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DIY Floating Boat Place Cards

Closing our showcase of selected entries for the DIY Contest is a project for floating sailboat place cards, to match the fishing in a jar table numbers posted earlier this afternoon. Another great project made by Jane, who submitted this project all the way from Switzerland!     - a cork - a toothp ...

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DIY Yipee! Ring Bearer Pillow

Two more projects to go! Erin made a ring pillow for her wedding with cutout script letters.   What you will need: - Needle - Thread - Glue Gun - Felt - Batting - Button - Scissors - Trim - Ruler - Pen - Ribbon     Step 1. Cut out 2-8x8 inch squares for the pillow and a smaller 3rd square with a sca ...

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DIY Fishing in a Jar

This project was sent all the way from Switzerland by Jane. She made "fishing in a jar" table numbers. So adorable, I can barely stand it.       What you'll need: - a big jar (like this one) - a regular jar (like this one) - a napkin (flea market) - a branch - natural string - water - clay - a piece ...

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DIY Marbled Table Numbers

Today is the last installment of sharing our selected entries. There was a ridiculously amazing response for this contest, we're so grateful for everyone who participated. We extended our picks to a healthy count of about 50, including everything wedding from boutonnieres to seating charts! Kelly is ...

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DIY Rick Rack Boutonnieres

We're approaching the end of the DIY Content showcase, and it's been ridiculously fun. Tomorrow we will be back with our last installment, then it's all in the judges' hands to decide! Jessica made bouts using rickrack trim, aren't they cute? List of Materials: 1.Rick Rack, medium size, assorted col ...

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DIY Paper Cone Art Installation

You will have to sit down for this one. Just when I think I've seen everything under the sun, this project lands in my inbox. Using only paper and chicken wire, Brenna and her friend made four massive art installations for her friend's wedding reception. Yes, four of them. One for each corner of her ...

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DIY Irish Cream Favors

Who isn't excited for the holidays? Our next project made by Elizabeth is yet another great project for the upcoming holiday season. This idea can also be used for non-alcoholic coffee creamer recipes, like Pumpkin Spice. Holla!   List of Materials: - 2-3 empty glass bottles (you can purchase them b ...

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DIY Escort Card Magnets

We're getting close to the end of our contest, and the final entries are just as amazing as the first ones. Brittany's DIY entry is a magnetic paper accordion wheel escort card project for her own wedding. You can also make your own magnetic board seating chart like she did for maximum DIYness! What ...

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DIY Glitter Monogram Cake Toppers

I seriously don't know how the judges will be able pick just three projects. Filling the seats for the panel of judges are no other than: Olivia of A Field Journal , Ez of Creature Comforts, Chelsea of Frolic, Jordan of Oh Happy Day and Katelin of Project Wedding. Evie made this fabulous glitter mon ...

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DIY Ceremony Chair Flowers

Kelsey created a charming project to be hung from a chair during the ceremony (and reception afterwards) for her own wedding. What you'll need: - Mason jars (your choice of size, a variety can create a little whimsy) - Fabric (I used burlap, but a colorful print can be fun as well) - Lace - Ribbon - ...

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DIY Lightbulb Terrarium Place Cards

You may remember this idea I posted a a months ago of Crystal's wedding lightbulb terrarium place cards. Crystal is back to share the instructions on how to make them. What you'll need: -light bulbs (globe, incandescent, clear) - tillandsias (the pretty red bromelias): ordered online from here to be ...

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DIY Bird Bath Candles

Courtney and Amber Moon sent this project that Amber's mom helped create for her wedding. What you'll need: - Candle Wax - Candle Wicks - Found Objects - Mismatched Ramekins & Containers - Cappuccino Milk Pot or Teapot for melting - White Appliance Spray paint - Optional: Glue gun Instructions: Step ...

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