A Vintage Inspired Desert Wedding

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Kate and Daniel held their wedding reception in Kate’s backyard to create a homey and comfortable environment for their guests. Who doesn’t love a backyard wedding? Their photographer, Kristoper Orr, took advantage of the nearby dry lake beds of Las Vegas to capture some killer portraits! The wind kicking the dust up creates a soft, dreamy feel to the images. They are pretty epic, and I love them!

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 lds wedding in las vegas nevada

The blouses Kate’s bridesmaids wore were purchased at Forever 21, then tea dyed to get a vintage look. How creative is that?

 lds wedding in las vegas nevada
 lds wedding in las vegas nevada
 lds wedding in las vegas nevada
 lds wedding in las vegas nevada
 lds wedding in las vegas nevada

Those pinwheels are so cute and add such a playful touch, and check out that cake! Hello, gorgeous!

 lds wedding in las vegas nevada
 lds wedding in las vegas nevada
 lds wedding in las vegas nevada
 lds wedding in las vegas nevada
 lds wedding in las vegas nevada

Wedding Vendors (Las Vegas, NV):

Photographer: Kristopher Orr Photography/ Venue: Bride’s Backyard/ Florist: Craig Dye/ Caterer: Marvellous Catering/ Videographer: Doug Larson/ Invitations: Basic Invite/ Bride’s Dress: By Beautifully Modest/ Bridesmaid’s Attire: Forever 21

  1. Luxury Weddings

    What a beautiful wedding! We love the way the natural look of the desert has been used to great effect!

  2. Lindsey

    Love the simplicity! I’m a fan of just about any home wedding-it’s all in the details.

  3. Kate

    I love her dress! And the bridesmaid’s dresses are just adorable!


  4. John Armstrong-Millar

    Lovely light.. It would be difficult in Ireland but might work for some of my wedding in France.

  5. Lizzie [Ten Thou Bride]

    So I have to admit…when this popped up in my reader, I was like “Dessert wedding?! Sweet!” But this desert wedding is so much better…what better way to end up with those EPIC shots. Thanks for featuring, this is great and the bride is oh-so-glamorous!!

  6. Emily

    What a gorgeous wedding. I love the shots taken in the desert. A wonderful landscape for the background.

  7. liz

    This is amazing – so glad to have discovered your site.

  8. Emily Heizer Photography

    B e a u t i f u l… love the desert shots. I’d love to shoot their myself. The simply background just really allows you to focus on the subject and it’s just lovely.

    I love the bride’s hair as well; when I was a little girl I had my hair styled very similarly for monthly ballroom dancing lessons/cotillons and I just love the look, now and then.

  9. Angela Gaspar Photography

    What a beautiful wedding! I love that the bridesmaids dresses are Forever 21.

  10. Hayley

    Fantastic! Some of the most beautiful pictures ever! I love the romantic look and the colours! Great work!

  11. Sarah

    I love the button boutonneire the groom wore and the button headband one of the bridesmaids is wearing as well. Any idea who made them?

  12. jessica define

    Kudos to KO photography–you guys captured so much emotion! I love the bride’s chic dress and not overdone hair.

  13. Ally Masterson

    This is GORGEOUS. Her dress is exactly what I want for my dress. Any idea where she got it or who made it?

  14. Ariannethelibrarian

    Hey, it’s Arianne, one of Kate’s bridesmaids! Sarah, I saw your question, and I thought I’d (belatedly) answer it for you. Kate, her mom, and her aunts made practically everything! Including the headbands and boutonnieres. I believe they just bought some simple black headbands, buttons, and felt from our local Walmart. It worked out great! I still wear my headband all the time!

  15. Ariannethelibrarian

    And Ally, I believe you can find Kate’s dress on beautifullymodest.com. She switched out the original sash for a darker one without the jewels- it made a HUGE difference!

  16. Janelle

    Check out our oldest dresses. We have over 7000 wedding and prom dresses in stock.

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