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Make Some Noise!

Design Inspiration

As you bid adieu to guests the night of the big event you want to exit with a hoorah! Might I suggest including vintage noisemakers as a party favor? 

I found these adorable tin noisemakers on Etsy from Ricracandbuttons:



Also on Etsy, I found these custom party noisemakers from StoriaHome. You give her your colors and she’ll create these for you!

A box of four of the above, is $6.00!

And finally, the gift that every parent dreads, kazoos!  Hand out a vintage style tin kazoo to each guest and let them hum you and your honey away!

The kazoo is said to have been invented by a man named Alabama Vest in Macon, Georgia and was first publicized at the Georgia State Fair in 1852, according to Wikipedia. I’m imagining a scene like so…

Tiny Toy Arcade sells them for $2.48 a piece:–p-249.html

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Vintage Flowers: Arm Bouquet

Fashion & Beauty

(sources 1, 2, and 3)

Arm sheafs first became popular for brides in the early 1900’s and it reached its peak in the 20’s. Dramatic, but beautiful. The arm sheaf bouquet (also known as just over the arm boquets or pageant boquets) will instantly give you a vintage vibe. Flowers commonly used for this type of bouquet: calla lilies, tulips, gladiolus…if you want to go really replicate a real vintage arm sheaf bouquet you can use roses, baby’s breath, ivy and stargazer lilies.

That middle photo makes me swoon. The pearls hanging from the bouquet and the lace wrapping the stems are perfect with that dress.

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DIY Tuesdays: Vintage hearts ring bowl

DIY Projects

DIY Ring Bowl made with vintage pearls

One of my favorite bloggers, Heather Bullard, created this marvelous DIY project that could be easily turned into a DIY vintage ring bowl. This project will require many strands of old faux pearl necklaces, but you can find them at thrift shops or flea markets for a few bucks. I added instructions on how to adapt this project to make a ring bowl as well so I don’t leave you in the dark wondering how to!

DIY Ring Bowl made with vintage pearls

What you’ll need:

  • 3 wooden hearts (can be found at Michaels or Joann’s)
  • craft paint (mod podge may work as well)
  • strands of old faux pearl necklaces
  • Martha’s Glitter Glue
  • a drill or small nails and a hammer (to poke a hole to turn into a ring bowl)
  • Antiquing Glaze (to give the wooden hearts an aged look)
  • Step 1: To make a ring bowl from this project, I would first drill (or hammer) to small holes at the top of the heart. That way you can thread a ribbon or yarn to tie the rings later.

    Step 2: paint the back of the wooden heart.

    Step 3: once the back of the wooden heart is dry, apply a think coat of glue on the main part of the wooden heart. Remember the holes I asked you make? Cover them with toothpicks for now. Using several different strands creates great texture and depth of color.

    Step 4: While the glue was still damp I filled the inside with enough pearls to cover completely and gently pressed down on them to set them. You may have to go back and fill in a couple loose ones later.

    Step 5: Brush antiquing glaze to age them a bit. Once they’re dry, remove the toothpicks and thread a think ribbon or yarn. Tie the rings et voila!

    DIY Ring Bowl made with vintage pearls

    DIY Ring Bowl made with vintage pearls

    DIY Ring Bowl made with vintage pearls

    *all images by Heather Bullard

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