moonlit Pee-Toes caught my attention the moment I laid eyes on them. They are absolutely gorgeous and fit my gold and ivory themed wedding to a T. They would also be beautiful “peeping” out from my creamy vintage lace gown. Any girl would feel like a princess wearing them.

  53. Heather Null

    I love the dimensionality peeptoes in pink. I Have an upcoming wedding to attend with an awesome little black dress to wear and these shoes would look great!

  54. Jamie

    i immediately saw these and fell in LOVE! they are so cute and fun!

  55. Emily S.

    The Cendrillon d’Orsays are honestly the most beautiful shoes I have ever seen. They are so romantic with their glitter and oh so perfect bow! And they’re not too high like every other show lately seems to be. I’ve been gawking at them since they appeared on the website.

  56. Kristen

    Love the Moonlit peeptoe shoes. Gold glitter that’s classy, not tacky! They’d pick up the gold lace in my dress perfectly

  57. Alissa

    MY favorite shoes are the Dimensionality Peep-Toes, I have a wedding I am going to be in soon and desperately need shoes these colors!!

  58. Casey


    Because, have you *seen* them?!? Holy gorgeous, Batman.

  59. Haylee Marino
    My sister will be married December 1st of this year! She’s dying for a gorgeous pair of statement shoes. And with a color scheme of mint green, pale pink, baby blue and white, no shoe could suit her better than BHLDN’s Elopement Pumps :)

  60. Ellen W.

    BHLDN’s shoes are just too good. I love the Starstruck Heels in baby rose/rose gold so much lately, even though it’s nearly impossible to choose just one pair.

  61. Afton

    Love the criss-cross t-straps in sunshine. They are so incredibly retro chic and happy!

  62. Jess C.

    The Parisian ballet flats are divine!

  63. Liz

    The Spotted Sea Heels are simply adorable! I love the color combo of the blue and coral- Very fun for Spring/Summer. They can be worn with jeans or with a frilly dress and look equally as cute and fashionable. And those polka-dots… LOVE!

  64. Kelly N

    The Moonlit Peep-Toes!

    Peep-toe, gold, sparkle, 4’in heel. Need I say more?!?!?? These are perfect for my December wedding at a historic mansion. Our color scheme is black, ivory and champagne with lots of sparkle! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  65. Morgan

    I think the Elopement Pumps would be perfect for my best friend (the bride!) and she would be so surprised to get them at her shower! Hopefully she just doesn’t get any ideas about eloping on all of us ;)

  66. Gillian Graham

    Criss-cross T-straps! I’ve been wanting some T-straps forever, and these have a nice low heel.

  67. ioana

    Gibson girl shoes – they are what I am looking for !!!!

  68. Julia

    The polka dot mary janes (featured in your post) bring a huge smile to my face! Those are the type of shoes that just make your day better!

  69. Jen

    I love nearly every pair of shoes on BHLDN and I’m not even normally a shoe person! It took me awhile to decide, but the Cendrillon d’Orsays are my top pick. I love the d’Orsay style and the ribbon look on the toe. I’ve been checking these out for awhile as I’ve been wedding planning. We have quite a bit of glitter and sparkle incorporated into our reception and I’d love to have some sparkle on me too!

  70. Katie
    the are fantastic and could worn to any party!

  71. Sarah
    I LOVE LOVE these spotted sea heels. They are the perfect combination of chic and sexy pin up. The perfect shoe in my humble opinion. Love them to wear with jeans and a white t-shirt or to a fun affair!

  72. Caitlin

    It’s a toss up between the Moonlit Peep Toes and the Starstruck Heels! What can I say, I love a little sparkle and a good high heel!

  73. Susan Hwang

    it was a tough decision – but i love the cote de blancs peep toe

  74. KristinD

    How absolutely gorgeous are the Cirrus T-Straps shoes…they would be perfect for my dress this September!! Gorgeous!

  75. Michelle

    The Covert Manuscript heels. They’re blue and have a bow and make me think of shoe heaven! I love them.

  76. Allison

    I adore the Wreathed Laurel Barefoot Sandals! Perfect for adding glamour and sparkle to a beach wedding, while still feeling the sand between your toes and not having your heels sink in! Really gorgeous!

  77. Robyn

    I have been stalking the elopement pumps online for months hoping they will go on sale before my wedding as they are a perfect mix of vintage and fun!

  78. Emily

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Dimensionality Pumps in the coral color! So cute!!! :)

  79. Faye

    The Threshold Slingbacks ( are SO darling. They’re romantic but versatile!

  80. Elizabeth @ HobbyLobbyist

    Wow, what a fun giveaway. It’s tough to pick, but I love the elopement pumps. They are dressy enough for the wedding, but versatile enough to wear afterward as well. Plus, they are your “something blue”.

  81. Alexandra M.

    I just love the Criss-Cross T-Straps!
    As a mom-to-be, it’s been hard to feel feminine and comfortable at the same time…
    these have the perfect heel height and they HAPPEN to be my favorite color (yellow) :)
    They’d bring a little sunshine to any blah maternity outfit.

  82. Kristin

    This is pretty much the hardest thing I’ve had to decide all morning – they’re all so cute! But the Heartstring Heels I think come out on top in the end. Can’t say no to an adorable t-strap heel!

  83. Jelena — speechless, imagining them on my feet, just the right shade of blue, and the lace, wow!

    Just love them!

  84. Sephora

    I LOVE the elopement pumps from BHLDN! They are the perfect pop of color with such a cute vintage twist.

  85. Nichole Silver

    We am getting married in October and I have my dress, he has his tux and my grandmother is supplting the vintage jewelry… the only thing missing is the shoes. The Spirit-Of-The-Moment Heels are the perfect non traditional but still classic heels to complete the look.

  86. Grace

    I absolutely love the Covert Manuscript Heels []! They would be the perfect pop of blue (my favorite color) to any outfit. Also you can never go wrong with a bow on a pair of pumps!

  87. Becky

    I LOVE the Starstruck heels :) They’re simple, elegant, with just enough sparkle!

  88. Pam Goode

    Love Love Love these elegant and fun brocade kitten heels!

  89. Elaine Marie

    My daughter is getting married and we have had the hardest time finding shoes that are more interesting than regular ivory heels but not so over the top that they take away from the dress. These are stunning and fun and timeless all wrapped into one and they would be perfect for her special day! (or anyday for that matter)

  90. Hope Stewart

    Definitely my favorite pair. I love the slight retro feel to these shoes, while still remaining classic. Plus the pop of yellow really makes you want to strap those on and not take them off. I think these would do well with our color scheme and add that little bit of personality that I’m looking for.

  91. Natalie Shaw

    In love with the Elopement Pumps. And even more appropriate because that is what my fiance and I are going to do… but that’s just between you and me ;)

  92. rachel grace

    i’m all over the deco lace ups. they look comfy and oh so cute!

  93. Christina C.

    That perfect peep toe? Gorgeous color? Comfortable slingback? Feminine bow accent? This is a shoe after my own heart.

  94. Sarah Chancey

    First, who wouldn’t love these simply stunning Cinderella Shoes?!

    I am a wedding planner & designer, who loves to add a little sparkle and personality in unexpected ways. And, I’m pretty sure that these shoes would more than fill that role for me!

  95. Heather Scott

    The Elopement Pumps:

    The perfect detail to my lace dress collection would be the elopement pumps from BHLDN! I just adore the robin-egg’s blue leather and pretty vintage details. Did I mention the specifically designed detail on the insole? SWOON! These are for sure a must have in every girl’s closet and an heirloom to cherish and pass on years to come!

  96. Linda Howard

    These are my favorite…they are simply beautiful and I could actually walk in them!

  97. Sonja

    I love the Pink Parisian Ballet flats, they are so soft and romantic!

  98. Jennifer


  99. Michelle

    I absolutely love the Heartstring Heels. They remind me of shoes that my great-great aunt Mouse would wear… classy and flattering, with a touch of quirkiness. I would love to wear them on my wedding day… and on as many occasions afterwards as my feet would allow it!

  100. Brianna

    I love this pair because they’re so bright and cheery and they would go with tons of different dresses.

  101. Erin S

    How can I pick just one!?!? My favs are:

    The Polka Dot Mary Janes –

    The Parisian Ballet Flats –

    The Sun Warmed Silk Heels –

  102. Audrey G

    Love these and their fun appeal…
    I’d wear these with a breezy white shirtdress.

  103. Amy

    BHLDN is pure gorgeousness! I adore the Moonlit Peep-toes! The gold glitter is the perfect accent to a beautiful shoe!

  104. Virginia

    I am dying over the Starstruck Heels in rose gold:

    They’re the perfect blend of sparkly, sophisticated, and feminine – and I would wear them with everything from cocktail dresses to skinny jeans after the wedding!

  105. Sarah Macom

    My absolute favorite is the Dimensionality Peep-Toes in Nude! They are lovely and lady-like and can be used at so many different functions. Plus, I love anything with a big bow on it!

  106. Mariel Aleman

    My favorite shoes are the Auroral Vapor Heels. They are the perfect shoe for my big day in September in NYC. They are feminine yet glamorous, everything I strive to be walking down that aisle.

  107. Claudia

    Absolutely in love with the cha cha cha heels! Gorgeous color with a sassy twist!

  108. McKayle

    Love the blue Bowtie Flats! Such a fun “something blue”!

  109. Laura

    I LOVE these ones…
    I love the tiffany blue color!

  110. vanessa

    Holy cow!!! I’ve fallen hard for the Auroral Vapor Heels!

  111. Leah Westover

    These would be perfect for my beachy wedding next year!

  112. janelle

    J’adore the dimensionality peep toes AND the elopement pumps! <3 oooh! the minty, peach, and nude colors are my FAVORITE!

  113. Jennifer

    Love the Spotted Sea Heels!

  114. Ali

    I have a white dress that NEEDS these. Help =) I love you BHLDN =) Super cute blue selections all around . I also agree with Sarah! The bows are adorable. <33

  115. Kodi

    Elopement Pumps! Mint and scalloped edges, two of my favorite things in one!

  116. Peggy

    The Criss-Cross T-straps in Sunshine ( are amazingly perfect for my ‘California Gold’ themed wedding. The pop of metallic gold on the T-strap is charming.

  117. JenM

    Oh the Gibson Girl heels make me smile…so sweet and sophisticated!

  118. megan

    My fave is the Spotted Sea heels because I could wear them with jeans and a cute top or a dress! I have completely fallen in love and would love to win this giveaway!

  119. Paige

    The elopement pumps!

    The scalloped detailing is to die for!

  120. Charlotte

    What a fantastic give away. I’d love to win the Auroral Vapor Heels ( for my September wedding. The tulle layer looks romantic and dreamy and makes you feel like a ballerina bride.

  121. Victoria Nurre

    I LOVe the Parisian ballet Flats! They are just so chic and sweet!

  122. Katie

    I love the blue bowtie flats:

    I have been looking for flats for my wedding and love these. The color is beautiful!

  123. Britta Ehnebuske

    I have been visiting the Elopement Pumps ( pretty much daily, just to bask in their glory. I would love to have them for my wedding, but haven’t been able to bite the bullet yet. Sigh.

  124. Mallory

    I love the Spotted Sea Heels. They are the perfect shade of ocean blue. I can see these at any beach wedding for bride, bridesmaid, or guest.

  125. Jaibee

    I’m heading to the Philadelphia Geek Awards in a couple weeks and I’ve been dying to find a classy statement-makin’ shoe to dazzle a lbd. These would be soo perfect:

    … actually, I would wear these with everything. what an awesome way to wake up a Monday even.

  126. Dee Booth

    I have been in love with the Feather Trimmed d’Orsays! Not the most practical shoe for an outdoor wedding, but they are gorgeous. They are the public version of the marabou feather slippers that my mother used to keep hidden in her closet. The little girl in me has dreamt of wearing a pair of shoes like these!

  127. Bev & John

    We have been helping our daughter search high and low for wedding shoes. Last week, she finally found a pair she loved but they sold out before she was able to place her order. We think the Moonlit Peep-toes ( from BHLDN are even more beautiful than the original pair that she found! The elegant shimmer will match her decor and style so perfectly! These shoes would look so lovely on her for her wedding. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  128. Nina

    For me its a tie between the blue polka dot pumps-

    And the Heartstrings heels-

    They are both the vintage style I am looking for and I am just in love with them!!! So hard to choose because they are all so lovely!

  129. Sandryte

    I love Polka-Dot Mary Janes! Especially as I have a matching beautiful dress, but they would go with so many apparels!

  130. Amy W

    The brocade kitten heels and I are meant to live out a lifetime of happiness together. They perfectly nail timeless style, and the orange ribbon coordinates perfectly with our bridesmaid dresses from Anthro. Some things are meant to be.

  131. Tessa Bentley

    These are a lovely piece of architecture & would be perfect for the wedding party (& beyond)

  132. Kim

    I am in love with the Cha-Cha-Cha Heels (! I’ve been looking for unique/blue shoes for my wedding and I’d want to dance in these all night. Possibly doing the cha-cha-cha too!

  133. Annie

    I’m 6’0” tall and have been searching for the perfect flats for my upcoming wedding. Having chosen blue and ivory as our colors, nothing would be more perfect than the Something Bleu Ivory bowtie flats in a 10.5!

  134. Melissa L

    Oh my! I love the dimensionally peep-toes, seen here: It’s hard to find that lovely shade of pink, particularly in such cute peep-toe pumps.

  135. Laura

    The french blue bowtie flats are to die for!! I’ve been eying them for weeks! They’re classically elegant and fit in perfectly with the aesthetic of my big day! Plus, I can wear them well after the wedding!

  136. Kelly Paskach

    I absolutely love the polka dot Mary Janes from BHLDN. They remind me of shoes I had when I was a little girl. I would mix and match patterns all the time, and this is such a great pattern! They would look good with almost anything – classic!

  137. Bethany

    Polka Dot Mary Janes. Found here: They are ultra classic. Ultra chic. Ultra pretty. I love them.

    I’ve been to the Chicago location, and it is simply amazing. You want to live in the store. I bought my wedding shoes there. So so sparkly. So comfortable.

  138. Krista

    I LOVE the Elopement Pumps! These would be perfect for my wedding. The colors match my bridesmaids’ dresses (seafoam green), and the white detailing on the shoes look like waves. Perfect for our destination wedding in Hawaii next year!

    I also love Moonlit Peeptoes! So cute! Gold wouldn’t match the color theme of our wedding… But I am seriously considering purchasing just for wearing on a day to day basis…. Sparkly and gold is appropriate for the office, right?

  139. Nancy

    I absolutely LOVE the Brocade Kitten Heels! I am getting married at an Italian villa and because these are made out of silk and have such a classy feel to them, I feel like they would go perfectly with both the venue and overall theme of my wedding! I also love that they are a shorter heel because they seem like they would be really comfortable! Wow, what a great giveaway…thanks so much for the chance to win!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  140. Jennifer

    My favorites are the Parisian Ballet Flats! So pretty

  141. Kari

    I absolutely adore BHLDN! I stumbled on their site a few months back, and now I’m saving up to purchase the Afternoon Social dress for my 1930’s Parisian theme wedding. While I was dress hunting I feel in shoe love with their vintage-style Elopement Pumps

    I’ve been pining for them for some time. Their robin’s-egg blue color and classic elegance go perfectly with our gold, pink, and light blue wedding colors. But more than anything I can picture wearing them while I dance with my new husband:)

  142. Helen

    I love these gold shoes! They sparkle and glitter like every bride should on her special day!

  143. Megan

    Hi! I LOVE the Elopement Pumps- almost enough to actually DO it! ;-)

    These would be the perfect “something blue”! I just think these are not only beautiful, but so perfect for my personality. They look made for me, which I have never really felt I’ve had or seen before.

  144. Sarah

    I have been eying these shoes for months! I was just swooning over them yesterday.

  145. Jamie

    I love the spotted sea heels! So vintage, fun, and flirty!

  146. Jessica T

    Wow! That was tough picking – everything is so wonderful. If I’m forced to picked, I’d go with the elopement pumps:

    I love the retro vibe. I would wear them everyday!

  147. sara g.

    i’ve been looking everywhere for shoes for my september backyard wedding– it’s been impossible to find a cute colorful shoe with a low, wider heel so that my feet don’t sink into the grass! the sunshine cross-cross t-straps would be SO perfect, because they’d also go with our green and yellow colors. they really would complete the look and give my dress the little pop it needs. love!

  148. Teresa
    the classic style, the scalloping, the lovely color…these are shoes I’d wear on Saturdays just because!h

  149. Chrissy

    I absolutely LOVE these sparly silver peep toe pumps!

    I’ve been searching everywhere for wedding shoes for my upcoming nuptuals in October and love the glitter look, but most of the styles I’ve come across just look cheap (even the really expensive ones), and the heels are all too high to wear all day/night. These are BEAUTIFUL and not extremely high!

  150. shyda

    OO i really need wedding shoes. The gibson girl heels are cuute! Strong heel with girly charm!

  151. Kelly

    The Cha-Cha-Cha Heels ( Every girl needs a shoes that, when she puts them on, make her feel like tonight, she’ll be Queen of the Dance Floor. I don’t just want to cha-cha in these babies … I want to tango, to waltz, to twist, to salsa, and all other forms of booty shaking.

  152. Erin

    I Love, love, Love the Maracatu Slingbacks! They would be the perfect fun, statement, party shoe to wear to a wedding, or really any festivity for that matter!

  153. Lauren

    Definitely the elopement pumps – they are beautifully vintage and classic at the same time.

  154. Katie

    I LOVE the Starstruck Heels and think they would go beautifully with my Dulcinea Gown :).

    Thank you!

  155. Jessica

    i love the vintage look of the forties forever slingback

  156. Leslie Thompson

    Oh my stars, where to begin. There are so many reasons why I would love to win these shoes. I’m getting married in October, and have decided to keep things very simple. This includes my dress, so I just think these heels will step things up a notch. And I am always a fan of vintage glamour, thereby also making these shoes perfect! Thank you for the opportunity, BHLDN – keep up the delightful glam!

  157. Nariko

    I love the Threshold Slingbacks ( They’re classic and elegant and can match anything!

  158. megan

    such an easy choice! these shoes are my pick for sure: so gorgeous and the perfect heel height!

  159. Jordan

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  160. Dale

    I love the elopement pumps! So classic and sweet, and I love the color!

  161. Anna

    I love the spirit-of-the moment heels! The sparkly gold would go great with the gold jewelry I’ll be wearing on my wedding day :)

  162. Lucy

    I really love the heartstrings heels. They are sooo cute but kind of clumpy, which I totally love! Please pick me!

  163. Whitney

    Best.giveaway.ever. I have been “visiting” the polka dot mary janes online every day for the past couple weeks. They are my dream wedding shoe!

  164. Kayla

    I’m obsessed with yellow in any shade, so natrually, I’m drawn to the Criss-Cross T-Straps!

  165. Emily F.

    The Elopement Pumps! I’ve been coveting them for months!

  166. Giordana

    I’ve been coveting the Brocade Kitten Heels ( for months after I saw them pinned on Pinterest. Whoever dreamed up these glamorous heels channeled my ideas about the perfect shoe for my wedding: vintage to match my mom’s wedding dress that I’ll be wearing, classy, not so tall that I have to hobble about awkwardly, ivory silk and with the most ideal burnt-orange accent to coordinate with our wedding colors. Sigh.

  167. Casey

    Love the Elopement pumps!

  168. Beth

    The deco lace-ups are unique and would look great on my feet!

  169. Amanda Jean

    These are it! What a god-send it would be to win them because I’m still struggling with a shoe selection in my price range. Thank you!!!

  170. gillian

    i can’t get over the Feather trimmed d’Orsays!! I love that they are so chic in style but the feathers give it a little edge. I can see these being perfect not only for a wedding, but any party where you want to make a shoe statement

  171. Gwen

    I love the spotted sea heels! Perfect heel height. Gorgeous color! And I find that I can always move easier with an ankle strap! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  172. Miranda

    I absolutely love the Spirit-of-the-Moment heels!

  173. Stephanie Taylor

    Hello! I absolutely adore the spirit of the moment heels! They have a vintage-Gatsby esque feel. They sparkle and would make this girl blissfully happy on her wedding day :) Thank you for the giveaway!


  174. Heather

    Oh how I love these: . They remind me of my grandmother, because in the collection of jewelry she left to my mother there are necklaces and earrings with little flowers and crystals that look similar to the style used here (I can still smell her White Shoulders perfume on that box!). They also remind me of my mother, because she loves to run barefoot and taught me how to appreciate less traditional, more whimsical styles. Something like this would be a multigenerational treasure.

  175. Rachel

    Ummmm??? How do you choose from such fabulousness!? I want them all, but the wreathed laurel barefoot sandal would be perfect for our ceremony on the beach in Puerto Rico.

  176. Krista

    I looooove the brocade kitten heels!

    Vintage styling, and the perfect height for a heel-novice like me!

  177. Tyler A.

    Love these sparkly ones! They’re so gorgeous! I’ve been looking for a pair of Cinderella heels for my big day!

  178. Kayce

    The Cendrillon d’Orsays pumps are gorgeous! They’d look amazing with all my party dresses for wedding events and long after I’m sure!

  179. Caitlin

    Who doesn’t love a great peep toe with some embellishment? The Dimensionality shoe is perfectly delightful and that shade of green is simply lovely!

  180. Kathryn

    There is something to be said for the simplicity of a ballet flat. I am getting married in April and am in LOVE with the Parisian Ballet Flat in gold. I love the style of the ballet flat with the oversized bow. It makes a delicate statement with any wedding attire.

  181. Cortney

    Gotta go with the Parisian Ballet Flats in Butter. We’re getting married at a summer camp and these adorable flats won’t get stuck in the mud like heels would.

  182. Helen Silfven

    I JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH! These vintage kitten heels are everything I could ever want in a shoe!

  183. alex

    My mom and I had a deal since I was about 6. If I would wear her dress (or grandmom dress or great aunt ella dress) she would buy whatever pair of shoes i wanted. Then i ran into a problem everyone in my family but me had a 16in waistline on thier wedding day (sorry that is a lie aunt ella was a fat 18in waistline). So I am going to have to find my own shoes and I like (

  184. Lindsey

    I have had my eye on the Elopement Pumps for MONTHS!! Yes, I pinned them on my Engagement Board on Pinterest & so did one of my bridesmaids (before she saw I did!) because they are perfectly “me”. Our wedding colors are a range of tealish blues & peach & my gown the Milana gown by Maggie Sottero in the champagne/gold. Not only are the shoes in our color, but their vintage style compliments my vintagey gown! Plus, the heal isn’t an overwhelming height so I won’t tower over my fiance :) LOVE them!!

  185. Paola DiMeglio

    I love the Auroral Vapor Heels for my soon to be wedding on July 25, 2012!! we can’t afford much so we are tying the note on the beach with just my honey, myself and the justice of the peace and then saving up to have a party next year with friends..these shoes would be great to have, I still have to get a dress that’s in my budget but to have these heels would be amazing, first off – who wouldn’t want shoes with their own wedding veil? they look gorgeous!

  186. Paola DiMeglio

    sorry I meant knot! jeesh..mea culpa

  187. Amanda

    I love the elopement pumps. They’re so versatile. They would look great with a party dress, a pair of jeans, or business attire.

  188. Aimee Schaefer

    Heals+lawn ceremony does not a happy marriage make! These little flats would be the perfect shoe because they are adorable…any my something blue!

  189. Alexis

    Love the Spotted Sea Heel! So fun and flirty for summer!

  190. marisa

    the spirit of the moment heels are the shoes i would draw up if i could imagine a shoe that perfectly fits my style and our wedding. i just bought a feather fascinator from bhldn this week! all i need is a coup of a st. germain cocktail and i’d be set :) i love them!

  191. Nikki

    Love love love the Starstruck Heels. Not only can I wear them to a party, but they would work for day to day too!

  192. Eileen

    We all need some sparkles in our lives. :)

    Cendrillon d’Orsays (

  193. Holly

    I have been lusting after the Elopement Pumps since I first saw them (which says a lot- I’ve worn heels twice in the last year!). They are classic but have such a great pop of color. They would go great with my bridesmaids dress for my friend’s upcoming wedding!

  194. Melissa

    It’s so difficult to choose, but the Spotted Sea Heels are my fave…

  195. Zoe

    i like the criss-cross t-straps in sunshine!

  196. cambria

    i just adore these beautiful blue babies! how adorable would it be to lift up your wedding dress and reveal the elopement pumps? they’d be perfect for a turquoise and red wedding, and then later with a sweet party dress! i’m in love!

  197. Amie

    You made my heart skip a beat!

    It’s a tie between Criss-Cross T-Straps, and Dimensionality Peep-Toes.

    Love them so much.

  198. Chelsey

    I adore the Cha-Cha-Cha Heels! ) Would be that nice pop with a simple dress or the extra shine with a fun bright pattern outfit! I would be tempted to wear them all the time– jeans and a basic tee would never look the same!

  199. kelly

    I’m dying for the polka dot mary janes. I feel like they could go with anything and any season. LOVE.

  200. Heather Ann

    I am head over HEELS in love with the heartstrings heels. I love the sturdy look of the shoe that would aid in hours of dancing but the sweet heart details on the t-strap really bring it home for me. These shoes can be worn again and again with many styles from casual to dressy!

  201. Stef Trompetter

    The Bow Tie Flats in Ivory are beautiful, but the Moonlit Peep-Toe pumps look like so much fun. Torn, but would probably need to go for the Moonlit pumps for some fun :)

  202. Megan

    I absolutely love the Covert Manuscript Heels from BHLDN! They make the perfect “something blue” for a bride and give just the right amount for a pop of color to any outfit!

  203. Lola

    The cutest heels ever!!! . . . the Heartstring Heels by Chie Mihara.

    I love them because:

    * they make me smile
    * the hearts are lovely
    * Chie Mihara heels are very comfortable
    * and they can be used any day after the wedding.

    Fingers crossed, my birthday is at the end of the month. :)

  204. Ashley

    The Polka Dot Mary Janes!!! Just about the cutest things I have ever laid eyes on!

  205. Brittany

    I LOVE the bow topped slingbacks! They fit my style perfectly! I love that they are sweet with the bow, but definitely elegant…They would fit in with my rustic elegance themed wedding in September fabulously!

  206. Katie

    Love the Elopement Pumps, and I wore them for my wedding! I actually designed the whole color scheme around them and picked them before my dress, the location or anything.

    Here’s a picture! And here’s the link to them online:

    Although if I win I’d like to win a different pair because I already own these! There’s something delightful about these sparkly things:

  207. Megs

    I love these pumps! The color, the style! They’re perfect for a spring/summer wedding, or even church!

  208. kathleen

    i’ve been obsessed for a LONG time with the bow-topped slingbacks, in saffron!!! they’d look great for my mountain wedding.

  209. Jessica Kerney

    I am absolutely head over heels for the Gardenia Barefoot Sandals – I cannot wait to wear these for my beach wedding in May. It’s almost like they were made for me because they combine my foundation of elegant simplicity with my love of Gardenias. :)

  210. Stephanie F

    Half-And-Half Heels…..I LOVE these!!! So timeless and perfect.

  211. Cate

    MOONLIT PEEP TOES!!! Gold, classy, and perfect for any party dress!

  212. Ishani Dharmadasa

    So in LOVE with the Feather Trimmed d’Orsays!!

  213. Kristen

    Love the Elopement Pumps! Great color and design!

  214. Megan Green

    What an incredible giveaway! I’m digging the Cendrillon d’Orsays, fun and timeless :)

  215. Angela @ bayleafandbeijinhos

    I adore the manuscript heel and the starstruck!!

  216. Ada
    I love dots..and this shoes are perfect for our cozy, little wedding which will be in september :)

  217. Julia

    happy feet = happy face= bride and the cirrus t strap couldn’t be more joyful. i have had the quite a difficult time finding a shoe that is the right height but with the right amount of femininity and style. these fit the bill! (i found my dress more quicky!) these are lovely, just lovely.

  218. Heidi

    I would LOVE the elopement pumps for my wedding. Each week I alsmost buy them, but they just aren’t in the budget! I would be so thankful to win these beautiful vintage inspired shoes!

  219. Sarah

    LOVE the french blue bowtie flats! Such a great color!

  220. Melissa

    The Heartstrings Heels are the obvious choice! I’ll be galavanting around Versailles on the first day of our honeymoon next month and I need a pair of sturdy heels to navigate the gardens and castle. They will go perfectly with my In Full Bloom Dress – not to mention the heartstrings on my feet will set us off on the right foot for our lifelong journey xox

  221. Emily

    I absolutely love the Cendrillon d’Orsays. They’re perfect and very versatile. Perfect for my cousins wedding I’m attending in October.

  222. Kaleena

    I love the Spirit of the Moment shoes!

  223. Isabel

    For the Disney-Princess inside me: Every woman should feel like a princess, at least once in her life. – The Cendrillon D’Orsays would make my Cinderella-moments in my life more perfect; but the bow shows that there’s still an Alice in me. :) – I really love them!

  224. Maria Fernanda

    The Cendrillon d’Orsays are the perfect shoe in more ways than one! They add just enough sparkle to glamorize any bridal dress, and the silver tone complements any color scheme. I dare say that even Cinderella herself would covet this shoe. For a bride on a very tight budget, such as myself, I know that I would have a multitude of outfits to pair the Cendrillon d’Orsays with, from a dinner outing with my fiance (soon to be husband), to a night out with my girlfriends, and yes, even to the stuffiest of work meetings. :-)

  225. Helen

    LOVE the Gibson girl heels! SO perfect for my outdoor wedding!

  226. Kirsten

    These are my favorite: so pretty!! :)

  227. Emily

    This is so hard because BHLDN has so many pairs of cute shoes, but right now I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the Elopement Pumps. These gorgeous shoes can be found here:
    I just smile when I look at these shoes! I actually smile! Everything thing about them is wonderful- the color, the sweet side details, the white trim. Even the lining looks lovely. These shoes would look great with jeans, a dress, or a business suit. I could see myself wearing them out at brunch, when I go shopping, at work. I think they’d get a lot of use. I hope one day to own them!! I’ve already started justifying the price ($340/2 = $170 per shoe; wear them 20 times in the year that is $170/20 = a very reasonable $8.50 per shoe!!!).

  228. Tiba

    I love the Spirit of the Moment heels –

    No only are they adorable, but they are perfect for the girl who doesn’t wear much jewelry. I’m getting married this fall and have my “wedding jewelry” handed down and already picked out. So the shoes would totally add a spark of personality to a very traditional ensemble! Also did I mention that they’re adorable? Because they’re SUPER adorable.

  229. Rachel

    Elopement pumps. Hands down. The art deco heel detail is darling, and makes one ponder an ivory cloche in lieu of veil.

  230. Melissa

    The Heartstrings Heels are the obvious choice! I’ll be galavanting around Versailles on the first day of our honeymoon next month and I need a pair of sturdy heels to navigate the gardens and castle. They will go perfectly with my In Full Bloom Dress – not to mention the heartstrings on my feet will set us off on the right foot for our lifelong journey xox

  231. Michelle

    The elopement pumps are the perfect “something blue” for a wedding day. Not only is it beautiful on the outside, the inside sole is just as beautiful (just as any BHLDN girl should be). Perfect for pictures!

  232. Rebecca

    love, love, LOVE the Elopement Pumps!

  233. Coco

    I love love LOVE the Heartstring Heels! They’re so lovely and romantic with such a sweet vintage feel.

  234. Katie Shamberg

    The Spirit-of-the-Moment heels are absolutely gorgeous! I’m getting married a week from Saturday (!!!!!!!!!) and would die to wear these with the BHLDN Silk Ribboned Gown I’ve purchased for the big day. Love BHLDN!!

  235. Kendra

    I’m in love with all of BHLDN’s shoes. Who wouldn’t feel beautiful walking down the aisle in any of these? But, being 5’10, I’m a flats girl at heart. These adorable blue bowite flats are perfect for our outdoor ceremony: they’re a great match to our color scheme and they would be ideal for dancing the night away.

  236. Erin D.

    I would love to wear the Elopement Pumps in my June 2013 wedding! They are beautiful shoes and match perfectly with my simple white wedding dress, outdoor venue, and pastel color palette. Thanks BHLDN – your clothes and stores are such a breath of fresh air!

  237. Sara

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these!
    But it’s so hard to choose! They are all gorgeous!

  238. Ashley

    I love the starstruck heels in rose! The color combination is beautiful, baby pink with low profile rose gold sequins, the material is not usually used for wedding events but i love it! Not to mention the chunky heel and the fabulous side profile of the shoe! Someone who wants something different for her wedding should definitely go for this shoe!!

  239. Elva

    The Heartstring Heels pull at MY heartstrings. Leave it to Chie Mihara to come up with yet another gorgeous, timeless pair of shoes. I think they are just beautiful, and I know that they will be a treasured item in my closet for years to come. Check them out and see if you don’t agree:

  240. Taryn

    The Spirit of the Moment heels are my favorite…. what beauties!

  241. Krystle

    I love love LOVE the CENDRILLON D’ORSAYS!! Such perfect little sparkly jewels. I love that they can be dressed up or down and they’re going to be perfect for my friend’s wedding in September!

  242. Rachel Gariepy

    I recently purchased the Aiguille Dress ( for my September wedding and the shoes that are paired with the dress are amazing!!! I would love to be able to rock “The Spirit of the Moment Shoes” with my perfect dress. That would be such a sweet bonus on my wedding day!

  243. kitty

    Wow, I think I just spent the past 30 minutes just trying to decide which pair I want to choose! My dress is also from BHLDN so I’m super excited about this contest!!!

    Ok, finally, I’ve set my heart on the Parisian Ballet Flats in Rose ( – I can’t get over how soft they look and how cute with the bow! It would be amazing to wear these on the day :)

    Best of luck to everyone!

  244. Nancy

    Love the Elopement Pumps!

  245. Amber

    It was love at first sight the first time I came across the moonlit peep-toes! 128 views later, I’m still in love! I’m a bride on a budget and $300 is more than I can afford. Still, I just know that all that gold glitter would lend the perfect touch of glamor to our lakeside ceremony/indoor reception at a summer camp ground in New Hampshire. And since my dress is short, I’m on the hunt for a standout shoe. Since gold is a neutral color, I don’t doubt that I can wear these lovely peep-toes for years to come!

  246. Katie

    Love the Moonlit Peeps for my big day coming up at the end of the month! Reviews say the glitter catches dress skirts, but with my 1920’s tea length gown, that wouldn’t be a problem. Against a subdued dress with geometric stitching rather than curvy lacework, these pumps would add just enough ‘oompf’!

  247. Sarah

    I love the Brocade Kitten Heels ( because they remind me of my sweet sweet grandma!

  248. Meghan D

    The Starstruck heels would look amazing with my wedding dress!

  249. JessS

    So hard to pick just one but love these glittery peeptoes. Can be dressed up or down and perfect for any occasion. Also, it has just the right amount and size of glitter, which is difficult to find!

  250. Sophie

    After long hours of reflection, I think my favorite bridal shoes are the Criss-Cross T-straps.

    They are so elegant – Satin and Ivory is the perfect combination of fabric and color I want for my wedding. They are both trendy and vintage-looking. They look simple but they actually have very sophisticated details. But above all, they look so comfortable to dance in all night! I am a dancer, and I must say that the shape really reminds me of tango shoes.

  251. Kate

    The elopement heels are my favorite. I keep seeing them on brides and I love the old fashioned look!

  252. Christine

    The Dimensionality Peep-Toes in Pink are amazing! I have yet to find a more perfect shoe for my wedding (which is in 3 months!!). Our colors are gray and blush with silver accents and the shoe will add just the right touch of blush pink to my outfit so I can match my bridesmaids :)

  253. Jessie

    Fell in love with these!

  254. Hilary

    I have been wanting to buy the Sun-Warmed Silk Heels for a wedding I am going to at the end of the month but I am moving right now so finances are tight! It’s going to be a beautiful, summery wedding in Ohio and I am wearing a vintage 50’s, pale yellow, party dress that reminds me of Bye Bye Birdie! I’m going for Anne Margaret with a twist! I think these shoes will give the perfect punch of modernity and color my outfit needs. I also love that they can be worn with or without the strap- so clever!

  255. Sarah Beth

    The Spirit of the Moment Heels are simply fabbbb-ulous. They were love at first sight.

    They are perfection in a pump. Heaven in a heel. What girl doesn’t feel beautiful and snazzy in tulle and glitzy glam accents?

    These shoes would be the PERFECT accent to my feminine and romantic, old-world wedding dress!

    Absolutely adore this blog! …Thank you!!

  256. Jennifer Garcia

    LOVE LOVE the Cendrillon d’Orsays! They are elegant, fun and full of glamour. I’d feel like the belle of the ball in these gorgeous pumps. I’m also a huge fan of the mid-sized heel, perfect for a night of dancing!

  257. Larissa

    Holy moly I can’t even STAND the Spirit-Of-The-Moment Heels! Bettye Muller’s d’Orsays are the perfect touch. I’m serious: I can barely look directly at them they are so awesome!

  258. Erin

    The Cendrillon d’Orsays are my clear favorite. They are perfect for dancing the night away!

  259. Makayla

    The Moonlit Peep Toes are not only sparkling and feminine, but they also comprise just the right amount of sexy and class. These shoes would be absolutely perfect with my BHLDN Burnished Organza Gown. I also adore the “something blue” on the bottom of the shoe. I would surely be a golden goddess walking down the aisle in these!

  260. Ashley

    Bowtie Flats!!!

  261. Miya

    I love the vintage styled Elopement Pumps! The robin’s-egg-blue color is a perfect match for my wedding color palette.

  262. Kayla

    The spotted sea heels are the perfect mix of sexy and demure. They’d be perfect for a night out on the town, or for a day event. And I looooooove the color.

  263. Julie

    I absolutely LOVE the DIMENSIONALITY PEEP-TOES in nude or MOONLIT PEEP-TOES for my wedding.
    Hope I win!

  264. Amber (Bride to be!)

    I’ve fallen in love with the Spirit of the Moment shoes! Absolutely stunning!

  265. Megan

    These have been my dream wedding shoes since I started planning:

    They feel like they’re straight off the set of Funny Face.

  266. Natasha

    I love the soft color and simple, big bow. The best thing is they’re cute and flat, so I won’t have any trouble wearing them even with my slight limp. I love cute and comfortable shoes!

  267. Victoria C

    So many beautiful shoes! The Bowtie Flats in Ivory are my PERFECT wedding shoe! I am getting married on grass by the beach, so the majority of pretty ivory shoes are out and I’m not a sandal kind of girl. Sadly the price is out of budget, so I would love to win them!

  268. Jenn

    Dimensionality Peep-Toes in that seafoam green Oh my! Stunning and with a silent grace, these slingbacks are a colorful compliment to any wardrobe. Major crush.

  269. Ali

    I’m OBSESSED with the elopement pumps. They are perfectly vintage, and still practical. Finding a shoe that’s amazing and comfortable isn’t easy. I’m wearing a tea length dress, so it’s very important to have killer shoes. And, I don’t want my biggest memory of my wedding to be how badly my feet hurt. :)

  270. laura

    i love love love the elopement pumps! mint + scalloped edges are a dream!

  271. Aran Hong

    Absolutely adore the Threshold Slingbacks. The simple elegance of the shoe makes it so likely to go well with any type of wedding dress~

  272. Heather

    I love them all to be fair! If I had to pick one pair it would be the Elopement pumps. They remind me of a tiffany box…I would love to slip these on : )

  273. Megan H.

    Ever since I first saw them, I have been in love with the Elopement Pumps ( I think they have the perfect vintage feel for my wedding and they are totally wearable afterwards.

  274. Rachel

    I recently tried on my dream wedding dress at BHLDN. The Brocade Kitten Heels that I tried on with the dress were perfect. They made me cry. The combo of the dress and shoes is me as a bride. My finances are a bit tight due to moving across the country with my fiance who just started grad school. What won’t a girl do for love?! I would be forever grateful for the gift of shoes to help me afford my dream wedding!

  275. jane Brazier

    I absolutely LOVE these shoes. They are a perfect mix of classic and fun. It’s my birthday so wouldn’t it be nice if someone bought me a pair in size 6.5? I wish!

  276. Kate

    I am smitten with the Criss-Cross T-straps. The sparkle would really compliment the light sparkle in my dress.

    Thank you for hosting this awesome giveaway!

  277. Gloriann

    I love this shoe because one could never ever go wrong wearing a classic and that’s why polka dots always come in handy. BHLDN and Anthropologie always have a way to make the classic look like a timeless piece…a standout in every event but with the simpleness and humbleness a lady-like girl should have. That’s why I love this shoe…and if you are a classic girl like Mr and different this shoe gives it its umph! Here is the link:

  278. Ashley Showers

    I 100% LOVE the Sprit-Of-The-Moment heals! So modern vintage and timeless! These heals would be perfect paired with my gold ivory 1930s inspired dress!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

  279. Winnie

    Absolutely L-O-V-E the dimensionality peep-toes! i think what really gets me is the gorgeous bow… you don’t find these on shoes often!!

  280. Sara

    In LOVE with the Forever Forties Slingbacks in blue.

  281. Whitney

    The elopement pumps are my jam!

    I go a little weak in the knees for the touch of vintage that they’ve got.
    They’re a bit playful with loads of class.

    And that color! oh. my.

  282. Antonia Wang

    The Spirit-of-the-Moment Heels are like fireworks that light up your feet. And the spangled stars motif perfectly complement the Compass Rose Hairpins I already own. Sparkling in the night sky from head to toe!

  283. Ashley Showers (Bride to Be!)

    I 100% LOVE the Sprit-Of-The-Moment heels (! So modern vintage and timeless! These heels would be perfect paired with my gold ivory 1930s inspired dress!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

  284. Denise

    While they’re all beautiful, this is a no-brainer for me … I’ve been coveting the Elopement Pumps for MONTHS! They’re the perfect “Something Blue” detail for a girl’s big day!

  285. Gloriann

    I love this shoe because one could never ever go wrong wearing a classic and that’s why polka dots always come in handy. BHLDN and Anthropologie always have a way to make the classic look like a timeless piece…a standout in every event but with the simpleness and humbleness a lady-like girl should have. That’s why I love this shoe…and if you are a classic girl like me and different this shoe gives it its umph! Here is the link:

  286. Ashley

    I 100% LOVE the Sprit-Of-The-Moment hees! So modern-vintage and timeless! These shoes would be perfect paired with my gold ivory 1930s inspired dress!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

  287. Katelin

    I have always envisioned myself walking down the isle barefoot, I want to feel the ground beneath my feet. The Parisian Ballet Flats are a wonderful, much more comfortable but equally whimsical approach to my imagination. They are playful, romantic, and will allow me to dance until the clock strikes midnight.

  288. Shannon

    Heartstring heels or the barefoot sandals! So gorgeous. My wedding is in September and it would be a dream come true to win them! Thanks for this amazing opportunity. xo

  289. Michelle L

    I have been lusting after the ‘spirit of the moment’ heels, for so long… such charm and vintage appeal…j’adore! i mean who can not envision themselves walking to their groom in such beauties?

  290. Rebecca

    I love the Cirrus T-Straps – adorable!

  291. Connor Johnson

    My fiancee is in love with everything Bhldn so when I saw this I thought why not enter and with the very small chance of winning, surprise her with the wedding shoes of her dreams!

    The Gibson Girl Heels are the perfect shoe for my perfect bride :)

  292. Rebecca

    I love the Cirrus T-Straps!

  293. Cristen

    LOVE the Elopement pumps! Great color, great style and perfect to wear to a wedding or wear in your own wedding(something blue anyone?) Thanks for the giveaway! :)


  294. Victoria

    I am completely in love with the ‘Heartstrings Heels’!

    They are super cute & beautifully bridal. I have wanted to own a pair of Chie Mihara shoes for an age, but they are sadly way out of my price range, boo. So fingers crossed I win these, they would be perfect for my wedding!

  295. Victoria Wood

    Dimensionality Peep-Toes are the perfect wedding shoe!!! I love these perfectly pink peep toe pumps because they are SO romantic and would match anything from traditional to modern.

  296. Emily

    The pink Dimensionality peep toes are to die for! I love the bow, the color, and the heel is the perfect height!!!

  297. Meagan

    I adore the Elopement Pumps! Their vintage style and robin’s egg blue color are perfect!

  298. Mandi

    these bow flats are the perfect wrapping to save your feet from a night of dancing and if you are the bride to an unexpected “something blue”

  299. Sarah

    These Bowtie flats in Ivory rock my socks off!

  300. Stacy

    I absolutely LOVE the Half-and-Half Heels. They would look great with my wedding dress!

  301. Stacy

    I absolutely LOVE the Half-and-Half Heels. They would look great with my wedding dress!

  302. Georgia @ Trying Something New

    The heartstring heels are the most PERFECT pair of shoes I have ever seen. I have lots of weddings to attend, as well as a few very special events I need to make an appearance, and they will be the perfect compliment to my 60’s dresses :)

  303. Emelia

    As a lover of shoes, I can’t just pick one! I love the Blue Bowtie Flats, the flowery pattern of the Sun-Warmed Silk Heels, and the Girl-ishness of the Half-and-half Heels.
    So many pretty things…..

  304. Kelly

    These because they’re blue, flat and have bows! Perfect!

  305. Brittany

    Spirit of the Moment exude elegance and allure! The soft tones are demure and sophisticated while the elements of tulle and sparkle set a flirtatious, celebratory tone. I can’t wait to wear them as they peak out from the front slit of my BHLDN Swirling Platinum Gown in September 2013! My wedding day will be a dreamy fusion of many things, and BHDLN’s Spirit of the Moment shoes embody that dream….

    Spirit-of-the-Moment Heels (

    Swirling Platinum Gown (

  306. Tatiana Viquez

    As a recent BHLDN bride I found perfection could only come in the form of the Hey Lady elopement pumps. It gives any ensemble the right touch with the beautiful Tiffany blue color set against gentle white waves that add just the right amount of femininen mystique. On top of everything, the name says it all because if you are eloping (like I did) then these shoes seem to fit the bill, wouldn’t you say?

  307. Liz

    My favorite are the Dimensionality Peep-Toes. Love them!!!

  308. Natalie

    The ‘Dimensionality Peep-Toes’ in coral are adorable! I love the double bow.

  309. Genevieve

    Starstruck Heels in citron/safari are the loveliest heels I’ve ever seen! I don’t think I’d ever take them off my feet!

  310. Anna Levin

    Dimensionality Peep-Toes are the perfect pair that you can dress up or dress down. The nude color will go with everything and the lovely bow adds a unique twist that adds a little flirt to your outfit!

  311. Stephanie

    I am in love with the Parisian Ballet Flats in Rose.
    They are so simply and elegant, and my favourite colour !!! xo

  312. Jess M

    I am obsessed with the Auroral Vapor Heels because they have their own veil!!!

  313. Erin

    Some people say you can judge someone by their shoes! With the Spirit-Of-The-Moment Heels one could show the world that you are classy, but know how to be fun and funky!! These shoes would be the prefect pop to my classic style dress!

  314. Lauren G.

    LOVE the Brocade Kitten Heels. That little pop of orange is so fun!

  315. Brandy

    These shoes make me swoon, so pretty!

  316. emily

    the polka dot mary janes are classic with a bit of whimsy!!

  317. Chelsey B

    Love these sweet aqua Elopement Pumps! They’re definately heels you would love to wear again after the big day which would be a sweet reminder everytime you wore them! Love!

  318. Brittany

    I have long been in love with the Elopement Pumps, , with those fun vintage turquoise scallops, and I think they would be perfect for any occasion.

    But I just found the Heartstring Heels and I adore them! They are the perfect shape; so sweet and vintage. And nothing is cuter than those little white hearts. I would love to wear them for my wedding, and every day after that.

  319. Ashley

    I am in love with the moonlit peep-toe shoes!! It would go great with my bachelorette party outfit :)

  320. Izzy Hudgins

    How can one choose, they are all so divine!!! Unfortunately I’m a huge klutz so high heels are out of the question for me. I’m in love with the heartstring heels! They have the perfect amount of vintage cuteness and the chunky heel might keep me on my feet :) LOVE LOVE LOVE and hope I win!

  321. Haddie

    Elopement Pumps!!!
    Perfect splash of robin’s egg blue, would look so classically stylish with a simple tea length dress!

  322. colleen

    The Criss-Cross T-straps are absolutely perfect. I’ve been eyeing BHLDN shoes for a while and these are one of the pairs that would look beautiful with my tea-length blush wedding dress. I love the metallic details.and that the heel isn’t too high. Simply lovely!

  323. Brandy Brandt

    Hi there!
    I am swooning over the Starstruck Heels! I love the incredible pop of color they add to any look, and the simplicity in the style! What a great stage to showcase a fabulous arch and new pedicure! The buckle closure around the ankle finishes the look just perfectly!

  324. Laura

    Hi! There are so many beautiful shoes…it is so hard to pick just one favorite pair! I love these nude peep-toe shoes — the Dimensionality Peep Ties –so sweet and flirtatious! My fiance is deploying with the Navy right after our wedding in September and these shoes would be the perfect way to send him off, with a popped-toe kiss + these heels!! I am head over HEELS for these shoes! :)

  325. Theresa T

    I love the French Blue Bowtie Flats! They are the perfect color for my something blue! It’s next to impossible to find a cute pair of flats, but these lovelies are fab!

  326. Susan Schrock

    In my dream world, I would change my entire wardrobe to fit these precious polka dot mary janes.

  327. Bridgette

    I love BHLDN, I live in Chicago and got my wedding dress from there, they are fabulous and so attentive! I tried on the Convert Manuscript heels and fell in love. I would die to have these for my wedding!

  328. Lacey

    It was love at first sight…I have been dreaming of the “Auroral Vapor Heels” for my wedding! They sit in BHLDN’s storefront in Chicago. They are a subtle mix between ballet-like, classic and vintage. It is love.

  329. Kelsey B.

    Great giveaway!! I would choose the Ivory Criss-Cross T-straps. They are classy with some modern pizazz – a gorgeous combo!

  330. jennell
    ok, so these probably don’t count because they are on sale… but the topiary pumps are just too cute!! i’m smitten. :)

  331. Elyse

    I ADORE these shoes!! They are the perfect color and style for my upcoming wedding!

  332. sharon

    i am in love with the starstruck heels. i’d wear it everyday if i could! it’s such a gorgeous shoe. i can’t decide which color i like best though. i’m in between the citron and baby rose one but since i already have flats in the baby rose color, i’ll try the citron (: thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  333. Kate G

    I love the Cha Cha Cha heels because they are the exact color I have been looking for with a super fun twist.

  334. Kate

    I moved to France 5 years ago, and I must say I’m partial to the Brocade Kitten Heels because they have something so Versailles palace about them :). We walk a lot over here, so 6-inch heels are not always possible. Here, a practical kitten heel meets the luxuriousness of brocade and the femininity of the peep toe. C’est parfait!

  335. Meg S

    I love love the sun-warmed silk heels! Those colors are adorable. And I love the kitten heel.

  336. Julie

    The Parisian ballet flats are the prettiest, girliest shoes ever! I want to dance all night in these. And then take a whole bunch of instagram pics of them cause they’re so stinkin cute!

  337. Jeannine

    The Dimensionality peep toes in nude are so fun! I’d wear them to more than just weddings!

  338. Dana

    I have been in love with the Spirit of the Moment heels for a while now…and they would be a perfect match for my wedding dress, which is vintage-inspired lace with a champagne silk lining that would go great with these shoes!

  339. Shantel

    Gotta love those Gibson Girl heels So very retro and so fun!

  340. Isabel

    Love the Elopement Pumps! The perfect choice for that ‘something blue’ every girl needs on her wedding day! :)

  341. Chrystina

    Starstruck Heals :) I love that color!!

  342. Katie

    The Elopement Pumps would perfectly compliment our color scheme and my future husband’s height (I’m not much shorter than him!).

  343. Laura P

    I have coveted the Elopement Pumps forever now. They’re the perfect color for my wedding and so cute!!

  344. Kathryn

    I’ve had my eyes on the beautiful Spirit of the Moment Heels! These shoes are perfection and I dream of them with my simple, vintage-style dress! :-)

  345. Kim

    The Gibson Girl Heels ( are adorable! The thick heel makes them super comfortable, I’m sure.

  346. Jess

    Love the robbin’s egg blue, vintage feel! Have been eyeing these FOREVER!!

  347. Kimberly

    I have coveted the Covert Manuscript heels for months, they are the perfect color and that bow is adorable! If I didn’t have to wear a shorter heel (my fiance is a shorty) and grass friendly heels for my wedding in Sept I’d have already purchased them for it!

  348. Tanya Howard
    These shoes are so pretty! The style is timeless and the color is beautiful. I just adore them!!

  349. bianca

    it’s so hard to choose…but the Dimensionality Peep-Toes are so adorable.

  350. Heidi

    that’s a tough choice, but i think my favorites are the dimensional peep-toes in pink. they are so cute, and i think peep toes with slingbacks are the most flattering and comfiest type of heels.

  351. Bianca

    it’s so hard to choose…but the Dimensionality Peep-Toes are so cute.

    the color is fantastic and the bow is adorable

  352. Caitlin

    I love love love the bowtie flats! My fiance is on the short side so I am lucky and never have to suffer in heels :)

  353. Sandy

    The bowtie flats would be perfect to wear at my reception!

  354. Jenny

    The pink dimensionality peep-toes are just lovely. I love the color, the shine, the bow! They would go perfectly with my short, structured reception dress!

  355. Libby

    As a 6ft tall bride I would choose the bowtie flats in ivory, no extra height needed and they are lovely.

  356. Queenie

    My favorites are the Parisian Ballet Flats in Butter – I love comfy flats and these are fancy enough for a special occasion and the pop of color brightens any outfit. Love them!

  357. Verney Lin

    I love the Auroral Vapor Heels. It’s so lush and unique and is perfect for the wedding day!

  358. Liza

    I have always dreamed of a barefoot wedding, and these lovely crystal gardenias fill the bill with elegant perfection.

  359. Katy

    I have been looking for a pair of peep-toe kitten heels–how great that the Brocade Kitten Heels have a little shot of orange, my favorite color!

  360. Samantha

    The Superfluity Slingbacks!!! AMAZING!

    The oversized bow is to die for and would go perfectly with my dress (which has a similar oversized bow). I’m in love.

  361. Anh Ta

    I absolutely love the Elopement pumps. They’re both elegant and fun at the same time : “chic” is the word!

  362. Anh Ta

    I absolutely love the Elopement pumps. They are both elegant and fun at the same time: “chic” is the word.

  363. Darlene

    I LOVE them because I have never seen anything like them anywhere ever and they are gorgeous. I love everything BHLDN but I don’t live near a store and there is no way for me to get a pair (I would be happy with any pair of shoes from BHLDN) and these just gave me a tickle when I seen them because of your lovely post. Then I tried to save the pic to pin it to pinterest and clicked back on the link and facebook and realized this was a giveaway…thankfully! Pleeease pick me! I’ll love you forever :)

  364. Anh Ta

    I absolutely love the Elopement pumps. They are both elegant and fun at the same time. “Chic” is the word.

  365. Kayla Overbey

    I adore the Elopement Pumps. I can just imagine that sweet teal color and pattern as an accent to any basic dress. It would be the perfect pop to a part and wedding, and I know my man would love them. What else could I possible ask for? Besides, I don’t own any colored heels, and have been oohing and ahhing over so many online for so long, but can’t muster up the cash out of my college student budget to buy any. This would be an amazing opportunity to embrace color and individuality without breaking my budget. I have to save up for my future wedding, after all. ;)

  366. Racielle Cruz

    I adore the Starstruck Heels in citron/safari! The perfect mix of casual, comfort, and super sassiness! I love them so much, I would wear them to sleep! :)

  367. Meghan Vogt

    I love the Parisian ballet flats in butter!

  368. shannon

    I looooooooove these shoes. I’ve been admiring them for forever but can’t seem to save up enough for one pair of shoes. I would probably wear them all year round cause they are so cute!!

  369. Natalie Kerner

    My wedding will be over, but I’d love to wear the yellow starstruck heels on the honeymoon!

  370. Ariela Morgenstern

    These Cha-cha-cha heels are INTENSELY awesome. It’s the pop of color/pop of peeptoe/peek-a-boo panels/pompopm everything that pulls this “something blue” together and would make any lucky lady look like a pretty pretty – and glam – princess. Crossing my fingers and toes!!

  371. samantha

    i’ve wanted the criss cross t-straps forever, mostly cause they remind me of my great grandma’s shoes that i loved as a little girl

  372. Katie

    i can’t get over the Elopement Pumps (! I love the unusual color, vintage feel and white accents!

  373. Whitney

    The spirit of the moment pumps are simply AMAZING! Have been lusting over them since I started planning! Would be so perfect with my dress

  374. Kassie

    i loooove the moonlit peep toes. is it weird that my favorite color is gold??

  375. Carol

    The elopement pumps are adorable nd I would love those so much they are super cute and match my theme and colors!

  376. Kate

    From the moment I first saw the Spirit-Of-The-Moment Heels on BHLDN’s site I was in awe. WOW. These shoes are truly spectacular and quite the statement shoe. Simply magical. I would LOVE to walk down the aisle in these beauties. Afterward, they would be even that much more special to break out for future anniversaries or special occasions! They are waaaay to pretty (and versatile) just to wear one day!

    I adore so many of your sale shoes too! Such a huge fan of BHLDN!!!

  377. Madelynne Moulton

    I LOVE these. The details on the edges and the color are my favorite parts of the shoes!

  378. Marlena

    The bow-topped slingbacks make me squeal with delight! What a perfect wedding shoe…

  379. mercedes

    all of their shoes are so simple and beautiful, but the ivory criss-cross t-straps are my favorite. they’re so elegant, especially with the two-tone straps.

  380. Renee

    My heart strings play for the Covert Manuscript Heels! It’s not just the color but the modern take on the bow that I fell in love with. I have just recently gotten engaged after 12 years of dating……yes, thats 12 years, and I am overwhelmed to start the planning process. These heels would be a great booster to get me started in the right direction! Thanks for the awesome giveaway:)

  381. Joanna

    As a professional dancer, my feet are very important to me! They definitely help shape my career. With that being said, I’m cooped up in either no shoes or ballet shoes most of the time. The days when I get to dress up are rare but so exciting. I would love a pair of these heels for my worn feet to look pretty in. It doesn’t hurt that they’d be a beautiful accessory when I’m dancing at weddings or attending fun occasions. Thanks Ruffled for the generous giveaway!

  382. scarlet l

    Hands down, the Cendrillon D’Orsays – so beautiful, glam and timeless. Thanks to Ruffled and BHLDN for hosting such a lovely giveaway!

  383. Amanda N

    I love the Purple Emperor heels because purple is one of our wedding colors and I would love to wear them on the big day!

  384. Joanna

    As a professional dancer, my feet are so important to me. Essentially, they play a big part in helping shape my career! With that being said, I spend a lot of my time cooped up in either no shoes or ballet shoes. The days when i get to dress up are rare but very exciting. I’d love a pair of these supportive heels to help my worn feet look pretty. It doesn’t hurt that they’ll also be a beautiful accessory when I’m boogieing down at weddings or fun occasions. Thanks Ruffled and BHLDN for the generous giveaway!

  385. Joanna

    oops apologize for the double comment! please ignore the first :)

  386. Debbie O.

    They are ALL SOOOO beautiful!!
    But I just can’t stop looking at the Elopement Pumps! So retro gorgeous!

  387. Becca

    The Gibson Girl Heels are gorgeous! Classic and feminine, plus an inner platform? What more could you ask for in a shoe…?

  388. Leslie

    The blue covert manuscript heels! So cute, and a perfect something blue.

  389. Becka

    I love shoes in fun colors and these would be perfect for my 40th birthday party

  390. Andrea Porras

    The elopement pumps are absolutely perfect! Romantic and whimsical, they’re exactly what I picture a BHLDN bride to be.

  391. Alysha Ragusa

    I am absolutely in love with the green Dimensionality Peep-Toe heels! They are so dainty and simple and feminine. I’m having a rustic garden wedding next spring and would LOVE to be rocking these on my wedding day :) BHLDN probably has the best bridal shoes I’ve seen thus far!

  392. Jenn

    I devastatingly adore the Elopement Pumps! BHLDN was the inspiration for wearing separates at my wedding next year (the In Perpetuity Camisole is my top!). Paired with a vintage lace skirt, the Elopement Pumps would be the PERFECT touch of color. Love love love!

  393. Briana

    I looove the Elopement Pumps:

    Not only are they very “me” in my favorite color, but I appreciate the classic, lady-like style with fun details. I know I would wear them for years to come.

  394. Fabiola

    The Elopement Pumps are super fun and cute!

    I love them because they are vintage styled and perfect for the something blue!

  395. Lindsay

    I would LOVE a pair of the elopement pumps. They are so adorable and fun, plus the colors are fantastic! They would be perfect for my wedding.

  396. Lauren Del Gaiso

    I LOVE the Spirit of the Moment Heels! These shoes would be the perfect accessory to many a dress, but they could also be the perfect outfit forming staple. I would definitely love to own these!

  397. Kayla Fogel

    I can’t decide between the Elopment Pumps and the Criss-cross T-Straps…I love the vintage charm and color of the E-Pumps, but the T-Straps’ sunny, carefree style would be perfect for my Boho-Cali summer wedding next year!

  398. Frances F. @ Lila

    I love everything BHLDN… I adore all of their shoes (in fact, I will be wearing one pair from them for my fall wedding). Right now I’m entranced by these sunshine yellow criss-cross t-straps.

    First off, they are the perfect height for me (my fiance is only a few inches taller than I). They are so bright, cheerful and very vintage. I’m sure I would feel very sunny and giggly prancing around in these beauties :)

  399. Kimberly R.

    I love the Bow tie flats, I’m a big fan of flats and with a simple embellishment like the bow makes it perfect.

  400. Brianna

    I like the ballet flats in rose pink! Super cute!

  401. Jessica Martens

    I love the forties sling backs. They are classic. When I first saw them, they reminded me of the shoes worn in “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.” The ladies danced in the shoes effortlessly, and it’s a light, romantic, happy ending. A perfect reflection of the shoes.

  402. Kate

    I love the sunwarmed silk heels

  403. Adria

    I love the Elopement Pumps!

  404. Brynne

    I love the Heartstring Heels!

  405. Brynne

    I love the Heartstring Heels.

  406. Sarah

    The Elopement Pumps. :) These are simply lovely! Very classic, and my favorite color!

  407. Jessica

    I adore the moonlight peep toes! Who wouldnt want a fantastic pair of glittery shoes.

  408. Rima !!!

    why? i have feet problems (i can’t wear heels more than 2 hours without pain) and this cute flat will be awesome to wear for my future wedding :)))

  409. Alyssa M

    I love the green Dimensionality Peep-Toes. I have been looking for some cute green shoes and they are exactly what I have been looking for! I absolutely love the bow and the color!

  410. Kelley Barr

    I adore the Dimensionality Peep Toes in pink, and the Parisian Ballet flats in Rose for the reception!! Thank you for this amazing giveaway!

  411. Larah

    I absolutely love the moonlit peep toes because I think every girl should have a bit of sparkle on her wedding day.

  412. Leah Dale

    The cendrillon d’orsays are the most beautiful shoe ever! I would love to take them out on the town with me!

  413. Em

    The Cendrillon d’Orsays heels are the essence of what you want to look like on your wedding day: a little girly, a little sexy, and the center of attention. The glitter is perfect and the bow is just the right size. These would be a a fantastic addition to a wedding day. Thanks!

  414. Katie

    When I got the first e-mail that Anthropologie was opening a wedding website I told my boyfriend, “now it’s time to get engaged, this is the last perfect thing I’ve been waiting for!” Anthropologie has been my favorite store forever and them opening a wedding website was kismet! A year later (almost to the day) we got engaged and I am loving BHLDN. I have my eye on the Covert Manuscript Heels as my “something blue.”

  415. Katy

    I’ve been looking for a peep-toe kitten heel, and I love that the Brocade Kitten Heel ( has a little shot of my favorite color.

  416. Elisabeth

    I ADORE the Dimensionality Peep-Toes in Nude, they would go so well with everything in my closet and I love that they are so ladylike!

  417. Cathy

    For months I’ve been hunting for the perfect pair of unique, beautiful shoes to complement my wedding dress – an ivory, ruched and curve-hugging mini made by a local designer. The brocade kitten heels ( are stunning, but cost more than my dress did! The brocade is just right for bringing out the silver sparkle in the dress, and the gold ribbon has the warm, saturated color I’ve been hoping for! So lovely.

  418. Tracy Jayne Goosen
    I love the “spirit of the moment” heels! I have actually purchased the Victoria’s Reign gown for my wedding and these shoes would be the most perfect touch. The starburst shapes mach the star shapes that are repeated throughout my decorations. My fiance and I based our wedding off of stars because we’ve just moved to Alaska from Texas, stars are a state symbol in both states and remind us of the time we’ve shared together.

  419. Julia

    i love these ballet flats! can’t go wrong with classic girlish flats.

  420. Melissa M

    I am absolutely head over heels in love with the Spirit-Of-The-Moment Heels. The are my dream shoes… I would feel like such a princess wearing them on my wedding day. Ahhhh…. .a girl can dream….

  421. Jessica H

    I’ve been daydream about the elopement pumps for months now. Would love to wear them at my wedding this fall. They would be prefect for my something blue!!!

  422. Amanda

    I am completely enamored with the heartstrings heels! They would go perfectly with my tea length wedding dress! Lovely shoes that everyone will be able to see on my wedding day!

  423. Kerry W

    Oh my goodness, so hard to choose just one! I think I would go with the Parisian Ballet Flats in Rose for wearing when my feet start to hate me after wearing heels on my wedding day!

  424. Fabiola Carrillo

    Is not something i normally would wear but some reason they amazed me…the combination between colors and patters are unavailable perfect. I can see myself going around the city with them :) + My wedding is in 10 days

  425. Andrea

    I’ve been looking everywhere for the prefect shoe to wear with my vintage inspired tea length gown. The criss-cross t-straps in Ivory perfect! It’s been hard to me to find a shoe because I’m a size 11 and also 6 feet tall. Its hard to find a shoe I can feel good in without towering over my groom. Please help me end my search!

  426. Cordie

    I adore the elopement pumps. Eggshell blue- I die! I have had my eye on them for months. Their beautiful, vintage charm would be the perfect touch to my wedding day look.

  427. Michaela

    I love the elopement pumps. I love the wave created by the white pipping. So fun!

  428. Stephanie

    I love the Dimensionality Peep Toes in the beautiful nude color! So cute and versatile!

  429. jessica

    so so wonderful!! i totally am inlove with the perisian ballet flats and the deco laceups – all of them are of course stunning! how does a girl pick just one :)

  430. Mimmi

    Oh-so-gorgeous, never boring, always charming, classic, yet hip… In the perfect color combination that goes with everything….
    …Polka-dot Mary Janes…. they will be perfect to wear to my sister’s wedding in October. Or maybe she wants to wear them?

  431. parisa

    um. two words. more. plumage.

    Feather Trimmed D’Orsay Heels

    love the blog and BHLDN. xoxo!

  432. Emily

    Oh me oh my! I absolutely adore the elopement pumps! The color is to die for, and I love the vintage details! These with a fancy sun dress and a big sun hat would make for a killer ensemble! Love them!

  433. Nancy

    Ohmygod.Ohmygod.Ohmygod. Ja dore. Dreamy. Ethereal. Womanly and yet other-worldly.

  434. Kristy

    Love the elopement heels! The pop of color is fantastic!
    Elopement Pumps in SHOP Shoes & Accessories Shoes at BHLDN
    http://WWW.BHLDN.COM |

  435. Bri

    The Covert Manuscript Heels look like a pair of gorgeous something blue babies that want to dance the night away with me! They are begging to be broken in by a beautiful bride!

  436. Wendy Y.

    The Auroral Vapor Heels are amazingly whimsicle! Anyone who wears it will be the lucky one walking on cloud 9 with these beautiful and elegant shoes!

    I am also a big fan of the Spirit-Of-The-Moment Heels! Very vintage and elegant with a twist of bohemian style to it. It is the shoe of the golden once in a lifetime moment!

  437. Wendy Y.

    The Auroral Vapor Heels are amazingly whimsicle! Anyone who wears it will be the lucky one walking on cloud 9 with these beautiful and elegant shoes!

    I am also a big fan of the Spirit-Of-The-Moment Heels! Very vintage and elegant with a twist of bohemian style to it. It is the shoe of the golden once in a lifetime moment!

  438. Kathleen

    I love the bowtie flats in blue. They are the perfect ‘something blue’, wouldn’t sink in the ground during our outdoor ceremony and they would be comfy to dance in all night long. And, they would be super cute with so many things after the big day!

  439. anna marie

    fits my black and gold wedding theme :)

  440. Jess

    I adore the Spirit-Of-The-Moment heels! They would look AmaZing with the BHDLN dress I have my eye on for my wedding next year!!!

  441. Rebecca

    I am LOVING the Elopement Pumps! They are the perfect colour to peek out from my vintage ballerina length dress. Gorgeous!

  442. Vanessa

    I am going BA-NANAS for the Feather Trimmed Dorsays –

    I mean, how gorgeous are they?? After I’ve worn them at my wedding they’d go with nearly every summer dress I’ve got. I need them in my life!! Pretty pretty please?

    V x

  443. Mary Ann

    Ooooh, BHLDN, how you tease me!! When I wear heels, I am taller than my boo, so always assumed that I’d get married in flats. But these criss-cross t-strap shoes are low enough that I could get away with it, and they’re just darling.

    I also LOVE the polka dot pumps, but I can’t balance on anything that high, unfortunately!

  444. Claire Robb

    The half and half heels would be perfect for my rehearsal dinner dress!

  445. Kelly

    I’ve always loved the Elopement pumps!!

  446. Andrea

    LOVE the elopement pumps!!!! gorg!

  447. brandi

    woah! the heartstring heels ( are love at first sight. they look so comfy with the thick heel and i can see them under a wedding gown and with a pencil skirt!

  448. Ali

    Oh man, I adore the covert manuscript heels. Something blue, something deco. So classy and yet a little funky too. Absolutely awesome.

  449. Andrea C

    I love the Spirit-Of-The-Moment Heels! i love them :)

  450. luz virginia

    Who wouldn’t love these? Romantic + Feminine = perfect for me!

  451. Charlotte

    I love the Starstruck Heel and the Gibson Girl!

    Both are so retro and fancy!!!!

    I would love to dress the Starstruck up or down.


  452. Bryce

    Well, this was tough, but, think that I’ll with:
    Bowtie Flats

    As much as I love a good pair of girly heels, I’m really more of a flats kind of lady. These are right up my alley with the dark blue color and the perfect over sized bow!

  453. Linda

    I love the Cirrus T-straps!!

  454. Sara

    Absolutely love the Parisian Ballet Flats! Would be perfect for reception!

  455. Ashley Paz

    The BHLDN Elopement Pumps are in my humble opinion, the most perfect shoe to ever grace the internet. And they would make the perfect finish to my 2nd annual 28th birthday ensemble!

  456. Riann

    I love the Elopment pumps…my favorite color!

  457. Valery

    I love these: so, so, so, so much! They have such a fun retro vibe and I love robin’s egg!

  458. Veronica

    Okay, hands down the Spotted Sea Heels. So amazing I can’t quite put it into words. Perfect for a beach weekend here on Michigan’s Lake Michigan coast with my Mr. Man! Ah!

  459. Nanci Zurek

    I love the criss cross T straps. They are simple and elegant, but still have a fun youthful look to them. They could be made casual or dressy, and look comfortable. I love these because they match a laid back style but still give it an elegant, refined approach to fashion.

  460. Katie

    OMG, I LOVE the Elopement Pumps!!! They are SO SO SO cute! And I could wear them for lots of different things besides a wedding!

  461. Meghan

    Cant decide between the Cirrus T-Straps and the Gibson Girl Heels! The Gibson Girl Heels are just soooooo cute, but love how elegant the Cirrus T-Straps are!

  462. Bridget Litterbrant

    The Parisian Ballet Flats in Rose are to die for! They make me think of Paris right away. I think they would make me feel light on my feet and the touch of rose makes them a soft feminine look.

  463. Sara

    I LOVE the Polka Dot Mary Janes! My wedding is loosely black and white themed and these would be perfect!

  464. Rosie

    I adore the Spirit of the Moment Heels!

  465. Safia

    I absolutely love the elpoement pumps. Most of my wardrobe cosists of vintage clothing and I could pair these with so many things!

  466. Sheer Stanley

    I love love love the elopement pumps!! I have been dreaming about them for my wedding day, which is on the 4th of November!!

  467. Marisa

    So hard to pick just one!! Guess I’d have to pick Gibson Girl heels.

  468. Emily

    I love these Starstruck heels – great fall colors, sturdy and delicate at the same time!!

  469. Sandy Shin

    I love the Feather trimmed d’orsays!! It’ll totally go with my 1930s theme inspired wedding!!

  470. Rachel

    Be still my beating heart(strings heels)! Those shoes just make my insides flutter. I love the chunkier heel so you can dance the night away. C’est parfait!

  471. clara schwendeman

    I love the Elopement Pumps! They are the perfect shade of mint green and remind me of my grandmother :)

  472. Kayla

    I love BHLDN so much. I think it totally embodies what I want my wedding and life to be like every single day. I am recently engaged and think the Elopement Pumps are perfect for all wedding festivities and the big day itself. And with their perfect blue-green shade, they could even be my something blue! They are elegant and fun at the same time, which is exactly what I want my wedding to be.

  473. Emily Marmarou

    I love the half-and-half heels. They are classy and understated. I also love the fact that they are high but look comfortable. I need some extra height on my wedding day, my fiance is 6’5” while I am only 5’4”!!

  474. Ashley Reynolds

    Oh my goodness! The Spirit of the Moment shoes took my breath away! I (and my PhD student budget) would LOVE to win these!

  475. Celeste

    I absolutely adore theses Spirit-Of-The-Moment heels!

    … I love the vintage styling and the glitter + shimmer!

  476. Tiffany

    Ok – so this was really hard to decide my 1st favorite shoe is the “Spirit of the Moment Heels” (, the spangled star appliqués are breath-taking!!! Second favorite shoe is the “Auroral Vapor Heels” I could totally imagine wearing these for my September 8th wedding coming up here in two months, I just love the tulle wrap-around :)

    My all-time favorite of the shoe collection would be the “Wreathed Laurel Barefoot” if you can consider this as a shoe?! The minute I saw these – all I can imagine is one very very sexy honeymoon I’ll be having in Bora Bora with my husband, wearing nothing but these and a gold brazilian bikini bottom!!!

  477. Tiffany

    Ok – so this was really hard to decide my 1st favorite shoe is the “Spirit of the Moment Heels” (, the spangled star appliqués are breath-taking!!! Second favorite shoe is the “Auroral Vapor Heels” ( I could totally imagine wearing these for my September 8th wedding coming up here in two months, I just love the tulle wrap-around :)

    My all-time favorite of the shoe collection would be the “Wreathed Laurel Barefoot” if you can consider this as a shoe?! The minute I saw these – all I can imagine is one very very sexy honeymoon I’ll be having in Bora Bora with my husband, wearing nothing but these and a gold brazilian bikini bottom!!! (

  478. Caitlin

    I LOVE THIS STORE. I’ve been stalking all their beautiful items for a few years now. I haven’t been able to pull the trigger and take something home, at least not yet!

    Tough decision but I really love these shoes:

    Simple, colorful (BIG PLUS), and cute! I’m a simple contemporary dresser (lots of white, black, and neutrals) so I love some colorful accessories! <3

  479. byrdi

    I love the elopement heels! I’ve been loving them since I first saw them! They’re a pretty robin’s egg blue and very girly.

  480. Lindsey Reiser

    My favorites are the Spirit of the Moment shoes, because they remind me of old Hollywood.

  481. Angelica

    I am absolutely obsessed with the elopement pumps (! They have such a fantastic retro design and the robin’s egg color makes the pumps that much better!

    Wish I had the money to grab a pair before they sell out of my size, maybe once I finish grad school…

  482. Jennifer

    I’m loving this “Côte de Blancs Peep Toes”

    It’s not only perfect for weddings but I think it would also work well in chic and casual outfits. I love high-heels and bows – they make simple outfits fun. Anyway, I hope I’ll have a pair for myself – would want to use it in our engagement shoot and wedding reception.


  483. ashley

    The elopement pumps are absolutely adorable!! And have a ton of wear-again potential.

  484. Mckenzie

    AHhh I’ve had my eyes on the deco lace ups for sooooo long!! Perfect combination of femininity and romance.

  485. Andrea

    We’re getting married at the Summerlin House in Orlando.

    These shoes match EVERYTHING about our venue, wedding, theme, love, etc.

    They would be the PERFECT shoe for my/our special day!

  486. Julia

    Love, love, love the Elopement Pumps…tiffany blue is my go-to color this season and the detail on these shoes is beautiful!

  487. Shanna Brock

    The Gibson heels are pin-up retro gorgeous! A hidden platform that enhances a streamlined and undeniable feminine demeanor. The substantial base which will allow for effortless gliding down the aisle.

  488. Amie

    I’ve had my eye on the Elopement Pumps for a long time now! I love the darling minty teal hue paired with white accents. Also the scalloped edges make the shoe oh-so sweet! These are perfect for many occasions!

  489. Jenna

    Very hard to choose just one pair but I absolutely love the polka dot Mary Janes!


  490. Stephanie

    These would be my favorite:
    They are so elegant! I love the color and picture myself wearing them to our rehearsal dinner. I think my fiancé would appreciate that the heel isn’t too high, that way I won’t tower over him ;)

  491. Tina

    Absolutely love the sun-warmed silk heels! Perfect with a neutral summer dress for the rehearsal dinner.

  492. kelsy

    Love the Gibson Girl Heels!!!

  493. Shelbie

    BHLDN is an amazing/clever boutique. A good friend of mine (and a distant cousin of my fiancee) and her now-husband got married at our farmhouse and she wore the most beautiful dress from BHLDN!! I was forever hooked after she told me about Anthropologie’s sister store.

    We will be getting married at the farm next April and the Deco-Lace Ups will look fab with my 1930s vintage dress.

  494. Kim Covert manuscript heels! When I read that I had to pick my favorites was was crossing my fingers that I would like a pair of blue ones. Blue is my favorite color and my bridesmaids dress color!

  495. Hanna Kate

    I love love love the Half & Half Heels! They are so lovely!


  496. Jessie

    What’s NOT to love about these shoes?!? They’re cute AND sexy. Modern with a vintage flair and man, do they have personality! I would elope in these shoes every day.

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