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DIY Makeup Video How-to's

Doing your own makeup on your wedding day doesn't get any easier than this. This first video shows how to apply makeup very similar to what I did on my wedding day, minus the liquid liner. This one below is my personal's so helpful to see other girls doing her own makeup. She also list ...

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Vintage Mailboxes

Antique mailboxes can make great cardboxes.this one below is from the 30's and the starting bid is $5 (auction ends September 14th). The glass mailbox above is awesome...I want one like that for myself! Auction ends September 13th, and the starting big is $9.99. ...

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Damask Cake Stencils

Damask brides, this is your dream come true: damask cake stencils! Even if you're not making your own cake, you can have your baker use the stencils. Depending on the baker, you might even get the decoration fee waived (one of the bakers I met with would waive the fee if I chose fondant). ...

DIY Soda Can Lanterns

How cool are these? Here are instructions on how to make these lanterns exactly as seen below: Materials: - Soda cans - Tin Snips (or exacto knife) - nails and hammer - spray paint - sanding paper - permanent marker Step One: Collect all soda and beer cans you can get. Fill the cans with water and p ...

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First Inspiration.

I made this inspiration board when I first got engaged, back when we were thinking about having a Spring wedding... ...too bad we can't have a wedding every year! First row: Letterpress invites, from Costco, floral fabric, Purl Soho, flower cake from Martha Stewart, Lorina Soda photo, from Brides Ma ...

Brooklyn Pillow

Wedding and engagement rings are beautiful, special symbols of a wonderful promise - so they deserve the perfect trip down the aisle on one of these adorable ring pillows by Brooklyn Bride, available at Brooklyn Pillow! Felted, stitched and be-ribboned to sweet perfection, they make a perfect keepsa ...

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