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Gotta love Twitter! HauteBride tweeted (is to tweet a verb? I’m making it regular) me about this great antique dress shop called Antique Dresses. Their vintage wedding gown section is divine – they carry dresses that as far as the 1800’s!

This 1950’s Priscilla of Boston is cute beyond words.

Antique Wedding Dresses

This 1940’s lace gown is under $1000! It still has its original satin sandals, lace gloves and veil.

Antique Wedding Dresses

This Nicolle Miller gown is 1990’s vintage – isn’t it strange to say a 90’s garment is already vintage? I guess it’s been nearly 20 years already (gasp). I adore the lace detail!

Antique Wedding Dresses

This 1904 Edwardian gown reminds of the one Tess wore on her amazing bridal session.

Antique Wedding Dresses

  1. Amber L Collins

    I love all of the vintage dresses, I wish we had a shop down here that sold clothing like this!!! Trying to find anything before the early 90’s / 80’s in a shop or thrift store is pulling teeth!!!! I would love to get e-mails on vintage clothing !!!!

  2. Callie

    I am absolutely in love with the second dress! The 1940’s one that is just under 1,000. Where can I get it?! I would do anything to wear that on my wedding day!

  3. Emma

    Do you know where i can purchase any of these gowns? Pref the second one? Or ones like this?

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